Percentage of Bets Needed to Win to Break Even

One of the common misconceptions amateur bettors have is that they need to hit 60% to 70% of their bets to show a big profit. While it’s within reason to hit that high of a percentage over a short period of time, it’s not a sustainable rate over the long run. The question you should… Read More »

Oregon Online Sportsbooks & Betting Sites

The state of Oregon legalized sports betting in late August of 2019. The first sportsbook operation to accept bets was the Chinook Winds Casino Resort, which is located in Lincoln City. Note that Oregon was one of the few states that had some form of legal sports betting prior to the repeal of the PASPA… Read More »

Arkansas Online Sportsbooks & Betting Sites

When the Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort took its first sports bet on July 1, 2019, Arkansas officially became the eighth state outside of Nevada to do so. Arkansas was just the second state in the south portion of the country to open its doors to the sports betting industry, joining neighboring state Mississippi, which was… Read More »

New Mexico Online Sportsbooks & Betting Sites

While the state of New Mexico has not officially legalized sports betting, there are sportsbooks in the state that residents can legally go to and place a bet. This is possible because of an agreement that tribal casinos have with the state. Due to the fact that sports betting wasn’t listed as a negotiable item,… Read More »

Rhode Island Online Sportsbooks & Betting Sites

The state of Rhode Island opened its doors to the sports betting industry in late November of 2018. At the time Rhode Island was just the seventh state outside of Nevada to make it legal. Joining Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia and Pennsylvania as states along the east coast to make the jump. The first… Read More »

Iowa Online Sportsbooks & Betting Sites

The state of Iowa legalized sports betting in August of 2019, just in time for the start of football season. WWII vet Joseph Reynolds made the inaugural first wagers at Lakeside Hotel and Casino. Reynolds was spot on with his wagers. He put $20 on the Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl LIV and… Read More »

Pennsylvania Online Sportsbooks & Betting Sites

Pennsylvania opened its doors to the sports betting industry in November of 2018, becoming the sixth state outside of Nevada to provide legal sportsbooks in its major casinos and resorts. The first wager was played at the Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course in Grantville. That was the first of many sportsbooks to get… Read More »

West Virginia Online Sportsbooks & Betting Sites

In late August of 2018, West Virginia became the fifth state (fourth outside of Nevada) to legalize sports betting. The first wager in the Panhandle State was taken at the Hollywood Casino. At the time this was not only a big deal for those that lived in the state, but also those in surrounding states.… Read More »

Mississippi Online Sportsbooks & Betting Sites

The state of Mississippi was one of the first outside of Nevada to make sports betting legal. In fact, only Delaware and New Jersey were quicker to open their doors to this massive money-making industry. Mississippi accepted wagers for the first time on August 1, 2018 at the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi and Gold… Read More »

Delaware Online Sportsbooks & Betting Sites

The state of Delaware legalized sports betting on June 5, 2018, becoming the first state to do so outside of the state of Nevada. They just narrowly beat out New Jersey, which opened their doors to the industry on June 14, 2018. Not a big surprise to see Delaware as one of the first states… Read More »

New York Online Sportsbooks & Betting Sites

The state of New York legalized sports betting in the summer (July) of 2019. The first official wager was placed at Rivers Casino, with mayor Gary McCarthy placing the first bet. New York joins several other states on the east coast that have made sports betting legal. Two nearby states, New Jersey and Delaware, were… Read More »

New Jersey Online Sportsbooks & Betting Sites

The state of New Jersey played a massive role in getting sports betting legalized outside of Nevada. It was only fitting given how attractive gambling already was in the state with the high volume of casinos that littered the boardwalk in Atlantic City. While Delaware was technically the first to take bets outside of Nevada,… Read More »

Nevada Online Betting Sites & Las Vegas Mobile Apps

It wasn’t that long ago that in order to place a wager on sporting event in the state of Nevada, you had to physically go to a casino to place each bet. While this wasn’t a big deal for those visiting Sin City, you can imagine the inconvenience it would cause for locals. Tourists are… Read More »

Understanding Reverse Line Movement for Vegas Sports Betting

What does reverse line movement mean, and is it a profitable strategy to wager on games? This is a popular question that we get from inexperienced bettors. This article will try to break down the basics of what it is, and if it’s a tool that can help you add profits to your bankroll. Reverse line… Read More »

Sports Betting Explained: Understanding How Money Line Odds Work

New to sports betting or need a quick refresher on money lines and how they work?  It’s the most basic bet you can make. You are simply placing a wager on which team/player will win a specific game or match. It’s one of the three basic ways to bet on sports. The other two are… Read More »

Sports Betting Bankroll Management: Expert Tips, Stakes & Unit Size

One of the popular sports handicapping subjects that I come across with a lot of new clients is in regards to bankroll. The most popular being how much money do I need to start betting on sports and how do I manage it? If this is something you are interested in, keep reading. First things… Read More »