Jeff Hochman has been in sports handicapping since 1998, and not a minute of that time has gone to waste. He’s one of the few handicappers who doubles as a professional sportswriter. Because of that, you can always count on him to have ample research on his side.

Jeff’s style isn’t to bet every game available. It’s a conservative capping style that focuses on high winning percentages and efficient profits. It’s perfect for people who are more casual about sports betting – but who want to win often! Jeff’s not going to publish a pick unless he has full faith and confidence in it winning.

That’s why all his winning streaks carry percentages in the 60s and 70s. Now granted, the guy has only published 93 NFL picks since the early 2014 season. But he’s won 62% of those picks and made over $1,800.

Likewise, he’s picked only 24 NHL games from February through the Stanley Cup Finals. But he went 19-5 on those picks and made over $1,400 in those 24 picks. If you’re into math, that’s more than $58 profit per pick if you’re putting down $100 per game. This is why Jeff gets such good ROI on so few picks.

Since the beginning of February 2016, he has posted 96 picks – just about one per day. And he has gone 63-33 (66%) on those picks, earning over $2,800 in profit. Maybe he’s not the guy for you if you need to bet a lot of picks every day. But if you’re just looking to win and earn money, how in the world do you say no to a guy who wins 2 out of 3?