Rank Service Sport Today's Pick Analysis Last 7 Days Last 30 Days
1 Jimmy Boyd MLB Milwaukee Brewers under 7½ un+107 Show 5-2 +278 18-7 +1054
2 Rob Vinciletti MLB Pittsburgh Pirates -120 Show 5-1 +395 16-9 +443
3 Pure Lock MLB St. Louis Cardinals -205 Show 3-2 +92 11-7 +405
4 Doug Upstone MLB Cincinnati Reds over 9 ov-105 Show 2-4 -351 15-9 +254
5 Jack Jones MLB Minnesota Twins -104 Show 2-5 -305 14-12 +131
6 R&R Totals MLB Miami Marlins under 7½ un-110 Show 4-2 +185 12-11 +15
7 Mikey Sports MLB Chicago Cubs -101 Show 1-3 -430 9-7 -33
8 Will Rogers 3-2 +94 11-11 -84
9 Art Aronson 1-3 -205 13-13 -108
10 Red Dog Sports Soccer Draw +210 Show 1-3 -76 9-15 -161
11 Brandon Lee MLB Toronto Blue Jays under 8 un-120 Show 5-2 +300 13-13 -195
12 Dave Price MLB Toronto Blue Jays +110 Show 5-2 +315 12-13 -207
13 Marc Lawrence MLB Tampa Bay Rays +108 Show 2-3 -175 6-12 -839

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Research Beyond Just the Free Sports Picks

Whatever your betting style or preferred method of finding winning picks, we have someone for you.  Check back daily to follow the free picks from our handicappers and pinpoint the one (or ones) that speak to you.  I also have plenty of tools that you can use to find a quality handicapper.  The trends page goes back several years with records, the leaderboards show you who is doing well this season, and my own personal recommendations of who is the best sports handicapper.

More on Sports Betting & Handicapping

Since this page is frequented by people who are just getting started I always want to mention our sports betting guide.  This will answer a lot of your questions on how sports books work and how you can make money off of them.

If you are already familiar with the ins and the outs then you might just want to learn how to improve your sports handicapping.  We have tips on general strategy and how to beat the individual sports.  Plus, we welcome any questions that you have.  All you have to do is shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you right away.