World Series Odds

Here are the current Las Vegas World Series odds for every team.  The list goes from the heavy favorites (most likely to win) down to the biggest long shots.

A lot has changed since then, as the Winter Meetings have come and gone. We have seen a number of big moves take place and intriguing free agent signings. It’s just the beginning, as there’s a lot of trade rumors and big time players still on the market.

The Cubs remain the overwhelming favorites in 2017. Chicago is currently sitting at +400. There was a sizable gap the first time we looked at the odds. Boston was the second best team at +900. The Red Sox are still next in line, but are now listed at +500. The main reason behind the jump is the trade that landed them ace Chris Sale. Giving them a potent 1-2-3 punch in Sale, David Price and reigning AL Cy Young winner Rick Porcello.

Another team that saw their odds improve is last year’s runner-up in the Indians. Cleveland was at +1400 following their loss to the Cubs in the World Series. They are now at +800, thanks to the signing of free agent slugger Edwin Encarnacion.

Also in the mix of seeing their odds improve is the Nationals. Washington went from +1200 down to +850. Their big move came in the trade for center fielder Adam Eaton.

It might seem like the season just ended, but we are closer than you might think to the start of a new campaign. Pitchers and catchers are set to report for most teams in just a little over a month (around Feb. 12-14).

I’ll continue to update the World Series odds for all teams as we approach the new season. I’ll be sure to add both AL and NL Pennant odds, as well as division odds when they become available.

Current Odds on the World Series Champs

Red Sox+50016.67%+900
Blue Jays+25003.85%+1400
White Sox+66001.49%+4000

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the money line odds format is used on this page.  Basically if the number is a positive one then if you bet $100 that is how much you would win.  If the number is negative you need to bet that number to cash $100.

For example if the odds are +160 then a $100 bet would win you $160.  If the odds are -120 a $120 bet is needed to cash $100.

Going forward we are going to leave archived lines up for you to use to compare to the current numbers.  The key dates we will be saving are right after the current World Championship Series, after the free agent signings, start of Spring Training, prior to the start of the season, the All-Star Break, trade deadline, and then prior to each playoff series.

Other Baseball Futures & Odds

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Our baseball lines feed will have the latest money lines, run lines, and totals for every game in the playoffs.

Previous MLB World Series Winners

YearTeamPreseasonOpening DayAll Star BreakPlayoffs
2016Chicago Cubs+650+500+350+180
2015Kansas City Royals+2000+3300+900+550
2014San Francisco Giants+2500+2500+1400+1400
2013Boston Red Sox+2800+2800+850+350
2012San Francisco Giants+2000+2000+1400+750
2011St. Louis Cardinals+2500+2500+2000+1400
2010San Francisco Giants+2500+2500+3300+1000
2009New York Yankees+300+300+400+200
2008Philadelphia Phillies+2000
2007Boston Red Sox+900
2006St. Louis Cardinals+700
2005Chicago White Sox+2200