Sports Handicapper Jim Feist of Fast Facts Picks Reviewed

Jim Feist brings over 30 years of experience, and the thousands of dollars of profit that go with it.

And in those 30 years, Jim has learned how to handicap everything. I don’t mean just your standard college basketball and football, MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL. He does handicap those sports, and he does them well.

But how many handicappers do you know that handicap all those sports, plus the WNBA and even CFL? That’s what we mean when we say he handicaps everything and runs one of the best services in the world.

And he isn’t just throwing picks out there for the fun of it. Jim works hard and he knows his stuff. He was the #2 WNBA handicapper in 2014, and is on a 6-0 streak in his CFL bets.

He doesn’t put a ton of action down on those, but it isn’t about being an avid fan of those sports. It’s about knowing where the blind spots are in the books and making money off them.

But what about the meat and potatoes of Jim’s betting record? Not just the obscure stuff? Over the last month, he is 54-30 in MLB picks, pulling down over $2,300 off the books. In the same time frame, he is 73-50 over all sports, bringing in $2,071.

And Jim has history on his side as well. Not only are his current streaks impressive, but take a look at his 2009. He notched a #4 finish in college football and basketball, NHL, and football. And sure, tack on a #7 finish in MLB as well.

Looking for a guy who can get it done in all the major sports, and toss you a winner out of left field every once in a while? Jim’s your guy.

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