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The Super Bowl MVP Award is given to the most valuable player in the championship game.  It’s an honor unlike any other and can turn a regular player into a super star.

At the bottom of this article is a full table that list every MVP winner in Super Bowl History. I also take a quick look at the players who have won the award more than once. As well, as how the award is broken down by position.

Voting is calculated using two different methods. The majority of the vote (80%) comes from a panel of writers and broadcasters. The other 20% is from a fan vote that takes place during the game.

If you want to be a part of the action, you can vote via text message or on the internet.  The viewers inclusion in the voting was first introduced in the 2001 Super Bowl. Find out who is the favorite to win this year by checking out our Super Bowl MVP odds page.

Multiple Super Bowl MVP Winners

As you can see, only 5 players have been able to win the award more than once. At the top of the list is Tom Brady with 4, who recently surpassed Joe Montana. Brady moved to the top of the list in style. Not only did he guide the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history (25 points). He set an NFL record with 466 passing yards. The only other active player with more than one Super Bowl MVP is Eli Manning.

As for the other two guys on the list, they have a claim no one else can match. Terry Bradshaw and Bart Starr are the only players to win the award in consecutive seasons.

PlayerMVP TrophiesSuper Bowls
Joe Montana3XVI, XIX, XXIV
Bart Starr2I, II
Terry Bradshaw2XIII, XIV
Eli Manning2XLII, XLVI

Super Bowl MVPs By Position

Given how much we talk about the quarterback position, it’s really no surprise that it’s the one that gets all the recognition when things go well. There have been 54 MVP awards given out. Why 54 when there have been just 53 Super Bowls? There were co-MVP’s in 1978.

Of those 54 winners, 29 have been given to the quarterback. That’s 53.7% of the time the QB of the winning team receives the prize.

With that said, we have seen two defensive players win the award in the last decade. Linebacker, Malcolm Smith of the Seahawks won it in 2014. It happened again in 2016. Broncos linebacker, Von Miller, took home the trophy with an incredible performance.

Even with some other non-signal callers winning it of late, the MVP has still gone to a QB in 7 of the last 10 seasons. I see no reason to expect this trend not to continue. Especially with how the NFL keeps becoming more and more of a passing league.

Note that the position second on the list is running back with 7. We haven’t had a RB win the MVP since Terrell Davis in 1998.

Running Back7
Wide Receiver7
Defensive End2
Defensive Tackle1
Kick Returner/Punt Returner1

List of Super Bowl MVP Winners

Super BowlPlayerTeamPosition
IBart StarrPackersQuarterback
IIBart StarrPackersQuarterback
IIIJoe NamathJetsQuarterback
IVLen DawsonChiefsQuarterback
VChick HowleyCowboysLinebacker
VIRoger StaubachCowboysQuarterback
VIIJake ScottDolphinsSafety
VIIILarry CsonkaDolphinsRunning Back
IXFranco HarrisSteelersRunning Back
XLynn SwannSteelersWide Receiver
XIFred BiletnikoffRaidersWide Receiver
XIIHarvey Martin/Randy WhiteCowboysDefensive end
XIIITerry BradshawSteelersQuarterback
XIVTerry BradshawSteelersQuarterback
XVJim PlunkettRaidersQuarterback
XVIJoe Montana49ersQuarterback
XVIIJohn RigginsRedskinsRunning Back
XVIIIMarcus AllenLA RaidersRunning Back
XIXJoe Montana49ersQuarterback
XXRichard DentBearsDefensive end
XXIPhil SimmsGiantsQuarterback
XXIIDoug WilliamsRedskinsQuarterback
XXIIIJerry Rice49ersWide Receiver
XXIVJoe Montana49ersQuarterback
XXVOttis AndersonGiantsRunning Back
XXVIMark RypienRedskinsQuarterback
XXVIITroy AikmanCowboysQuarterback
XXVIIIEmmitt SmithCowboysRunning Back
XXIXSteve Young49ersQuarterback
XXXLarry BrownCowboysCornerback
XXXIDesmond HowardPackersKick Returner
XXXIITerrell DavisBroncosRunning Back
XXXIIIJohn ElwayBroncosQuarterback
XXXIVKurt WarnerRamsQuarterback
XXXVRay LewisRavensLinebacker
XXXVITom BradyPatriotsQuarterback
XXXVIIDexter JacksonBuccaneersSafety
XXXVIIITom BradyPatriotsQuarterback
XXXIXDeion BranchPatriotsWide Receiver
XLHines WardSteelersWide Receiver
XLIPeyton ManningColtsQuarterback
XLIIEli ManningGiantsQuarterback
XLIIISantonio HolmesSteelersWide Receiver
XLIVDrew BreesSaintsQuarterback
XLVAaron RodgersPackersQuarterback
XLVIEli ManningGiantsQuarterback
XLVIIJoe FlaccoRavensQuarterback
XLVIIIMalcolm SmithSeahawksLinebacker
XLVIIITom BradyPatriotsQuarterback
50Von MillerBroncosLinebacker
LITom BradyPatriotsQuarterback
LIINick FolesEaglesQuarterback
LIIIJulian EdelmanPatriotsWide Receiver

As you can see, it’s nearly impossible to make this list unless your team wins the Super Bowl.

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