NBA Handicappers
Who is the best NBA handicapper? That is a question we get asked a lot, but there isn't a simple answer. You see, some people want the service that has shown the most consistency for the longest period of time. The more games that you have in a sample size the more confident you can be in the results. After all, if you flip a coin once and it comes up tails that doesn't mean it's going to come tails every single time. If over the course of 1,000 flips you see tails 56% of the time you start to realize you have a weighted coin.

Below we list the longest trends we have for all of our tipsters. You'll see there record going back several years. The guys are this list you can be extremely confident in. They know how to beat the NBA odds on a daily basis.

Click on any of the names below to see what that handicapper has for today, their long term subscriptions, free picks, and yesterday's results.

Best Long Term NBA Handicapping Results

Some visitors though don't want the long term results. They want to know who has the best grasp of current teams and has been killing the books since the beginning of this season. I understand where they are coming from too and that is why we list the seasonal leaderboard below.

Top Handicappers for the Current NBA Season

RankHandicapperProfitROIWin PCTW-LSc Score
1Mike Williams$3,845+14.8%60.3%140-9229.91
2Dustin Hawkins$3,750+13.0%59.3%153-10525.06
3Calvin King$2,735+5.9%55.6%230-1848.40
4Kevin Young$2,435+12.1%58.9%106-7415.44
5R&R Totals$2,097+12.6%59.1%88-6113.47
Are there other guys out there who can help you beat pro basketball? Of course. We don't have every single good service on our site, but we do have a bunch of quality touts. They are independently monitored so you know all of the records on this page are completely legit. If someone isn't documented then I simply can't trust them enought to list them on this page.