MLB Season Win Totals

Below you’ll find the updated win totals for every team in Major League Baseball.  These are the projected number of victories for each team.

More specifically, they are the number of triumphs each team is expected to have by the sportsbooks.  Of course, they are also influenced by public perception.

In the tables below we’ve broken out each team in their respective divisions.  This allows us to show what the projected final regular season standings would look like if every team hit their total exactly.

This differs a bit from the odds to win the World Series.  The team with the most expected wins each year isn’t necessarily projected to go on and win the championship.

MLB Teams Projected for the Most Wins in 2018


New York Yankees93½
Boston Red Sox91½
Toronto Blue Jays81½
Baltimore Orioles77½
Tampa Bay Rays76½


Cleveland Indians93½
Minnesota Twins82½
Kansas City Royals76½
Detroit Tigers68½
Chicago White Sox68½


Houston Astros96½
Los Angeles Angels84½
Seattle Mariners81½
Texas Rangers78½
Oakland Athletics74½


Washington Nationals91½
New York Mets80½
Philadelphia Phillies74½
Atlanta Braves73½
Miami Marlins64½


Chicago Cubs93½
St. Louis Cardinals84½
Milwaukee Brewers81½
Pittsburgh Pirates76½
Cincinnati Reds71½


Los Angeles Dodgers95½
Arizona Diamondbacks86½
Colorado Rockies82½
San Francisco Giants81½
San Diego Padres69½

2018 Season Predictions vs 2017 Actual Win Totals

We can get an idea of how much teams are expected to improve or regress this season.  All you have to do is compare their total victories last season to their projected total for this year.

The column titled “+/- Expected” shows how many more or less wins each team is projected to have this season versus how many they had last year.

Team2017 Actual2018 Projected+/- Expected
Arizona Diamondbacks9386.5-6.5
Atlanta Braves7273.51.5
Baltimore Orioles7577.52.5
Boston Red Sox9391.5-1.5
Chicago Cubs9293.51.5
Chicago White Sox6768.51.5
Cincinnati Reds6871.53.5
Cleveland Indians10293.5-8.5
Colorado Rockies8782.5-4.5
Detroit Tigers6468.54.5
Houston Astros10196.5-4.5
Kansas City Royals8076.5-3.5
Los Angeles Angels8084.54.5
Los Angeles Dodgers10495.5-8.5
Miami Marlins7764.5-12.5
Milwaukee Brewers8681.5-4.5
Minnesota Twins8582.5-2.5
New York Mets7080.510.5
New York Yankees9193.52.5
Oakland Athletics7574.5-0.5
Philadelphia Phillies7574.5-0.5
Pittsburgh Pirates7576.51.5
San Diego Padres7169.5-1.5
San Francisco Giants6481.517.5
Seattle Mariners7881.53.5
St. Louis Cardinals8384.51.5
Tampa Bay Rays8076.5-3.5
Texas Rangers7878.50.5
Toronto Blue Jays7681.55.5
Washington Nationals9791.5-5.5

Predicted Records History

Below you’ll find the projected totals and actual wins for every year dating back to 2004.  Each table shows each team’s posted number before the season, their actual victories in that season, how many more or less wins they actually had versus their predicted total, and whether or not the team’s total went over or under the posted number that year.


Team2017 Projected2017 Actual+/- WinsResult
Arizona Diamondbacks78.59314.5Over
Atlanta Braves71.5720.5Over
Baltimore Orioles84.575-9.5Under
Boston Red Sox90.5932.5Over
Chicago Cubs95.592-3.5Under
Chicago White Sox73.567-6.5Under
Cincinnati Reds73.568-5.5Under
Cleveland Indians92.51029.5Over
Colorado Rockies79.5877.5Over
Detroit Tigers85.564-21.5Under
Houston Astros87.510113.5Over
Kansas City Royals80.580-0.5Under
Los Angeles Angels76.5803.5Over
Los Angeles Dodgers91.510412.5Over
Miami Marlins77.577-0.5Under
Milwaukee Brewers72.58613.5Over
Minnesota Twins70.58514.5Over
New York Mets89.570-19.5Under
New York Yankees83.5917.5Over
Oakland Athletics66.5758.5Over
Philadelphia Phillies72.5752.5Over
Pittsburgh Pirates85.575-10.5Under
San Diego Padres64.5716.5Over
San Francisco Giants87.564-23.5Under
Seattle Mariners85.578-7.5Under
St. Louis Cardinals87.583-4.5Under
Tampa Bay Rays75.5804.5Over
Texas Rangers86.578-8.5Under
Toronto Blue Jays86.576-10.5Under
Washington Nationals90.5976.5Over


Team2016 Projected2016 Actual+/- WinsResult
Arizona Diamondbacks84.569-15.5Under
Atlanta Braves65683Over
Baltimore Orioles80.5898.5Over
Boston Red Sox85.5937.5Over
Chicago Cubs8910314Over
Chicago White Sox80.578-2.5Under
Cincinnati Reds7168-3Under
Cleveland Indians849410Over
Colorado Rockies68757Over
Detroit Tigers85861Over
Houston Astros85.584-1.5Under
Kansas City Royals8781-6Under
Los Angeles Angels82.574-8.5Under
Los Angeles Dodgers87914Over
Miami Marlins80.579-1.5Under
Milwaukee Brewers71.5731.5Over
Minnesota Twins77.559-18.5Under
New York Mets8887-1Under
New York Yankees8584-1Under
Oakland Athletics75.569-6.5Under
Philadelphia Phillies66.5714.5Over
Pittsburgh Pirates8778-9Under
San Diego Padres7468-6Under
San Francisco Giants9087-3Under
Seattle Mariners83863Over
St. Louis Cardinals87.586-1.5Under
Tampa Bay Rays7868-10Under
Texas Rangers86959Over
Toronto Blue Jays87892Over
Washington Nationals87958Over


Team2015 Projected2015 Actual+/- WinsResult
Arizona Diamondbacks72.5796.5Over
Atlanta Braves73.567-6.5Under
Baltimore Orioles82.581-1.5Under
Boston Red Sox8678-8Under
Chicago Cubs839714Over
Chicago White Sox81.576-5.5Under
Cincinnati Reds77.564-13.5Under
Cleveland Indians84.581-3.5Under
Colorado Rockies72.568-4.5Under
Detroit Tigers83.574-9.5Under
Houston Astros76.5869.5Over
Kansas City Royals80.59514.5Over
Los Angeles Angels87.585-2.5Under
Los Angeles Dodgers92.592-0.5Under
Miami Marlins81.571-10.5Under
Milwaukee Brewers78.568-10.5Under
Minnesota Twins71.58311.5Over
New York Mets82.5907.5Over
New York Yankees81.5875.5Over
Oakland Athletics82.568-14.5Under
Philadelphia Phillies67.563-4.5Under
Pittsburgh Pirates859813Over
San Diego Padres83.574-9.5Under
San Francisco Giants82.5841.5Over
Seattle Mariners87.576-11.5Under
St Louis Cardinals87.510012.5Over
Tampa Bay Rays79.5800.5Over
Texas Rangers75.58812.5Over
Toronto Blue Jays82.59310.5Over
Washington Nationals9483-11Under


Team2014 Projected2014 Actual+/- WinsResult
Arizona Diamondbacks81.564-17.5Under
Atlanta Braves87.579-8.5Under
Baltimore Orioles81.59614.5Over
Boston Red Sox8871-17Under
Chicago Cubs70733Over
Chicago White Sox76.573-3.5Under
Cincinnati Reds84.576-8.5Under
Cleveland Indians80.5854.5Over
Colorado Rockies76.566-10.5Under
Detroit Tigers90900Push
Houston Astros62.5707.5Over
Kansas City Royals82897Over
Los Angeles Angels86.59811.5Over
Los Angeles Dodgers92.5941.5Over
Miami Marlins69.5777.5Over
Milwaukee Brewers80822Over
Minnesota Twins70.570-0.5Under
New York Mets74795Over
New York Yankees8784-3Under
Oakland Athletics88.588-0.5Under
Philadelphia Phillies76.573-3.5Under
Pittsburgh Pirates84.5883.5Over
San Diego Padres7977-2Under
San Francisco Giants86.5881.5Over
Seattle Mariners81876Over
St Louis Cardinals91.590-1.5Under
Tampa Bay Rays8877-11Under
Texas Rangers8767-20Under
Toronto Blue Jays80.5832.5Over
Washington Nationals89.5966.5Over


Team2013 Projected2013 Actual+/- WinsResult
Arizona Diamondbacks82.581-1.5Under
Atlanta Braves87.5968.5Over
Baltimore Orioles78.5856.5Over
Boston Red Sox839714Over
Chicago Cubs72.566-6.5Under
Chicago White Sox8163-18Under
Cincinnati Reds9190-1Under
Cleveland Indians77.59214.5Over
Colorado Rockies70.5743.5Over
Detroit Tigers92.5930.5Over
Houston Astros59.551-8.5Under
Kansas City Royals77.5868.5Over
Los Angeles Angels91.578-13.5Under
Los Angeles Dodgers91.5920.5Over
Miami Marlins6362-1Under
Milwaukee Brewers8174-7Under
Minnesota Twins67.566-1.5Under
New York Mets7574-1Under
New York Yankees84.5850.5Over
Oakland Athletics84.59611.5Over
Philadelphia Phillies8473-11Under
Pittsburgh Pirates779417Over
San Diego Padres74.5761.5Over
San Francisco Giants8876-12Under
Seattle Mariners77.571-6.5Under
St Louis Cardinals869711Over
Tampa Bay Rays86915Over
Texas Rangers86.5914.5Over
Toronto Blue Jays8974-15Under
Washington Nationals9286-6Under


Team2012 Projected2012 Actual+/- WinsResult
Arizona Diamondbacks86.581-5.5Under
Atlanta Braves86.5947.5Over
Baltimore Orioles69.59323.5Over
Boston Red Sox9069-21Under
Chicago Cubs74.561-13.5Under
Chicago White Sox74.58510.5Over
Cincinnati Reds87.5979.5Over
Cleveland Indians78.568-10.5Under
Colorado Rockies81.564-17.5Under
Detroit Tigers92.588-4.5Under
Houston Astros63.555-8.5Under
Kansas City Royals79.572-7.5Under
Los Angeles Angels92.589-3.5Under
Los Angeles Dodgers81.5864.5Over
Miami Marlins85.569-16.5Under
Milwaukee Brewers84.583-1.5Under
Minnesota Twins73.566-7.5Under
New York Mets73.5740.5Over
New York Yankees93.5951.5Over
Oakland Athletics729422Over
Philadelphia Phillies93.581-12.5Under
Pittsburgh Pirates73.5795.5Over
San Diego Padres73.5762.5Over
San Francisco Giants87.5946.5Over
Seattle Mariners72753Over
St Louis Cardinals84.5883.5Over
Tampa Bay Rays86.5903.5Over
Texas Rangers91932Over
Toronto Blue Jays80.573-7.5Under
Washington Nationals849814Over


Team2011 Projected2011 Actual+/- WinsResult
Arizona Diamondbacks72.59421.5Over
Atlanta Braves88891Over
Baltimore Orioles76.569-7.5Under
Boston Red Sox95.590-5.5Under
Chicago Cubs81.571-10.5Under
Chicago White Sox84.579-5.5Under
Cincinnati Reds85.579-6.5Under
Cleveland Indians71.5808.5Over
Colorado Rockies86.573-13.5Under
Detroit Tigers84.59510.5Over
Florida Marlins8272-10Under
Houston Astros71.556-15.5Under
Kansas City Royals68.5712.5Over
Los Angeles Angels83863Over
Los Angeles Dodgers83.582-1.5Under
Milwaukee Brewers85.59610.5Over
Minnesota Twins85.563-22.5Under
New York Mets77.577-0.5Under
New York Yankees91.5975.5Over
Oakland Athletics83.574-9.5Under
Philadelphia Phillies96.51025.5Over
Pittsburgh Pirates67.5724.5Over
San Diego Padres75.571-4.5Under
San Francisco Giants87.586-1.5Under
Seattle Mariners7067-3Under
St Louis Cardinals82.5907.5Over
Tampa Bay Rays84.5916.5Over
Texas Rangers86.5969.5Over
Toronto Blue Jays76.5814.5Over
Washington Nationals72808Over


Team2010 Projected2010 Actual+/- WinsResult
Arizona Diamondbacks82.565-17.5Under
Atlanta Braves85.5915.5Over
Baltimore Orioles7466-8Under
Boston Red Sox94.589-5.5Under
Chicago Cubs8275-7Under
Chicago White Sox82.5885.5Over
Cincinnati Reds799112Over
Cleveland Indians74.569-5.5Under
Colorado Rockies84.583-1.5Under
Detroit Tigers80811Over
Florida Marlins8180-1Under
Houston Astros74.5761.5Over
Kansas City Royals71.567-4.5Under
Los Angeles Angels8480-4Under
Los Angeles Dodgers84.580-4.5Under
Milwaukee Brewers8077-3Under
Minnesota Twins83.59410.5Over
New York Mets80.579-1.5Under
New York Yankees95950Push
Oakland Athletics79812Over
Philadelphia Phillies92.5974.5Over
Pittsburgh Pirates69.557-12.5Under
San Diego Padres71.59018.5Over
San Francisco Giants829210Over
Seattle Mariners83.561-22.5Under
St Louis Cardinals88.586-2.5Under
Tampa Bay Rays89967Over
Texas Rangers84906Over
Toronto Blue Jays70.58514.5Over
Washington Nationals7169-2Under


Team2009 Projected2009 Actual+/- WinsResult
Arizona Diamondbacks87.570-17.5Under
Atlanta Braves84.5861.5Over
Baltimore Orioles74.564-10.5Under
Boston Red Sox93.5951.5Over
Chicago Cubs92.583-9.5Under
Chicago White Sox78.5790.5Over
Cincinnati Reds79.578-1.5Under
Cleveland Indians84.565-19.5Under
Colorado Rockies77.59214.5Over
Detroit Tigers80.5865.5Over
Florida Marlins75.58711.5Over
Houston Astros73.5740.5Over
Kansas City Royals74.565-9.5Under
Los Angeles Angels88.5978.5Over
Los Angeles Dodgers84.59510.5Over
Milwaukee Brewers81.580-1.5Under
Minnesota Twins82.5874.5Over
New York Mets90.570-20.5Under
New York Yankees96.51036.5Over
Oakland Athletics80.575-5.5Under
Philadelphia Phillies88.5934.5Over
Pittsburgh Pirates69.562-7.5Under
San Diego Padres71.5753.5Over
San Francisco Giants78.5889.5Over
Seattle Mariners71.58513.5Over
St Louis Cardinals81.5919.5Over
Tampa Bay Rays88.584-4.5Under
Texas Rangers74.58712.5Over
Toronto Blue Jays80.575-5.5Under
Washington Nationals73.559-14.5Under


Team2008 Projected2008 Actual+/- WinsResult
Arizona Diamondbacks87.582-5.5Under
Atlanta Braves85.572-13.5Under
Baltimore Orioles64.5683.5Over
Boston Red Sox94951Over
Chicago Cubs879710Over
Chicago White Sox79.5899.5Over
Cincinnati Reds77.574-3.5Under
Cleveland Indians9081-9Under
Colorado Rockies8374-9Under
Detroit Tigers93.574-19.5Under
Florida Marlins698415Over
Houston Astros758611Over
Kansas City Royals73.5751.5Over
Los Angeles Angels921008Over
Los Angeles Dodgers86.584-2.5Under
Milwaukee Brewers84.5905.5Over
Minnesota Twins758813Over
New York Mets93.589-4.5Under
New York Yankees93.589-4.5Under
Oakland Athletics73.5751.5Over
Philadelphia Phillies87.5924.5Over
Pittsburgh Pirates7067-3Under
San Diego Padres84.563-21.5Under
San Francisco Giants7372-1Under
Seattle Mariners8561-24Under
St Louis Cardinals768610Over
Tampa Bay Rays759722Over
Texas Rangers76793Over
Toronto Blue Jays85.5860.5Over
Washington Nationals72.559-13.5Under


Team2007 Projected2007 Actual+/- WinsResult
Arizona Diamondbacks77.59012.5Over
Atlanta Braves81.5842.5Over
Baltimore Orioles73.569-4.5Under
Boston Red Sox90.5965.5Over
Chicago Cubs85.585-0.5Under
Chicago White Sox86.572-14.5Under
Cincinnati Reds76.572-4.5Under
Cleveland Indians84.59611.5Over
Colorado Rockies74.59015.5Over
Detroit Tigers87.5880.5Over
Florida Marlins78.571-7.5Under
Houston Astros78.573-5.5Under
Kansas City Royals67.5691.5Over
Los Angeles Angels89.5944.5Over
Los Angeles Dodgers88.582-6.5Under
Milwaukee Brewers81.5831.5Over
Minnesota Twins83.579-4.5Under
New York Mets88880Push
New York Yankees9794-3Under
Oakland Athletics84.576-8.5Under
Philadelphia Phillies88.5890.5Over
Pittsburgh Pirates71.568-3.5Under
San Diego Padres84895Over
San Francisco Giants81.571-10.5Under
Seattle Mariners75.58812.5Over
St Louis Cardinals84.578-6.5Under
Tampa Bay Devil Rays6766-1Under
Texas Rangers81.575-6.5Under
Toronto Blue Jays86.583-3.5Under
Washington Nationals66.5736.5Over


Team2006 Projected2006 Actual+/- WinsResult
Arizona Diamondbacks74762Over
Atlanta Braves8979-10Under
Baltimore Orioles76.570-6.5Under
Boston Red Sox90.586-4.5Under
Chicago Cubs8566-19Under
Chicago White Sox91.590-1.5Under
Cincinnati Reds74806Over
Cleveland Indians9078-12Under
Colorado Rockies68.5767.5Over
Detroit Tigers779518Over
Florida Marlins677811Over
Houston Astros83.582-1.5Under
Kansas City Royals6462-2Under
Los Angeles Angels88.5890.5Over
Los Angeles Dodgers85.5882.5Over
Milwaukee Brewers80.575-5.5Under
Minnesota Twins809616Over
New York Mets91976Over
New York Yankees10097-3Under
Oakland Athletics88.5934.5Over
Philadelphia Phillies81.5853.5Over
Pittsburgh Pirates75.567-8.5Under
San Diego Padres77.58810.5Over
San Francisco Giants81.576-5.5Under
Seattle Mariners75.5782.5Over
St Louis Cardinals9483-11Under
Tampa Bay Devil Rays67.561-6.5Under
Texas Rangers80.580-0.5Under
Toronto Blue Jays86871Over
Washington Nationals7771-6Under


Team2005 Projected2005 Actual+/- WinsResult
Arizona Diamondbacks70.5776.5Over
Atlanta Braves89.5900.5Over
Baltimore Orioles8174-7Under
Boston Red Sox9795-2Under
Chicago Cubs8879-9Under
Chicago White Sox819918Over
Cincinnati Reds7773-4Under
Cleveland Indians839310Over
Colorado Rockies67.567-0.5Under
Detroit Tigers78.571-7.5Under
Florida Marlins85.583-2.5Under
Houston Astros84895Over
Kansas City Royals6456-8Under
Los Angeles Angels91.5953.5Over
Los Angeles Dodgers84.571-13.5Under
Milwaukee Brewers68.58112.5Over
Minnesota Twins87.583-4.5Under
New York Mets8583-2Under
New York Yankees101.595-6.5Under
Oakland Athletics83885Over
Philadelphia Phillies83885Over
Pittsburgh Pirates7367-6Under
San Diego Padres85.582-3.5Under
San Francisco Giants82.575-7.5Under
Seattle Mariners7669-7Under
St Louis Cardinals92.51007.5Over
Tampa Bay Devil Rays7067-3Under
Texas Rangers81.579-2.5Under
Toronto Blue Jays708010Over
Washington Nationals69.58111.5Over


Team2004 Projected2004 Actual+/- WinsResult
Anaheim Angels91921Over
Arizona Diamondbacks82.551-31.5Under
Atlanta Braves85.59610.5Over
Baltimore Orioles8278-4Under
Boston Red Sox96.5981.5Over
Chicago Cubs9289-3Under
Chicago White Sox82.5830.5Over
Cincinnati Reds72.5763.5Over
Cleveland Indians74.5805.5Over
Colorado Rockies73.568-5.5Under
Detroit Tigers67725Over
Florida Marlins80833Over
Houston Astros90.5921.5Over
Kansas City Royals8058-22Under
Los Angeles Dodgers839310Over
Milwaukee Brewers66.5670.5Over
Minnesota Twins85.5926.5Over
Montreal Expos73.567-6.5Under
New York Mets81.571-10.5Under
New York Yankees99.51011.5Over
Oakland Athletics89912Over
Philadelphia Phillies9286-6Under
Pittsburgh Pirates66.5725.5Over
San Diego Padres85872Over
San Francisco Giants83.5917.5Over
Seattle Mariners88.563-25.5Under
St Louis Cardinals84.510520.5Over
Tampa Bay Devil Rays69.5700.5Over
Texas Rangers71.58917.5Over
Toronto Blue Jays82.567-15.5Under

Baseball Projections: Regular Season Averages & Over/Under Wins

Taking all of the data we have since 2004, we can then look at the averages for each team and try to see which teams out-perform or under-perform their predicted records each year. This could also give us some insights into which teams the public over/under values as win totals are based heavily on public perception.

We have also included how many times these teams have gone over or under their win projections, as well as how many times they landed right on their posted number.

From the data we have, the Seattle Mariners and Arizona Diamondbacks tend to have the most optimistic projected records on average, while the St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers appear to be often under-valued before the season starts.

TeamAverage Win TotalAverage WinsAverage +/- WinsOversUndersPushes
Arizona Diamondbacks80.076.6-3.5680
Atlanta Braves82.983.10.21040
Baltimore Orioles77.176.9-0.2590
Boston Red Sox91.188.9-2.1770
Chicago Cubs84.181.2-2.94100
Chicago White Sox81.080.1-0.9680
Cincinnati Reds79.077.6-1.54100
Cleveland Indians82.183.11.0860
Colorado Rockies76.075.5-0.5680
Detroit Tigers84.182.6-1.5851
Houston Astros76.176.80.6860
Kansas City Royals75.073.3-1.8680
Los Angeles Angels87.588.40.9950
Los Angeles Dodgers86.988.11.2860
Miami Marlins76.976.6-0.2590
Milwaukee Brewers78.379.61.3860
Minnesota Twins78.179.41.2770
New York Mets83.680.6-3.0491
New York Yankees92.192.60.5761
Oakland Athletics80.881.60.9860
Philadelphia Phillies83.683.4-0.2950
Pittsburgh Pirates75.474.6-0.8680
San Diego Padres77.477.60.2860
San Francisco Giants83.781.7-2.0680
Seattle Mariners79.474.6-4.8680
St Louis Cardinals86.390.23.9860
Tampa Bay Rays78.979.91.0860
Texas Rangers82.084.82.8950
Toronto Blue Jays81.780.9-0.9860
Washington Nationals79.579.60.1770

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List of MLB Teams with 100 Wins or More in a Season

Below you’ll find a complete list of 100+ win franchises by season, along with their managers and how they finished their year.

2017Houston Astros101AJ HinchWon 2017 World Series
2017Los Angeles Dodgers104Dave RobertsLost 2017 World Series
2017Cleveland Indians102Terry FranconaLost 2017 ALDS
2016Chicago Cubs103Joe MaddonWon 2016 World Series
2015St. Louis Cardinals100Mike MathenyLost 2015 NLDS
2011Philadelphia Phillies102Charlie ManuelLost 2011 NLDS
2009New York Yankees103Joe GirardiWon 2009 World Series
2008Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim100Mike ScosciaLost 2008 ALDS
2005St. Louis Cardinals100Tony LaRussaLost 2005 NLCS
2004St. Louis Cardinals105Tony LaRussaLost 2004 World Series
2004New York Yankees101Joe TorreLost 2004 ALCS
2003New York Yankees101Joe TorreLost 2003 World Series
2003Atlanta Braves101Bobby CoxLost 2003 NLDS
2003San Francisco Giants100Felipe AlouLost 2003 NLDS
2002New York Yankees103Joe TorreLost 2002 ALDS
2002Oakland Athletics103Art HoweLost 2002 ALDS
2002Atlanta Braves101Bobby CoxLost 2002 NLDS
2001Seattle Mariners116Lou PiniellaLost 2001 ALCS
2001Oakland Athletics102Art HoweLost 2001 ALDS
1999Atlanta Braves103Bobby CoxLost 1999 World Series
1999Arizona Diamondbacks100Buck ShowalterLost 1999 NLDS
1998New York Yankees114Joe TorreWon 1998 World Series
1998Atlanta Braves106Bobby CoxLost 1998 NLCS
1998Houston Astros102Larry DierkerLost 1998 NLDS
1997Atlanta Braves101Bobby CoxLost 1997 NLCS
1995Cleveland Indians100Mike HargroveLost 1995 World Series
1993Atlanta Braves104Bobby CoxLost 1993 NLCS
1993San Francisco Giants103Dusty BakerFinished 2nd in NL West
1990Oakland Athletics103Tony La RussaLost 1990 World Series
1988Oakland Athletics104Tony La RussaLost 1988 World Series
1988New York Mets100Davey JohnsonLost 1988 NLCS
1986New York Mets108Davey JohnsonWon 1986 World Series
1985St. Louis Cardinals101Whitey HerzogLost 1985 World Series
1984Detroit Tigers104Sparky AndersonWon 1984 World Series
1980New York Yankees103Dick HowserLost 1980 ALCS
1980Baltimore Orioles100Earl WeaverFinished 2nd in AL East
1979Baltimore Orioles102Earl WeaverLost 1979 World Series
1978New York Yankees100Billy Martin, Dick Howser, & Bob LemonWon 1978 World Series
1977Kansas City Royals102Whitey HerzogLost 1977 ALCS
1977Philadelphia Phillies101Danny OzarkLost 1977 NLCS
1977New York Yankees100Billy MartinWon 1977 World Series
1976Cincinnati Reds102Sparky AndersonWon 1976 World Series
1976Philadelphia Phillies101Danny OzarkLost 1976 NLCS
1975Cincinnati Reds108Sparky AndersonWon 1975 World Series
1974Los Angeles Dodgers102Walter AlstonLost 1974 World Series
1971Baltimore Orioles101Earl WeaverLost 1971 World Series
1971Oakland Athletics101Dick WilliamsLost 1971 ALCS
1970Baltimore Orioles108Earl WeaverWon 1970 World Series
1970Cincinnati Reds102Sparky AndersonLost 1970 World Series
1969Baltimore Orioles109Earl WeaverLost 1969 World Series
1969New York Mets100Gil HodgesWon 1969 World Series
1968Detroit Tigers103Mayo SmithWon 1968 World Series
1967St. Louis Cardinals101Red SchoendienstWon 1967 World Series
1965Minnesota Twins102Sam MeleLost 1965 World Series
1963New York Yankees104Ralph HoukLost 1963 World Series
1962San Francisco Giants103Al DarkLost 1962 World Series
1962Los Angeles Dodgers102Walter AlstonFinished 2nd in NL
1961New York Yankees109Ralph HoukWon 1961 World Series
1961Detroit Tigers101Bob ScheffingFinished 2nd in AL
1954Cleveland Indians111Al LopezLost 1954 World Series
1954New York Yankees103Casey StengelFinished 2nd in AL
1953Brooklyn Dodgers105Chuck DressenLost 1953 World Series
1946Boston Red Sox104Joe CroninLost 1946 World Series
1944St. Louis Cardinals105Billy SouthworthWon 1944 World Series
1943St. Louis Cardinals105Billy SouthworthLost 1943 World Series
1942St. Louis Cardinals106Billy SouthworthWon 1942 World Series
1942Brooklyn Dodgers104Leo DurocherFinished 2nd in NL
1942New York Yankees103Joe McCarthyLost 1942 World Series
1941New York Yankees101Joe McCarthyWon 1941 World Series
1941Brooklyn Dodgers100Leo DurocherLost 1941 World Series
1940Cincinnati Reds100Bill McKechnieWon 1940 World Series
1939New York Yankees106Joe McCarthyWon 1939 World Series
1937New York Yankees102Joe McCarthyWon 1937 World Series
1936New York Yankees102Joe McCarthyWon 1936 World Series
1935Chicago Cubs100Charlie GrimmLost 1935 World Series
1934Detroit Tigers101Mickey CochraneLost 1934 World Series
1932New York Yankees107Joe McCarthyWon 1932 World Series
1931Philadelphia Athletics107Connie MackLost 1931 World Series
1931St. Louis Cardinals101Gabby StreetWon 1931 World Series
1930Philadelphia Athletics102Connie MackWon 1930 World Series
1929Philadelphia Athletics104Connie MackWon 1929 World Series
1928New York Yankees101Miller HugginsWon 1928 World Series
1927New York Yankees110Miller HugginsWon 1927 World Series
1917Chicago White Sox100Pants RowlandWon 1917 World Series
1915Boston Red Sox101Bill CarriganWon 1915 World Series
1915Detroit Tigers100Hughie JenningsFinished 2nd in AL
1913New York Giants101John McGrawLost 1913 World Series
1912Boston Red Sox105Jake StahlWon 1912 World Series
1912New York Giants103John McGrawLost 1912 World Series
1911Philadelphia Athletics101Connie MackWon 1911 World Series
1910Chicago Cubs104Frank ChanceLost 1910 World Series
1910Philadelphia Athletics102Connie MackWon 1910 World Series
1909Pittsburgh Pirates110Fred ClarkeWon 1909 World Series
1909Chicago Cubs104Frank ChanceFinished 2nd in NL
1907Chicago Cubs107Frank ChanceWon 1907 World Series
1906Chicago Cubs116Frank ChanceLost 1906 World Series
1905New York Giants105John McGrawWon 1905 World Series
1904New York Giants106John McGrawWon National League
1902Pittsburgh Pirates103Fred ClarkeWon National League
1899Brooklyn Superbas101Ned HanlonWon National League
1898Boston Beaneaters102Frank SeleeWon National League
1892Boston Beaneaters102Frank SeleeWon National League