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Whether you are someone who is new to betting on baseball or been doing it for years, I want to make sure that you understand the importance of using dime line odds.

Whether you have heard the term “dime line odds” before or not, it’s extremely important that you make your sportsbooks is using them for their baseball lines.

If you are betting through a sportsbook that doesn’t use dime line odds, you are throwing away your hard earned money.

Dime Line Sportsbooks & Why They are Crucial to Profiting in Baseball

Understanding the Basics

The term dime line comes from the difference in price between favorites and underdogs only being “10 cents”.  Let’s say the Chicago Cubs are -140 favorites at home against the Milwaukee Brewers. If a book is using dime line odds, than the Brewers would be +130 (140-130=10).

Dime line odds are the best odds you are going to find when betting on baseball. Just be aware that not every sportsbook uses these lines. There are still several books out there that offer 15 and even 20 cent lines.

If the difference between the price of the favorite and the underdog is more than 10 cents at the sportsbook you are using, you need to cash out and find a new book.

Why it is Important

This is going to be obvious once you see it. Using dime lines over standard 15 and 20 cent lines give you a significant advantage over the course of a season.

The easiest way to show you how dime line odds can help you profit more, is to show you an example of what the different lines look like.

10 cent line (house advantage 2.38%):

Cubs -140
Brewers +130

15 cent line (house advantage 3.49%):

Cubs -143
Brewers +128

20 cent line (house advantage 4.54%)

Cubs -145
Brewers +125

As you can see, regardless of whether you are betting on the favorite or the underdog, the odds are always going to be better with a dime line.  You are either going to lose less when a favorite goes down or you are going to win more when betting underdogs.

What does this mean? It means when you use a dime line, you win more when you are right and lose less when you are wrong.

Top Dime Line Sportsbooks for Betting the MLB & Where to Find Them

Here are the four sportsbooks offering dime lines that are currently available to American bettors:

  1. BetOnline – offering 10 cent lines all the way up to -199.
  2. 5 Dimes – 10 cent lines going up to -176.
  3. GTBets – offers dime lines up to -165.
  4. Bovada – enjoy dime lines up to -149

Are Dime Lines Offered in Las Vegas?

You won’t find dime lines at any of the Vegas sportsbooks that we have seen.  This is something that has only come around in recent years with online sportsbooks. Most Vegas sportsbooks use a 15-cent line. While we aren’t saying that you shouldn’t bet on baseball in Las Vegas, just understand that you are going to profit more long-term using an online sportsbook that offers dime line odds.

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