Super Bowl Head Coaches boydsbets

The person who takes the most heat on a football team over losses is the head coach. Often times they are made the scapegoats on down and out teams, but Super Bowl coaches are the elite and have reached football’s pinnacle for a reason.

Super Bowl coaches are undoubtedly excellent football minds and motivators. These coaches have reached the big game for a reason and it’s not always because they have the most talented team. They are the most important leaders on the football field, trusted beyond all others. The coaches who have reached the Super Bowl have all earned the unwavering respect of their players.

Those which have been to the big game and won as a player often have an edge when they reach the game as a coach because they know what the biggest of stages is really all about. Mike Ditka, Tom Flores, and Tony Dungy have all won Super Bowls as both players and coaches.

In 2013 we witnessed the first time two brothers have ever squared off as coaches in the final game of the season with Baltimore Ravens John Harbaugh against San Francisco 49ers Jim Harbaugh. The older brother came out on top, as the Ravens defeated the 49ers 34-31.

This year’s Super Bowl features Gary Kubiak of the Denver Broncos against Ron Rivera of the Carolina Panthers. Kubiak has guided the Broncos to the Super Bowl in his first year on the job. The former Houston Texans head coach (2006-2013) spent last year s the Offensive Coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens. The Panthers patience with Rivera has payed off, as this is his 5th year on the job.

With Denver’s win over the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, Kubiak is set to do something no one in the NFL has done before. Kubiak will become the first to reach the Super Bowl both as a player and a head coach with the same franchise. Kubiak was the backup to John Elway for 3 Super Bowls (1986, 1987 & 1989).

Rivera will also be accomplishing a rare feat when his Panthers take the field in Super Bowl 50. Rivera will be just the 2nd Latino head coach to take a team to a Super Bowl.

According to oddsmakers, Fox and the Broncos have the edge to win it all, as Denver is currently listed as a 2.5-point favorite over Seattle. The first to do so was Tom Flores. Rivera can also add his name to another rare list if Carolina can defeat the Broncos, winning both a Super Bowl as a player and a head coach. Rivera was on the Chicago Bears Super Bowl XX team that defeated the Patriots 46-10.

Here is a list of all the winning and losing Super Bowl coaches throughout history:

Season Super Bowl Winning coach Team Opponent Losing coach
2015 XLIX Bill Belichick New England Patriots Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll
2014 XLVIII Pete Carroll Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos John Fox
2013 XLVII John Harbaugh Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers Jim Harbaugh
2012 XLVI Tom Coughlin New York Giants New England Patriots Bill Belichick
2011 XLV Mike McCarthy Green Bay Packers Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Tomlin
2010 XLIV Sean Payton New Orleans Saints Indianapolis Colts Jim Caldwell
2009 XLIII Mike Tomlin Pittsburgh Steelers Arizona Cardinals Ken Whisenhunt
2008 XLII Tom Coughlin New York Giants New England Patriots Bill Belichick
2007 XLI Tony Dungy Indianapolis Colts Chicago Bears Lovie Smith
2006 XL Bill Cowher Pittsburgh Steelers Seattle Seahawks Mike Holmgren
2005 XXXIX Bill Belichick New England Patriots Philadelphia Eagles Andy Reid
2004 XXXVIII Bill Belichick New England Patriots Carolina Panthers John Fox
2003 XXXVII Jon Gruden Tampa Bay Buccaneers Oakland Raiders Bill Callahan
2002 XXXVI Bill Belichick New England Patriots St. Louis Rams Mike Martz
2001 XXXV Brian Billick Baltimore Ravens New York Giants Jim Fassel
2000 XXXIV Dick Vermeil St. Louis Rams Tennessee Titans Jeff Fisher
1999 XXXIII Mike Shanahan Denver Broncos Atlanta Falcons Dan Reeves
1998 XXXII Mike Shanahan Denver Broncos Green Bay Packers Mike Holmgren
1997 XXXI Mike Holmgren Green Bay Packers New England Patriots Bill Parcells
1996 XXX Barry Switzer Dallas Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Cowher
1995 XXIX George Seifert San Francisco 49ers San Diego Chargers Bobby Ross
1994 XXVIII Jimmy Johnson Dallas Cowboys Buffalo Bills Marv Levy
1993 XXVII Jimmy Johnson Dallas Cowboys Buffalo Bills Marv Levy
1992 XXVI Joe Gibbs Washington Redskins Buffalo Bills Marv Levy
1991 XXV Bill Parcells New York Giants Buffalo Bills Marv Levy
1990 XXIV George Seifert San Francisco 49ers Denver Broncos Dan Reeves
1989 XXIII Bill Walsh San Francisco 49ers Cincinnati Bengals Sam Wyche
1988 XXII Joe Gibbs Washington Redskins Denver Broncos Dan Reeves
1987 XXI Bill Parcells New York Giants Denver Broncos Dan Reeves
1986 XX Mike Ditka Chicago Bears New England Patriots Raymond Berry
1985 XIX Bill Walsh San Francisco 49ers Miami Dolphins Don Shula
1984 XVIII Tom Flores Los Angeles Raiders Washington Redskins Joe Gibbs
1983 XVII Joe Gibbs Washington Redskins Miami Dolphins Don Shula
1982 XVI Bill Walsh San Francisco 49ers Cincinnati Bengals Forrest Gregg
1981 XV Tom Flores Oakland Raiders Philadelphia Eagles Dick Vermeil
1980 XIV Chuck Noll Pittsburgh Steelers Los Angeles Rams Ray Malavasi
1979 XIII Chuck Noll Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys Tom Landry
1978 XII Tom Landry Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos Red Miller
1977 XI John Madden Oakland Raiders Minnesota Vikings Bud Grant
1976 X Chuck Noll Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys Tom Landry
1975 IX Chuck Noll Pittsburgh Steelers Minnesota Vikings Bud Grant
1974 VIII Don Shula Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings Bud Grant
1973 VII Don Shula Miami Dolphins Washington Redskins George Allen
1972 VI Tom Landry Dallas Cowboys Miami Dolphins Don Shula
1971 V Don McCafferty Baltimore Colts Dallas Cowboys Tom Landry
1970 IV Hank Stram Kansas City Chiefs Minnesota Vikings Bud Grant
1969 III Weeb Ewbank New York Jets Baltimore Colts Don Shula
1968 II Vince Lombardi Green Bay Packers Oakland Raiders John Rauch
1967 I Vince Lombardi Green Bay Packers Kansas City Chiefs Hank Stram