College Basketball Teams After Losing to a Good Team

When handicapping college basketball you have to look at more than the obvious statistics.  Don’t get me wrong.  Statistics play a big role in the handicapping process.  It’s just there there are also a lot of situational advantages that can be found. For instance, a team that goes on the road and loses to the… Read More »

NBA Revenge Betting System

One of the popular handicapping strategies for the NBA is to look at revenge, but it’s not something you can pick a winner on without adding in some additional factors. In fact, if you were to simply bet teams in a revenge situation over every game since 1995 (not including playoffs), you would have gone… Read More »

Arbitrage Betting

The easiest way to guarantee to make money betting on sports is arbitrage betting, also known as miracle bets or sure bets.  These cases occur when bookmakers have different opinions on a game and a bettor can make a profit regardless of the outcome. Obviously the bookmakers do not love people who take advantage of… Read More »

College Basketball ATS Records by Point Spread

The table below lists team records by closing line for NCAA basketball games since 2006. We’ve included records against the spread, straight up, winning percentages for both, and margins for both. If you know how to bet on college basketball then you’ll be interested in the against the spread margin. This shows how many points… Read More »

College Basketball Key Numbers

What are the key numbers in college basketball? Football gets the most attention with the popularity of three and seven.  But, it’s important to know which margins occur the most often in every sport. This can help you make better teaser bets. You can also take advantage of certain point spreads to increase your winnings when… Read More »

NBA ATS Records by Point Spread

The table below lists team records by closing line for NBA games since 1995.  It includes ATS records, straight up records, winning percentages, and margins for both.  ATS margin show how many points each team covers by (+ number) or fails to cover by (- number). Keep in mind this is an average based on the… Read More »

Highest Paid NBA Players

The table below lists the top 25 average player salaries for the current NBA season.  The Average Salary column for each player is based on the average per year each player would make based on their current contract.  The Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony will make more than any other player this season, followed closely by Kobe… Read More »

Betting the 2nd Half Odds on the Money Line, Spread or Total to Win

Halftime betting has increased in popularity recently.  Basically this is just a bet that is made at halftime of a game and is graded based on how the second half and overtime shake out.  The game essentially starts over at 0-0 when the second half starts. You can take advantage of these halftime bets to… Read More »

NCAAF Home Underdog System

The college football season is quickly approaching and I wanted to share with you a very profitable system to take advantage of this season. Unfortunately the system is strictly related to conference games, so we won’t see it come up too much early in the year with most teams playing a good portion of their… Read More »

How to Handicap NCAA Football Teams Off Blowout Wins & ATS Covers

There’s a number of factors you have to consider when handicapping NCAA football. One of those is how to handle a tea, coming off a game that got out of hand. This article takes a look at how teams perform coming off both big wins and big losses so we can win more betting college… Read More »

Betting College Football Teams Off High Scoring Games

It’s no secret that the betting public likes to play the OVER, especially on teams that they know can put up some points. That urge to back the OVER figures to be at it’s strongest after a game in which one of the teams playing lit up the scoreboard in their previous game. I wanted… Read More »

How Much Sportsbooks Make

The only reliable data we have on how much money sportsbooks make comes from the legal sportsbooks in the state of Nevada.  The Nevada Gaming Control Board reports the money coming into sportsbooks and how much of that money is kept as profit. We took a look at the reports for the last ten years… Read More »