Review of Sports Handicapper Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee is the kind of guy who just has a good feel for his picks. He puts a lot of work into his handicapping, and it shows in his results.

Brandon grew up with handicapping. He prides himself on what his experience brings his clients. It’s hard to argue with those results.

With an excellent 11-4 run, Brandon cleaned up at #1 in the 2012 NFL preseason. He followed that up with a #4 finish in the 2012 NFL regular season, which came right after his #7 finish in the NBA.

Brandon’s 2011-2012 NBA picks and his 2012 NFL picks earned over $3,800 in profit.

That’s all well and good, but what has he done lately?

Well, all his sports picks since February 25, 2016 have gone 130-85. That’s a 60% rate of winning, good for $3,645 in profit.  And that’s in basketball and baseball, so you know he can do more than NFL handicapping.

In fact, Brandon’s basketball picks since February 25 are 88-52, an even higher rate of 63%.

If you’re winning 63% of your picks over 3 months, you’re doing something right.

Brandon is someone I mention during baseball season as well.  He is always on my list of top MLB handicappers because he wins for his clients.  Just look at what he has done the last two seasons. If you bet $100 per game you would be up $2,325 with Brandon’s picks.

You’ll never find yourself short of action with Brandon either. He doesn’t put out an insane amount of action every day, but there is plenty to work with. And with winning percentages like his, you can trust in a great chance at profit.