This page is here to help you find the best MLB handicapper for the summer months. Baseball has historically been one of my favorite sports to bet. There is daily action with almost 6,000 profit making opportunities. Now, all you need to do is learn how to spot them or who you can trust to spot them for you.

Below you'll find who has been the best professional capper going past the last several seasons. You'll find guys with years of predictions, compiling thousands of games. Those are the guys who you can trust to have an advantage over the books as they are famous for it.

Rankings of Top Baseball Handicapping Services

Sometimes having someone who has succeeded in the long term is nice, but it's also important to know who has the current rosters and lineups down pat. That is why we also include the seasonal leaderboards. This keeps track of the profits for each service since opening day.

Best MLB Betting Tipsters in 2018

RankHandicapperProfitROIWin PCTW-LSc Score
1Totals Guru$5,689+9.3%57.3%299-22327.68
2Rob Vinciletti$4,090+8.5%59.8%214-14414.31
3Calvin King$3,966+8.4%53.7%210-18117.21
4Sean Higgs$3,598+3.1%50.7%530-5159.88
5Mark Wilson$3,016+5.0%52.0%262-2428.86
Our handicappers have been handicapping the MLB for years, and they have a solid track record of success. One of the main reasons is that you get so much more information over the course of a 162 game season than you do in other sports. This makes it easier to break down the players, teams, and situations with greater accuracy.

Our guys know how to profit from these statistics, but also situations like rookie pitchers, guys coming back from the DL, bullpen usage, which underdogs to bet and biased umpires. When you throw all of that in with the dime lines you can find with baseball odds you see how it can be easy to make money with this sport.

When the oddsmakers come up with their line they are mainly looking at the quality of the opposing starters, the quality of the teams, and the home field advantage. When you go deeper, like we do, you’ll find yourself edges to exploit.

There will be over 2,400 games played this MLB season and plenty more come playoff time.