NBA Season Win Totals

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And if you are going to profit this season, you need to learn to bet the NBA from any angle you might have an edge and that includes futures.

2023-24 NBA Over/Under Win Total Betting Odds

Here’s some info for those that aren’t familiar with how these bets work. Oddsmakers set a number of victories for each team. You can either bet on that squad to go over or under that mark. Note that this is for regular season games only. Playoffs do not count.

It’s also important to note that win totals aren’t paid until the year is over. So be prepared to have a chunk of your bankroll not available for a significant portion.

Keep in mind these numbers aren’t just set based on what a team did in the offseason. A lot has to do with how that franchise performed the year before. As well as the public perception of that roster. You can be assured public favorites like Golden State, who everyone loves, have had their number inflated.

It also worth mentioning these odds are not concrete. They will change based on the action the books receive. If everyone is betting one side of a total, the books will either increase the juice or raise/lower the number.

I included all of the over unders in the table below.

These are the numbers for over/under total bets.  The numbers next to the totals are money lines.  If the number is negative you have to bet that amount to win $100.  If the number is positive a $100 bet wins you that amount.

Vegas NBA Win Total Numbers & Over/Under Lines

TeamWin TotalOver OddsUnder Odds
Boston Celtics55.50−110−110
Denver Nuggets53.50−110−110
Milwaukee Bucks53.50−120+100
Phoenix Suns52.50−105−115
Cleveland Cavaliers51.50+100−120
Philadelphia 76ers48.50+100−120
Golden State Warriors47.50+100−120
Los Angeles Clippers46.50−105−115
Los Angeles Lakers46.50+100−120
Memphis Grizzlies45.50+100−120
Miami Heat45.50+100−120
New Orleans Pelicans44.50−110−110
Oklahoma City Thunder44.50−120+100
Minnesota Timberwolves44.50−115−105
New York Knicks44.50−120+100
Sacramento Kings44.50−110−110
Dallas Mavericks43.50−110−110
Atlanta Hawks42.50−115−105
Indiana Pacers38.50−120+100
Orlando Magic37.50−105−115
Brooklyn Nets37.50−110−110
Chicago Bulls37.50−110−110
Toronto Raptors36.50−115−105
Utah Jazz35.50−115−105
Houston Rockets31.50−120+100
Charlotte Hornets31.50+100−120
San Antonio Spurs29.50+100−120
Portland Trail Blazers28.50−105−115
Detroit Pistons27.50−115−105
Washington Wizards24.50−110−110

If you are interested in other futures we do have the NBA championship odds and the rookie of the year odds posted, along with who will finish first for each division and conference.

If you are more interested in betting on a daily basis then check out our NBA odds feed.  We compare side-by-side the lines offered by multiple top sportsbooks.  This is the best way to make sure you are getting the best number and winning more of your wagers.

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