NBA Predictions

Here’s a look at our NBA predictions for the 2017-18 regular season. I give out my projected standings for each division, as well as my expected records. You can use the projections to compare them with the actual win total numbers for each team.

I’ve also included the betting odds for each team to win their division, conference and NBA Finals. Click on the link for the most current NBA Finals odds and how the lines have changed since they first were released.

2017-18 NBA Regular Season & Play0ff Predictions

It’s hard to believe that the start of a new NBA season is already here. It seems like just yesterday the Warriors won the NBA title. Part of it’s they are starting earlier than normal this year, as they have eliminated teams having to play 4 games in 5 nights. The other is the league was center of attention right up until the start of football season and even into it.

We had a number of elite players switch teams in both conferences, as everyone tries to close the gap with Golden State. Carmelo Anthony and Paul George are now in OKC with reigning MVP winner Russell Westbrook. Chris Paul closed the championship door for the Clippers by jumping ship to the Rockets. Minnesota appears to have added itself into contention in the loaded West by bringing in Jimmy Butler, Jeff Teague and Taj Gibson to pair with their two young stars in Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins.

In the East, Boston acquired Gordon Hayward from Utah and then landed Kyrie Irving after he basically demanded out of Cleveland. LeBron James is still with the Cavs, but he’s got a bunch of news faces to work. Former MVP, Derrick Rose, will take over at point guard for Irving. They also added in Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder in the trade from Boston. Not to mention Dwayne Wade is back with James, after he was bought out by the Bulls.

Those are just the big moves that took place. There’s several other storylines heading into the season. The two teams not in that elite class that everyone is talking about is the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers.

If Embiid can stay healthy and top picks Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz are close to as good as their potential, this team will be a force in the East. Even Vegas is high on this team. Only the Cavs, Celtics and Wizards have better odds to win it all out of the conference.

As for the Lakers, the drafting of Lonzo Ball and the Clippers losing Chris Paul has shifted the buzz in LA. Now it’s just a matter if the Lakers can live up to the hype. Either way, they figure to be one of the more entertaining teams to watch.

For those of you who don’t have the time to handicap the NBA this early in the season, be sure to check out our free NBA picks page and make sure you shop for the best NBA odds when you place your bet.

Pro Basketball Projected Standings & Team Betting Odds

Eastern Conference


StandingsBetting Odds
RankTeamRecordWin TotalDivisionConferenceFinals
1st Boston Celtics 55-27 55.5 -350 +240 +800
2nd Toronto Raptors 47-35 48.5 +500 +2000 +7500
3rd Philadelphia 76ers 44-38 39.5 +750 +2000 +6600
4th Brooklyn Nets 29-53 27 +10000 +50000 +100000
5th New York Knicks 25-57 30.5 +5000 +25000 +50000


StandingsBetting Odds
RankTeamRecordWin TotalDivisionConferenceFinals
1st Cleveland Cavaliers 50-32 53.5 -1000 -150 +450
2nd Milwaukee Bucks 48-34 47.5 +600 +1600 +6600
3rd Detroit Pistons 42-40 38.5 +2500 +7500 +30000
4th Indiana Pacers 38-44 31.5 +6600 +25000 +50000
5th Chicago Bulls 22-60 22 +10000 +25000 +100000


StandingsBetting Odds
RankTeamRecordWin TotalDivisionConferenceFinals
1st Washington Wizards 51-31 48.5 -250 +1200 +5000
2nd Miami Heat 44-38 43.5 +350 +2800 +10000
3rd Charlotte Hornets 43-39 42.5 +600 +10000 +50000
4th Orlando Magic 36-46 33.5 +5000 +50000 +100000
5th Atlanta Hawks 30-52 25.5 +5000 +30000 +100000

Western Conference


StandingsBetting Odds
RankTeamRecordWin TotalDivisionConferenceFinals
1st Oklahoma City Thunder 53-29 50.5 -150 +750 +1200
2nd Minnesota Timberwolves 48-34 48.5 +250 +1600 +2800
3rd Denver Nuggets 46-36 45.5 +550 +6600 +15000
4th Portland Trail Blazers 41-41 42.5 +1400 +10000 +20000
5th Utah Jazz 35-47 40.5 +2000 +10000 +20000


StandingsBetting Odds
RankTeamRecordWin TotalDivisionConferenceFinals
1st Golden State Warriors 68-14 67.5 -100000 -275 -160
2nd Los Angeles Clippers 44-38 43.5 +2500 +6600 +12500
3rd Los Angeles Lakers 38-44 33.5 +2500 +6600 +10000
4th Phoenix Suns 27-55 28.5 +10000 +30000 +50000
5th Sacramento Kings 25-57 27.5 +10000 +30000 +50000


StandingsBetting Odds
RankTeamRecordWin TotalDivisionConferenceFinals
1st San Antonio Spurs 59-23 55 -110 +750 +1200
2nd Houston Rockets 54-28 55.5 +110 +1000 +1600
3rd New Orleans Pelicans 44-38 39.5 +2000 +6600 +15000
4th Memphis Grizzlies 41-41 37.5 +3300 +15000 +30000
5th Dallas Mavericks 34-48 35.5 +5000 +20000 +50000

Playoff Projections


1) Boston Celtics v 8) Charlotte Hornets
4) Milwaukee Bucks v 5) Toronto Raptors
3) Cleveland Cavaliers v 6) Philadelphia 76ers
2) Washington Wizards v 7) Miami Heat


1) Golden State Warriors v 8) New Orleans Pelicans
4) Oklahoma City Thunder v 5) Minnesota Timberwolves
3) Houston Rockets v 6) Denver Nuggets
2) San Antonio Spurs v 7) Los Angeles Clippers


Golden State Warriors over Cleveland Cavaliers