So you’re looking for the world's best college football handicapper to help you win more bets this season. You are in luck because we have some of the best names in the business right here for you to check out. There are many different styles of bettors and not every one of them fits each of hte top guys. If you are more selective then I want you to find the one who puts out only a few, top bets each weekend. If you like action, then I'm going to help you find a volume capper who releases a lot of picks each weekend.

Here are the top tipsters we have found over the long haul. These guys have impressive records dating back several years and have large sample sizes to view. This gives us the confidence that they know what they are doing and can keep producing profits for clients year after year.

Top College Football Handicappers Over the Past Several Years

But, you sometimes want to go with a handicapper that has a better feel for the teams in the current season. I couldn't agree more, and that is why we also display the leaderboard for who has won the most profit since the opening kick of the season.

This Season's Best NCAA Football Bettors

RankHandicapperProfitROIWin PCTW-LSc Score
1Kyle Hunter$3,065+33.6%70.4%57-2455.29
2Calvin King$2,835+17.2%61.6%90-5625.56
3Totals Guru$2,670+17.6%61.6%85-5323.89
4Chip Chirimbes$2,402+15.9%60.6%83-5418.75
5Dustin Hawkins$2,350+14.6%60.3%85-5617.90
Does our site list every single tipster that can win you money during the hoops season? Not a chance! But we can only personally get behind guys who we have personally monitored. Who we know can't doctor their records to make themselves look good. And by using an independent third party monitoring service we have the numbers above. Results you can trust, and use to find the best handicapping service to help you win.