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Below you will find Final Four and National Championship bracket picks from several of the top experts from around the web.  The top table shows the consensus picks for each region and the championship and you can find links to the full brackets from each expert in the second table.

Maybe using a group of experts like this will help you beat the odds to win March Madness and cash a few more of your bets.

Michigan State is currently the most common pick to win it all.  According to these experts, the East is the toughest region to pick with just over a 50% consensus on the Tarheels.  Kansas is a firm favorite to win the South (and the second-favorite to win the Championship).  No. 2 seed Oklahoma is the top pick over No. 1 seed Oregon in the West.

Editor’s Note: Have a bracket you want us to add to our consensus?  Great!  Just send us an e-mail at jimmy@boydsbets.com with a link to your site or bracket and we would be happy to add you to our growing list!  We will update it until the start of the tournament.

NCAA Tournament Consensus Picks

Consensus WinnerKansasOklahomaUNCMichigan St.Michigan St.
% Consensus83.82%61.76%51.47%92.65%47.06%

Jimmy BoydKansasOregonKentuckyMichigan StateKansas
Jack Jones (BetFirm)KansasOregonNorth CarolinaMichigan StateNorth Carolina
FiveThirtyEightKansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaVirginiaKansas
Nicole Auerbach (USA Today)KansasOregonNorth CarolinaMichigan StateNorth Carolina
Scott Gleeson (USA Today)MarylandOklahomaKentuckyMichigan StateMichigan State
Dan Wolken (USA Today)KansasDukeKentuckyMichigan StateKentucky
Shelby Mast (USA Today)KansasOklahomaKentuckyMichigan StateMichigan State
CBS User ConsensusKansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateKansas
Jerry Palm (CBS)KansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateNorth Carolina
Gary Parrish (CBS)KansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateMichigan State
Sam Vecenie (CBS)KansasOklahomaKentuckyVirginiaKansas
Matt Norlander (CBS)VillanovaOklahomaXavierMichigan StateOklahoma
Nick Kostos (CBS)KansasOklahomaKentuckyMichigan StateKansas
Chip Patterson (CBS)KansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateKansas
Dennis Dodd (CBS)KansasTexas A&MNorth CarolinaMichigan StateMichigan State
Wally Szczerbiak (CBS)KansasOregonKentuckyMichigan StateMichigan State
Pete Gillen (CBS)KansasOklahomaKentuckyMichigan StateMichigan State
Jon Rothstein (CBS)KansasOklahomaWest VirginiaMichigan StateMichigan State
Danny Granger (CBS)KansasTexas A&MNorth CarolinaMichigan StateMichigan State
Seth Davis (SI)KansasTexas A&MWest VirginiaMichigan StateMichigan State
Pete Thamel (SI)KansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateNorth Carolina
Brian Hamilton (SI)KansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateKansas
Lindsay Schnell (SI)KansasOregonWest VirginiaMichigan StateKansas
Zac Ellis (SI)KansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateKansas
Luke Winn (SI)KansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateKansas
David Gardner (SI)KansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateMichigan State
Ted Keith (SI)KansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateNorth Carolina
Dan Greene (SI)KansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateMichigan State
RyanKrasnoo (SI)MiamiOklahomaXavierMichigan StateMichigan State
Doug Gottlieb (ESPN)CaliforniaOklahomaKentuckyMichigan StateKentucky
Dick Vitale (ESPN)KansasOklahomaKentuckyMichigan StateMichigan State
Jay Bilas (ESPN)KansasTexas A&MNorth CarolinaMichigan StateKansas
Seth Greenberg (ESPN)KansasOregonKentuckyMichigan StateMichigan State
Jay Williams (ESPN)KansasOregonNorth CarolinaMichigan StateKansas
Cory Alexander (ESPN)KansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaVirginiaKansas
Jeff Borzello (ESPN)MarylandOregonXavierMichigan StateMichigan State
Eamonn Brennan (ESPN)KansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateMichigan State
Jordan Brenner (ESPN)MiamiOklahomaIndianaMichigan StateMichigan State
C.L. Brown (ESPN)KansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateMichigan State
Jason Capel (ESPN)KansasTexas A&MNorth CarolinaMichigan StateKansas
Dan Dakich (ESPN)KansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateKansas
Andrew DeClercq (ESPN)KansasOklahomaKentuckyMichigan StateMichigan State
LaPhonso Ellis (ESPN)KansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateKansas
Sean Farnham (ESPN)VillanovaOregonKentuckyMichigan StateMichigan State
Adam Finkelstein (ESPN)KansasOregonXavierMichigan StateMichigan State
Dino Gaudio (ESPN)KansasTexas A&MXavierMichigan StateKansas
John Gasaway (ESPN)KansasOregonKentuckyMichigan StateMichigan State
Jeff Goodman (ESPN)KansasOklahomaKentuckyMichigan StateKentucky
Sean Harrington (ESPN)KansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateMichigan State
Malcolm Huckaby (ESPN)KansasOklahomaWest VirginiaMichigan StateMichigan State
Andy Katz (ESPN)KansasOklahomaKentuckyMichigan StateKansas
Peter Keating (ESPN)MiamiOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateMichigan State
Joe Lundardi (ESPN)KansasOklahomaKentuckyMichigan StateMichigan State
Bryndon Manzer (ESPN)KansasOregonKentuckyMichigan StateMichigan State
Myron Medcalf (ESPN)KansasOklahomaWest VirginiaMichigan StateKansas
Dana O’Neil (ESPN)VillanovaOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateMichigan State
Reggie Rankin (ESPN)KansasOregonNorth CarolinaMichigan StateKansas
Craig Robinson (ESPN)MarylandOklahomaKentuckyMichigan StateMichigan State
Chirs Spatola (ESPN)KansasTexas A&MXavierMichigan StateMichigan State
Kara Lawson (ESPN)KansasOklahomaKentuckyMichigan StateOklahoma
Paul Biancardi (ESPN)MiamiTexas A&MNorth CarolinaMichigan StateNorth Carolina
Miles Simon (ESPN)KansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaMichigan StateMichigan State
Fran Franschilla (ESPN)KansasOregonWest VirginiaMichigan StateKansas
BracketMatrixKansasOregonNorth CarolinaVirginiaKansas
Ken PomeroyKansasOklahomaNorth CarolinaVirginiaKansas

It’s not easy finding sleepers in the tournament.  But, this page can help.  If there is someone on this page that you like to follow that has a different choice than the consensus that can be a good choice.

In our guide to winning brackets article we talked about finding a national title team that not everyone is on.  This page works extremely well for that because you can get a better estimate of who the people in your pool will be taking.  Then, try to find someone else that you like that isn’t as popular to choose for your champion.