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Each week of the season I’ll be providing readers with what is known as my best free NFL Teaser Picks of the Week (below).  These have been very profitable for me as I’ve made money on these bets in six of the last nine years.

I will either provide a 2-team 6-point teaser (-120), a 2-team 7-point teaser (-140), or a 3-team 10-point teaser (-120). The 6-point teaser requires us to risk 120 units to win 100. At a lot of places, you can get even better odds than that so would be ahead even more.  For the 10-point teaser, we also have to lay 120 units to win 100. If you need some help with how to bet these wagers, be sure to check out my NFL teaser strategy guide.

While I pick my favorite, I also provide you with the best teaser odds each week. Those teams listed are based on teasing specific numbers. All of these have provided great long-term results (note: lines are based on the odds at Bookmaker at the time this article was posted).

Last Week’s 2-Team 6-point Teaser:

  • Chiefs -1 (win)
  • Browns -1.5 (win)

Teaser Result: 1-0 (+1.0 units)

NFL Week 18 Odds – Best Numbers to Tease

A nice winner last week with the Chiefs and Browns. Week 18 might be tricky as we try to navigate teams sitting players, however, we’ll take a look at the numbers and see if anything is worth a play. Let’s jump in!

Best 2-Team/6-Point Teaser Odds for NFL Teaser Picks

Eagles at Giants+0.5
Bengals vs Browns-1

Best 3-Team/10-Point Teaser Odds for NFL Teasers

Colts vs Texans+11
Patriots vs Jets+8
Rams at 49ers+14
Eagles at Giants+4.5

Remember that these teams and odds simply represent the best value for teasers based on past results. Instead of just betting them blindly, I want to identify all of them each week and give out what I feel is the best teaser bet of the week. Also remember that you need to be able to get the odds listed on each game, or they may fall out of favor of this system.

2023 Teaser of the Week Record: 9-7 (+0.6 Units)

Good luck this week!

Previous Season NFL Teaser Picks of the Week Results

SeasonWinsLossesPushesWin RateRisk UnitsUnits WonUnits LostNet UnitsROI

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Why Our NFL Teaser Picks are Sharp

We’ve proven with our historical results that NFL teaser bets are a great way to increase your bankroll during the pro football season.  The two team six point teaser is the most profitable, but we will occasionally release three team, ten point teasers as well.

If there are multiple quality options crossing as many key numbers as we like then a three team teaser is also an option.  It also depends on the payout your book offers.  Some books have better break even percentages on three teams over two teams.

The key to beating NFL teasers is that you are crossing over at least two key numbers.  It’s not just that you are getting a few extra points on your bets.

You will rarely, if ever, see us release totals to tease.  That’s just because you don’t get enough value adding points to the over/unders.  Recreational bettors fall into this trap when they want to tease the side and total of a primetime game.  However, you aren’t going to win long term using this strategy.

There might be a rare case if you can get an extremely low total that you can tease up to take the under, since points are worth a little more when the books don’t think there will be a high scoring game, but I doubt that issue comes up.  Scoring has increased in the NFL and I can’t see the league wanting to send that trend in the other direction.

It is getting a little tougher to win with teasers in the NFL.  The sportsbooks aren’t dumb.  They have been increasing the juice that you have to pay on profitable legs for a long time now.  Plus, they have recognized the value in moving a number to -9 or higher doesn’t move the needle much for bettors who are taking the point spread, but it does make teasing more difficult and less profitable.

Our NFL teaser picks aren’t a lock to be profitable in the future, so I’d recommend taking advantage why we still have the edge.  And, like with everything I put out, if there is no advantage for us in betting them then I won’t force a pick just to have a complimentary prediction for my readers.  I want you to win, not just be entertained.

If you want to learn how to bet the NFL and win you have to use every tool that’s available to you.  You can’t just go in there and hammer sides on Sunday morning and expect to get as much out of it as if you looked at every possible angle.  That’s just a losing proposition.

Want More Help Beating the NFL Betting Lines?

If you want help beating sides and totals this week then check out the free NFL picks released by our best NFL handicappers.  Our group of guys are some of the sharpest bettors you can follow and they’ll help give you the best chance of winning each Sunday of the season.

No matter how you choose to attack your pro football wagering I want to wish you the best of luck!