Our goal has always been to help our visitors win more money over the sportsbooks. And to do this during the winter months we have to make sure you get setup with one of the best college basketball handicappers around.

We think the best way to determine the top handicapping service is with long term trends. Below we have listed the ten best that we have found with records dating back several years.

We understand that trying to find a handicapper to follow with confidence isn’t easy. That is why we keep independent records and only display guys whose numbers we can trust.

Top NCAA Basketball Handicappers Over the Past Several Years

While we like to focus on long term results, we understand that some of you would rather go with who is doing the best this season. I completely understand. Some guys know situations, others know the teams and if you want to follow someone who goes in depth on each school, then this season's numbers would really be all that matters. Take a look at who has won the most money since the first tip of the year.

This Season's Best CBB Bettors

RankHandicapperProfitROIWin PCTW-LSc Score
1Alex Smart$4,652+9.8%57.8%241-17622.69
2Big Al McMordie$4,430+6.7%56.0%330-25915.77
3John Martin$4,262+6.5%55.9%325-25614.81
4Dustin Hawkins$4,100+9.8%57.7%214-15721.06
5Mark Wilson$3,810+8.1%56.7%240-18316.19
Does our site list every single tipster that can win you money during the hoops season? Not a chance! But we can only personally get behind guys who we have personally monitored. Who we know can't doctor their records to make themselves look good. And by using an independent third party monitoring service we have the numbers above. Results you can trust, and use to find the best handicapping service to help you win.