World Series Odds

Each MLB season we take a detailed look at the Las Vegas odds to win the World Series. We don’t waste any time after the previous season is in the books.

We continue to update this page with the latest odds. Each time we update, we make a checkpoint to reference how the odds have changed. You will also see a probability percentage for each to win the title based on their current odds. There is also a search feature you can use to look only at a specific team.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the money line odds format is used on this page. Basically, if the number is a positive one then if you bet $100 that is how much you would win. If the number is negative you need to bet that number to cash $100.

For example, if the odds are +160 then a $100 bet would win you $160. If the odds are -120 a $120 bet is needed to cash $100.

When is the 2020 World Series & What Dates are Games on?

All start times yet to be announced.  All games will be broadcast exclusively on FOX.  *Games 5-7 if necessary.

Game 1 – Tuesday, October 20th
Game 2 – Wednesday, October 21st
Game 3 – Friday, October 23rd
Game 4 – Saturday, October 24th
*Game 5 – Sunday, October 25th
*Game 6 – Tuesday, October 27th
*Game 7 – Wednesday, October 28th

Vegas Betting Futures Favorites & Predictions

In just a couple of weeks MLB teams will start having pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training and before you know it the 2020 regular-season will be here. For those wondering, Opening Day is set for March 26 (all 30 teams will play).

Unfortunately the MLB offseason has really been uneventful over the past few years. At least in terms of big trades and free agent signings. There’s certainly been plenty of attention paid to baseball over the winter months with all the sign stealing drama that’s unfolded.

Right now the players involved are not being punished, but if that were to change that would really stir up the pot for the upcoming season.

As of now, the overwhelming favorite to win the World Series is the Yankees, who are sitting at +325. The next best odds belong to the Dodgers at +600. You then have the Astros at +700 and the Braves at +1000.

The next tier of teams begins with the defending champs, as the Nationals sit at +1400. Next up it’s the Twins at +1600, Cardinals/Mets at +1800 and Phillies at +2000.

We then find the Red Sox at +2200, followed by the Indians/Cubs/Rays/Reds at +2500, the A’s/White Sox at +2800 and the Brewers/Angels at +3000.

The only other teams with odds 100 to 1 or better are the Padres at +4000, Diamondbacks at +5000 and Rangers/Blue Jays at +6600.

Postseason Odds:  Probabilities to Win 2019 World Series, NL & AL Pennant, & Division Titles

Teams Favored to Win the World Series

TeamCurrent OddsImplied Probability
Los Angeles Dodgers+40020.00%
New York Yankees+60014.29%
San Diego Padres+60014.29%
Atlanta Braves+10009.09%
Chicago White Sox+10009.09%
New York Mets+14006.67%
Tampa Bay Rays+18005.26%
Oakland Athletics+20004.76%
Minnesota Twins+20004.76%
Houston Astros+20004.76%
Cleveland Indians+28003.45%
Toronto Blue Jays+28003.45%
Cincinnati Reds+30003.23%
Chicago Cubs+33002.94%
Washington Nationals+35002.78%
Los Angeles Angels+35002.78%
St. Louis Cardinals+45002.17%
Boston Red Sox+50001.96%
Philadelphia Phillies+50001.96%
Miami Marlins+50001.96%
Milwaukee Brewers+55001.79%
Arizona Diamondbacks+75001.32%
San Francisco Giants+80001.23%
Colorado Rockies+85001.16%
Baltimore Orioles+90001.10%
Texas Rangers+100000.99%
Seattle Mariners+100000.99%
Kansas City Royals+100000.99%
Detroit Tigers+100000.99%
Pittsburgh Pirates+150000.66%
Los Angeles Dodgers+325+375
New York Yankees+325+350
Houston Astros+750+700
Atlanta Braves+1500+1400
Minnesota Twins+1800+2000
Washington Nationals+1800+1400
New York Mets+2000+2000
Chicago Cubs+2200+2500
Oakland Athletics+2200+3000
St. Louis Cardinals+2200+2000
Tampa Bay Rays+2200+2200
Chicago White Sox+2400+2500
Cleveland Indians+2400+2800
Los Angeles Angels+2400+2500
Cincinnati Reds+2500+2500
Philadelphia Phillies+3300+2000
San Diego Padres+4000+4000
Boston Red Sox+5000+3000
Milwaukee Brewers+5000+2800
Arizona Diamondbacks+6000+5000
Texas Rangers+8000+8000
Toronto Blue Jays+8000+9000
San Francisco Giants+15000+20000
Colorado Rockies+17500+15000
Kansas City Royals+20000+150000
Pittsburgh Pirates+30000+25000
Seattle Mariners+30000+30000
Baltimore Orioles+40000+150000
Detroit Tigers+40000+150000
Miami Marlins+50000+150000

More Baseball Futures Betting

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Our baseball lines feed will have the latest money lines, run lines, and totals for every game in the playoffs.

Previous MLB World Series Winners Odds History

YearTeamPreseasonOpening DayAll Star BreakPlayoffs
2019Washington Nationals+2000+2000+2500+1500
2018Boston Red Sox+1100+900+550+295
2017Houston Astros+1600+800+425+450
2016Chicago Cubs+650+500+350+180
2015Kansas City Royals+2000+3300+900+550
2014San Francisco Giants+2500+2500+1400+1400
2013Boston Red Sox+2800+2800+850+350
2012San Francisco Giants+2000+2000+1400+750
2011St. Louis Cardinals+2500+2500+2000+1400
2010San Francisco Giants+2500+2500+3300+1000
2009New York Yankees+300+300+400+200
2008Philadelphia Phillies+2000
2007Boston Red Sox+900
2006St. Louis Cardinals+700
2005Chicago White Sox+2200