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One of the most popular types of wagers when it comes to NFL futures are win totals.  The 2023 season is fast approaching and the sports book have started to release their over/unders for each team.  You can use this information in a variety of ways, even if you don’t want to make an actual bet on any of them.

The projections are a pretty good tool to see how each division is expected to play out and how closely bunched together the teams are supposed to be.  You can also use this information when looking at the point spreads of head-to-head matchups.

There is a lot of shading that goes into these numbers.  The juice can really get raised for the over or the under on a team. I’ve kept it simple below and just displayed the win total, but a team might be listed at 6.5 with a 55% chance of going over and 45% chance of going under, but the whole numbers are the closest to a 50/50 proposition I could find.

2023 NFL Over/Under Vegas Win Total Numbers For All 32 Teams


Buffalo Bills10½
New York Jets9½
Miami Dolphins9½
New England Patriots6½


Kansas City Chiefs11½
Los Angeles Chargers9½
Denver Broncos8½
Las Vegas Raiders6½


Baltimore Ravens10½
Cincinnati Bengals10½
Cleveland Browns9½
Pittsburgh Steelers8½


Jacksonville Jaguars9½
Tennessee Titans7½
Indianapolis Colts6½
Houston Texans6½


Philadelphia Eagles11½
Dallas Cowboys10½
New York Giants7½
Wash. Commanders6½


San Francisco 49ers10½
Seattle Seahawks9½
Los Angeles Rams6½
Arizona Cardinals4½


Detroit Lions9½
Minnesota Vikings8½
Green Bay Packers7½
Chicago Bears7½


New Orleans Saints9½
Atlanta Falcons8½
Carolina Panthers7½
Tampa Bay Buccaneers6½

Expected Wins vs 2022 Actual Wins

We can use these numbers to see how much each team is expected to improve or regress in 2023.  The column titled “+/- Expected” is the difference between each team’s wins last season and how many they are projected to have this year.

TeamLast Season2023 Projection+/- Expected
Arizona Cardinals44.50.5
Atlanta Falcons78.51.5
Baltimore Ravens1010.5-0.5
Buffalo Bills1310.5-2.5
Carolina Panthers77.50.5
Chicago Bears37.54.5
Cincinnati Bengals1210.51.5
Cleveland Browns79.52.5
Dallas Cowboys1210.5-1.5
Denver Broncos58.53.5
Detroit Lions99.50.5
Green Bay Packers87.5-0.5
Houston Texans36.53.5
Indianapolis Colts46.52.5
Jacksonville Jaguars99.50.5
Kansas City Chiefs1411.5-2.5
Las Vegas Raiders66.50.5
Los Angeles Chargers109.5-0.5
Los Angeles Rams56.51.5
Miami Dolphins99.50.5
Minnesota Vikings138.5-4.5
New England Patriots86.5-1.5
New Orleans Saints79.52.5
New York Giants97,5-1.5
New York Jets79.52.5
Philadelphia Eagles1411.5-2.5
Pittsburgh Steelers98.5-0.5
San Francisco 49ers1310.5-2.5
Seattle Seahawks99.50.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers86.5-1.5
Tennessee Titans77.50.5
Washington Commanders86.5-1.5

NFL Projection Averages & Over/Under Results

Below you will find the average projected wins and actual wins for every team since 1990.  This shows which teams have over or under performed against expectations throughout the last several years of their franchise. Stats for each team name for the current season are for that franchise. For example, the Los Angeles Rams includes data from when the team was the St. Louis Rams. The seasons included in the totals can be different for many reasons. Most commonly, you’ll see teams like the Panthers, Jags, and Texans, who were expansion teams. In other cases, there may not have been a win total posted for a team in a particular season. This could be because of uncertainty around key players with injuries or other factors.

Oddsmakers can be off on teams season to season, no doubt about it. With that being said, they have been incredibly accurate looking over the last 30+ years. The average NFL team wins just under 8 games per season and the average win total posted is just over 8. On average, teams under-shoot their win total by about half a win (-0.60 wins).

Since 1990 we can see that the Rams have been the most overrated preseason team in the league, missing their win total by 1.36 wins on average. Meanwhile, the Steelers have been the team that most consistently exceeds expectations, winning 0.86 more games than their posted win total on average.

TeamSeasonsAvg Win TotalAvg WinsAvg Difference
Arizona Cardinals337.16.6-0.50
Atlanta Falcons337.37.6+0.32
Baltimore Ravens269.09.0+0.04
Buffalo Bills338.08.3+0.32
Carolina Panthers277.27.6+0.33
Chicago Bears338.17.5-0.58
Cincinnati Bengals337.56.9-0.59
Cleveland Browns306.75.8-1.07
Dallas Cowboys338.38.8+0.58
Denver Broncos338.99.0+0.09
Detroit Lions337.06.3-0.70
Green Bay Packers339.49.9+0.45
Houston Texans217.56.8-0.68
Indianapolis Colts338.78.3-0.37
Jacksonville Jaguars277.26.5-0.72
Kansas City Chiefs338.59.3+0.79
Las Vegas Raiders338.07.0-0.95
Los Angeles Chargers337.87.9+0.03
Los Angeles Rams338.26.9-1.36
Miami Dolphins338.18.2+0.11
Minnesota Vikings338.48.7+0.35
New England Patriots339.29.9+0.71
New Orleans Saints338.48.7+0.33
New York Giants338.58.0-0.52
New York Jets337.26.7-0.44
Philadelphia Eagles339.29.2-0.06
Pittsburgh Steelers339.210.0+0.86
San Francisco 49ers339.29.1-0.11
Seattle Seahawks338.48.40.00
Tampa Bay Buccaneers337.67.0-0.64
Tennessee Titans338.18.3+0.24
Washington Commanders337.97.1-0.85

Archived NFL Win Total Results

The tables that follow detail the projections and actual results for every NFL team by season.  Each table shows the number of expected wins versus the actual wins earned and the difference, plus their win total result.

Team2022 Win Total2022 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals9.54-5.5
Atlanta Falcons4.57+2.5
Baltimore Ravens9.510+0.5
Buffalo Bills11.513+1.5
Carolina Panthers5.57+1.5
Chicago Bears6.53-3.5
Cincinnati Bengals9.512+2.5
Cleveland BrownsN/A7N/A
Dallas Cowboys10.512+1.5
Denver Broncos10.55-5.5
Detroit Lions6.59+2.5
Green Bay Packers10.58-2.5
Houston Texans4.53-1.5
Indianapolis Colts9.54-5.5
Jacksonville Jaguars6.59+2.5
Kansas City Chiefs10.514+3.5
Las Vegas Raiders8.56-2.5
Los Angeles Chargers10.510-0.5
Los Angeles Rams10.55-5.5
Miami Dolphins8.59+0.5
Minnesota Vikings8.513+4.5
New England Patriots8.59+0.5
New Orleans Saints8.57-1.5
New York Giants7.58+0.5
New York Jets5.57+1.5
Philadelphia Eagles9.514+4.5
Pittsburgh Steelers7.59+1.5
San Francisco 49ers9.513+3.5
Seattle Seahawks5.59+3.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers11.58-3.5
Tennessee Titans9.57-2.5
Washington Commanders8.58-0.5
Team2021 Win Total2021 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals8.511+2.5
Atlanta Falcons7.57-0.5
Baltimore Ravens10.58-2.5
Buffalo Bills11.511-0.5
Carolina Panthers7.55-2.5
Chicago Bears7.56-1.5
Cincinnati Bengals6.510+3.5
Cleveland Browns10.58-2.5
Dallas Cowboys912+3
Denver Broncos97-2.0
Detroit Lions4.53-1.5
Green Bay Packers10.513+2.5
Houston Texans440.0
Indianapolis Colts990.0
Jacksonville Jaguars6.53-3.5
Kansas City Chiefs12.512-0.5
Las Vegas Raiders7.510+2.5
Los Angeles Chargers9.59-0.5
Los Angeles Rams10.512+1.5
Miami Dolphins990.0
Minnesota Vikings98-1.0
New England Patriots9.510+0.5
New Orleans Saints990.0
New York Giants74-3.0
New York Jets64-2.0
Philadelphia Eagles6.59+2.5
Pittsburgh Steelers8.59+0.5
San Francisco 49ers10.510-0.5
Seattle Seahawks9.57-2.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1213+1
Tennessee Titans9.512+2.5
Washington Commanders8.57-1.5
Team2020 Win Total2020 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals7.58+0.5
Atlanta Falcons7.54-3.5
Baltimore Ravens11.511-0.5
Buffalo Bills913+4
Carolina Panthers5.55-0.5
Chicago Bears880.0
Cincinnati Bengals5.54-1.5
Cleveland Browns8.511+2.5
Dallas Cowboys106-4.0
Denver Broncos7.55-2.5
Detroit Lions75-2.0
Green Bay Packers8.513+4.5
Houston Texans7.54-3.5
Indianapolis Colts9.511+1.5
Jacksonville Jaguars4.51-3.5
Kansas City Chiefs11.514+2.5
Las Vegas Raiders7.58+0.5
Los Angeles Chargers87-1.0
Los Angeles Rams8.510+1.5
Miami Dolphins610+4
Minnesota Vikings97-2.0
New England Patriots97-2.0
New Orleans Saints10.512+1.5
New York Giants6.56-0.5
New York Jets6.52-4.5
Philadelphia Eagles9.54-5.5
Pittsburgh Steelers9.512+2.5
San Francisco 49ers10.56-4.5
Seattle Seahawks9.512+2.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers9.511+1.5
Tennessee Titans8.511+2.5
Washington Commanders57+2
Team2019 Win Total2019 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals550.0
Atlanta Falcons8.57-1.5
Baltimore Ravens8.514+5.5
Buffalo Bills710+3
Carolina Panthers85-3.0
Chicago Bears98-1.0
Cincinnati Bengals62-4.0
Cleveland Browns96-3.0
Dallas Cowboys98-1.0
Denver Broncos770.0
Detroit Lions6.53-3.5
Green Bay Packers913+4
Houston Texans8.510+1.5
Indianapolis Colts7.57-0.5
Jacksonville Jaguars86-2.0
Kansas City Chiefs10.512+1.5
Las Vegas Raiders67+1
Los Angeles Chargers105-5.0
Los Angeles Rams10.59-1.5
Miami Dolphins4.55+0.5
Minnesota Vikings910+1
New England Patriots11.512+0.5
New Orleans Saints10.513+2.5
New York Giants64-2.0
New York Jets7.57-0.5
Philadelphia Eagles109-1.0
Pittsburgh Steelers9.58-1.5
San Francisco 49ers813+5
Seattle Seahawks911+2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers6.57+0.5
Tennessee Titans89+1
Washington Commanders63-3.0
Team2018 Win Total2018 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals63-3.0
Atlanta Falcons9.57-2.5
Baltimore Ravens8.510+1.5
Buffalo Bills5.56+0.5
Carolina Panthers8.57-1.5
Chicago Bears7.512+4.5
Cincinnati Bengals76-1.0
Cleveland Browns67+1
Dallas Cowboys8.510+1.5
Denver Broncos76-1.0
Detroit Lions7.56-1.5
Green Bay Packers106-4.0
Houston Texans8.511+2.5
Indianapolis Colts7.510+2.5
Jacksonville Jaguars95-4.0
Kansas City Chiefs8.512+3.5
Las Vegas Raiders7.54-3.5
Los Angeles Chargers9.512+2.5
Los Angeles Rams1013+3
Miami Dolphins6.57+0.5
Minnesota Vikings108-2.0
New England Patriots11110.0
New Orleans Saints9.513+3.5
New York Giants75-2.0
New York Jets64-2.0
Philadelphia Eagles10.59-1.5
Pittsburgh Steelers10.59-1.5
San Francisco 49ers8.54-4.5
Seattle Seahawks7.510+2.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers6.55-1.5
Tennessee Titans89+1
Washington Commanders770.0
Team2017 Win Total2017 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals8.58-0.5
Atlanta Falcons9.510+0.5
Baltimore Ravens8.59+0.5
Buffalo Bills6.59+2.5
Carolina Panthers911+2
Chicago Bears5.55-0.5
Cincinnati Bengals8.57-1.5
Cleveland Browns4.50-4.5
Dallas Cowboys9.59-0.5
Denver Broncos85-3.0
Detroit Lions7.59+1.5
Green Bay Packers10.57-3.5
Houston Texans8.54-4.5
Indianapolis Colts84-4.0
Jacksonville Jaguars6.510+3.5
Kansas City Chiefs910+1
Las Vegas Raiders9.56-3.5
Los Angeles Chargers7.59+1.5
Los Angeles Rams611+5
Miami Dolphins76-1.0
Minnesota Vikings8.513+4.5
New England Patriots12.513+0.5
New Orleans Saints811+3
New York Giants93-6.0
New York Jets3.55+1.5
Philadelphia Eagles8.513+4.5
Pittsburgh Steelers10.513+2.5
San Francisco 49ers56+1
Seattle Seahawks10.59-1.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers8.55-3.5
Tennessee Titans990.0
Washington Commanders7.57-0.5
Team2016 Win Total2016 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals107-3.0
Atlanta Falcons711+4
Baltimore Ravens8.58-0.5
Buffalo Bills87-1.0
Carolina Panthers10.56-4.5
Chicago Bears7.53-4.5
Cincinnati Bengals9.56-3.5
Cleveland Browns4.51-3.5
Dallas Cowboys8.513+4.5
Denver Broncos9.59-0.5
Detroit Lions79+2
Green Bay Packers10.510-0.5
Houston Texans8.59+0.5
Indianapolis Colts98-1.0
Jacksonville Jaguars7.53-4.5
Kansas City Chiefs9.512+2.5
Las Vegas Raiders8.512+3.5
Los Angeles Chargers75-2.0
Los Angeles Rams7.54-3.5
Miami Dolphins710+3
Minnesota Vikings8.58-0.5
New England Patriots10.514+3.5
New Orleans Saints770.0
New York Giants8.511+2.5
New York Jets85-3.0
Philadelphia Eagles6.57+0.5
Pittsburgh Steelers10.511+0.5
San Francisco 49ers5.52-3.5
Seattle Seahawks10.510-0.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers79+2
Tennessee Titans69+3
Washington Commanders7.58+0.5
Team2015 Win Total2015 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals8.513+4.5
Atlanta Falcons8.58-0.5
Baltimore Ravens95-4.0
Buffalo Bills8.58-0.5
Carolina Panthers8.515+6.5
Chicago Bears6.56-0.5
Cincinnati Bengals8.512+3.5
Cleveland Browns6.53-3.5
Dallas Cowboys9.54-5.5
Denver Broncos1012+2
Detroit Lions8.57-1.5
Green Bay Packers1110-1.0
Houston Texans8.59+0.5
Indianapolis Colts10.58-2.5
Jacksonville Jaguars5.55-0.5
Kansas City Chiefs8.511+2.5
Las Vegas Raiders5.57+1.5
Los Angeles Chargers84-4.0
Los Angeles Rams7.57-0.5
Miami Dolphins96-3.0
Minnesota Vikings811+3
New England Patriots10.512+1.5
New Orleans Saints8.57-1.5
New York Giants86-2.0
New York Jets7.510+2.5
Philadelphia Eagles107-3.0
Pittsburgh Steelers8.510+1.5
San Francisco 49ers6.55-1.5
Seattle Seahawks1110-1.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers660.0
Tennessee Titans5.53-2.5
Washington Commanders69+3
Team2014 Win Total2014 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals7.511+3.5
Atlanta Falcons8.56-2.5
Baltimore Ravens8.510+1.5
Buffalo Bills6.59+2.5
Carolina Panthers87-1.0
Chicago Bears8.55-3.5
Cincinnati Bengals910+1
Cleveland Browns6.57+0.5
Dallas Cowboys812+4
Denver Broncos11.512+0.5
Detroit Lions8.511+2.5
Green Bay Packers10.512+1.5
Houston Texans7.59+1.5
Indianapolis Colts9.511+1.5
Jacksonville Jaguars53-2.0
Kansas City Chiefs89+1
Las Vegas Raiders53-2.0
Los Angeles Chargers89+1
Los Angeles Rams76-1.0
Miami Dolphins880.0
Minnesota Vikings67+1
New England Patriots10.512+1.5
New Orleans Saints107-3.0
New York Giants86-2.0
New York Jets74-3.0
Philadelphia Eagles910+1
Pittsburgh Steelers8.511+2.5
San Francisco 49ers10.58-2.5
Seattle Seahawks1112+1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers72-5.0
Tennessee Titans72-5.0
Washington Commanders7.54-3.5
Team2013 Win Total2013 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals5.510+4.5
Atlanta Falcons104-6.0
Baltimore Ravens8.58-0.5
Buffalo Bills6.56-0.5
Carolina Panthers712+5
Chicago Bears8.58-0.5
Cincinnati Bengals8.511+2.5
Cleveland Browns64-2.0
Dallas Cowboys8.58-0.5
Denver Broncos11.513+1.5
Detroit Lions87-1.0
Green Bay Packers10.58-2.5
Houston Texans102-8.0
Indianapolis Colts8.511+2.5
Jacksonville Jaguars54-1.0
Kansas City Chiefs7.511+3.5
Las Vegas Raiders5.54-1.5
Los Angeles Chargers7.59+1.5
Los Angeles Rams7.57-0.5
Miami Dolphins880.0
Minnesota Vikings7.55-2.5
New England Patriots1112+1
New Orleans Saints9.511+1.5
New York Giants97-2.0
New York Jets6.58+1.5
Philadelphia Eagles7.510+2.5
Pittsburgh Steelers98-1.0
San Francisco 49ers11.512+0.5
Seattle Seahawks10.513+2.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers7.54-3.5
Tennessee Titans6.57+0.5
Washington Commanders83-5.0
Team2012 Win Total2012 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals75-2.0
Atlanta Falcons913+4
Baltimore Ravens10100.0
Buffalo Bills86-2.0
Carolina Panthers7.57-0.5
Chicago Bears9.510+0.5
Cincinnati Bengals810+2
Cleveland Browns5.55-0.5
Dallas Cowboys8.58-0.5
Denver Broncos8.513+4.5
Detroit Lions94-5.0
Green Bay Packers1211-1.0
Houston Texans1012+2
Indianapolis Colts5.511+5.5
Jacksonville Jaguars5.52-3.5
Kansas City Chiefs82-6.0
Las Vegas Raiders74-3.0
Los Angeles Chargers97-2.0
Los Angeles Rams67+1
Miami Dolphins770.0
Minnesota Vikings610+4
New England Patriots12120.0
New Orleans Saints9.57-2.5
New York Giants990.0
New York Jets8.56-2.5
Philadelphia Eagles104-6.0
Pittsburgh Steelers108-2.0
San Francisco 49ers1011+1
Seattle Seahawks7.511+3.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers67+1
Tennessee Titans76-1.0
Washington Commanders6.510+3.5
Team2011 Win Total2011 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals78+1
Atlanta Falcons10100.0
Baltimore Ravens10.512+1.5
Buffalo Bills5.56+0.5
Carolina Panthers4.56+1.5
Chicago Bears8.58-0.5
Cincinnati Bengals5.59+3.5
Cleveland Browns6.54-2.5
Dallas Cowboys98-1.0
Denver Broncos68+2
Detroit Lions810+2
Green Bay Packers11.515+3.5
Houston Texans910+1
Indianapolis Colts220.0
Jacksonville Jaguars6.55-1.5
Kansas City Chiefs7.57-0.5
Las Vegas Raiders6.58+1.5
Los Angeles Chargers118-3.0
Los Angeles Rams7.52-5.5
Miami Dolphins7.56-1.5
Minnesota Vikings73-4.0
New England Patriots11.513+1.5
New Orleans Saints1013+3
New York Giants9.59-0.5
New York Jets108-2.0
Philadelphia Eagles10.58-2.5
Pittsburgh Steelers10.512+1.5
San Francisco 49ers7.513+5.5
Seattle Seahawks67+1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers84-4.0
Tennessee Titans6.59+2.5
Washington Commanders65-1.0
Team2010 Win Total2010 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals7.55-2.5
Atlanta Falcons9.513+3.5
Baltimore Ravens1012+2
Buffalo Bills54-1.0
Carolina Panthers72-5.0
Chicago Bears811+3
Cincinnati Bengals84-4.0
Cleveland Browns5.55-0.5
Dallas Cowboys106-4.0
Denver Broncos74-3.0
Detroit Lions56+1
Green Bay Packers9.510+0.5
Houston Texans8.56-2.5
Indianapolis Colts10.510-0.5
Jacksonville Jaguars78+1
Kansas City Chiefs6.510+3.5
Las Vegas Raiders68+2
Los Angeles Chargers10.59-1.5
Los Angeles Rams4.57+2.5
Miami Dolphins8.57-1.5
Minnesota Vikings9.56-3.5
New England Patriots9.514+4.5
New Orleans Saints10.511+0.5
New York Giants910+1
New York Jets9.511+1.5
Philadelphia Eagles8.510+1.5
Pittsburgh Steelers8.512+3.5
San Francisco 49ers96-3.0
Seattle Seahawks770.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers610+4
Tennessee Titans86-2.0
Washington Commanders7.56-1.5
Team2009 Win Total2009 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals8.510+1.5
Atlanta Falcons8.59+0.5
Baltimore Ravens8.59+0.5
Buffalo Bills7.56-1.5
Carolina Panthers8.58-0.5
Chicago Bears8.57-1.5
Cincinnati Bengals710+3
Cleveland Browns75-2.0
Dallas Cowboys911+2
Denver Broncos6.58+1.5
Detroit Lions4.52-2.5
Green Bay Packers911+2
Houston Texans8.59+0.5
Indianapolis Colts1014+4
Jacksonville Jaguars87-1.0
Kansas City Chiefs64-2.0
Las Vegas Raiders65-1.0
Los Angeles Chargers1013+3
Los Angeles Rams5.51-4.5
Miami Dolphins770.0
Minnesota Vikings9.512+2.5
New England Patriots11.510-1.5
New Orleans Saints913+4
New York Giants108-2.0
New York Jets79+2
Philadelphia Eagles9.511+1.5
Pittsburgh Steelers10.59-1.5
San Francisco 49ers78+1
Seattle Seahawks7.55-2.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers6.53-3.5
Tennessee Titans98-1.0
Washington Commanders8.54-4.5
Team2008 Win Total2008 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals7.59+1.5
Atlanta Falcons4.511+6.5
Baltimore Ravens611+5
Buffalo Bills7.57-0.5
Carolina Panthers7.512+4.5
Chicago Bears89+1
Cincinnati Bengals74-3.0
Cleveland Browns84-4.0
Dallas Cowboys10.59-1.5
Denver Broncos7.58+0.5
Detroit Lions6.50-6.5
Green Bay Packers8.56-2.5
Houston Texans7.58+0.5
Indianapolis Colts1112+1
Jacksonville Jaguars105-5.0
Kansas City Chiefs5.52-3.5
Las Vegas Raiders65-1.0
Los Angeles Chargers10.58-2.5
Los Angeles Rams6.52-4.5
Miami Dolphins5.511+5.5
Minnesota Vikings8.510+1.5
New England Patriots1211-1.0
New Orleans Saints8.58-0.5
New York Giants8.512+3.5
New York Jets7.59+1.5
Philadelphia Eagles8.59+0.5
Pittsburgh Steelers912+3
San Francisco 49ers67+1
Seattle Seahawks8.54-4.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers89+1
Tennessee Titans813+5
Washington Commanders7.58+0.5
Team2007 Win Total2007 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals78+1
Atlanta Falcons7.54-3.5
Baltimore Ravens95-4.0
Buffalo Bills67+1
Carolina Panthers97-2.0
Chicago Bears107-3.0
Cincinnati Bengals97-2.0
Cleveland Browns5.510+4.5
Dallas Cowboys913+4
Denver Broncos9.57-2.5
Detroit Lions67+1
Green Bay Packers7.513+5.5
Houston Texans6.58+1.5
Indianapolis Colts10.513+2.5
Jacksonville Jaguars911+2
Kansas City Chiefs7.54-3.5
Las Vegas Raiders54-1.0
Los Angeles Chargers10.511+0.5
Los Angeles Rams7.53-4.5
Miami Dolphins71-6.0
Minnesota Vikings6.58+1.5
New England Patriots11.516+4.5
New Orleans Saints97-2.0
New York Giants810+2
New York Jets84-4.0
Philadelphia Eagles98-1.0
Pittsburgh Steelers910+1
San Francisco 49ers7.55-2.5
Seattle Seahawks910+1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers79+2
Tennessee Titans710+3
Washington Commanders7.59+1.5
Team2006 Win Total2006 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals85-3.0
Atlanta Falcons87-1.0
Baltimore Ravens813+5
Buffalo Bills770.0
Carolina Panthers108-2.0
Chicago Bears913+4
Cincinnati Bengals98-1.0
Cleveland Browns6.54-2.5
Dallas Cowboys9.59-0.5
Denver Broncos109-1.0
Detroit Lions73-4.0
Green Bay Packers68+2
Houston Texans5.56+0.5
Indianapolis Colts11.512+0.5
Jacksonville Jaguars98-1.0
Kansas City Chiefs9.59-0.5
Las Vegas Raiders6.52-4.5
Los Angeles Chargers914+5
Los Angeles Rams78+1
Miami Dolphins96-3.0
Minnesota Vikings86-2.0
New England Patriots10.512+1.5
New Orleans Saints710+3
New York Giants98-1.0
New York Jets6.510+3.5
Philadelphia Eagles8.510+1.5
Pittsburgh Steelers10.58-2.5
San Francisco 49ers57+2
Seattle Seahawks10.59-1.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers84-4.0
Tennessee Titans5.58+2.5
Washington Commanders95-4.0
Team2005 Win Total2005 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals75-2.0
Atlanta Falcons9.58-1.5
Baltimore Ravens106-4.0
Buffalo Bills85-3.0
Carolina Panthers911+2
Chicago Bears711+4
Cincinnati Bengals811+3
Cleveland Browns56+1
Dallas Cowboys89+1
Denver Broncos8.513+4.5
Detroit Lions85-3.0
Green Bay Packers84-4.0
Houston Texans7.52-5.5
Indianapolis Colts11.514+2.5
Jacksonville Jaguars8.512+3.5
Kansas City Chiefs910+1
Las Vegas Raiders7.54-3.5
Los Angeles Chargers89+1
Los Angeles Rams86-2.0
Miami Dolphins5.59+3.5
Minnesota Vikings990.0
New England Patriots1110-1.0
New Orleans Saints7.53-4.5
New York Giants6.511+4.5
New York Jets94-5.0
Philadelphia Eagles11.56-5.5
Pittsburgh Steelers9.511+1.5
San Francisco 49ers4.54-0.5
Seattle Seahawks913+4
Tampa Bay Buccaneers711+4
Tennessee Titans6.54-2.5
Washington Commanders7.510+2.5
Team2004 Win Total2004 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals5.56+0.5
Atlanta Falcons711+4
Baltimore Ravens109-1.0
Buffalo Bills39+6
Carolina Panthers17+6
Chicago Bears135-8.0
Cincinnati Bengals68+2
Cleveland Browns74-3.0
Dallas Cowboys56+1
Denver Broncos810+2
Detroit Lions26+4
Green Bay Packers1210-2.0
Houston TexansN/A7N/A
Indianapolis ColtsN/A12N/A
Jacksonville Jaguars69+3
Kansas City Chiefs67+1
Las Vegas Raiders105-5.0
Los Angeles Chargers512+7
Los Angeles Rams148-6.0
Miami Dolphins114-7.0
Minnesota Vikings58+3
New England Patriots1114+3
New Orleans Saints78+1
New York Giants76-1.0
New York Jets10100.0
Philadelphia Eagles1113+2
Pittsburgh Steelers1315+2
San Francisco 49ers122-10.0
Seattle Seahawks990.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers95-4.0
Tennessee Titans75-2.0
Washington Commanders86-2.0
Team2003 Win Total2003 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals54-1.0
Atlanta Falcons45+1
Baltimore Ravens1210-2.0
Buffalo Bills86-2.0
Carolina Panthers711+4
Chicago Bears57+2
Cincinnati Bengals48+4
Cleveland Browns35+2
Dallas Cowboys510+5
Denver Broncos1110-1.0
Detroit Lions95-4.0
Green Bay Packers910+1
Houston TexansN/A5N/A
Indianapolis Colts1012+2
Jacksonville Jaguars75-2.0
Kansas City Chiefs713+6
Las Vegas Raiders124-8.0
Los Angeles Chargers14+3
Los Angeles Rams1012+2
Miami Dolphins1110-1.0
Minnesota Vikings119-2.0
New England Patriots514+9
New Orleans Saints108-2.0
New York Giants124-8.0
New York Jets96-3.0
Philadelphia Eagles1112+1
Pittsburgh Steelers96-3.0
San Francisco 49ers67+1
Seattle Seahawks610+4
Tampa Bay Buccaneers107-3.0
Tennessee Titans1312-1.0
Washington Commanders85-3.0
Team2002 Win Total2002 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals65-1.0
Atlanta Falcons79+2
Baltimore Ravens770.0
Buffalo Bills78+1
Carolina Panthers57+2
Chicago Bears84-4.0
Cincinnati Bengals72-5.0
Cleveland BrownsN/A9N/A
Dallas Cowboys65-1.0
Denver Broncos990.0
Detroit Lions63-3.0
Green Bay Packers1012+2
Houston Texans440.0
Indianapolis Colts9.510+0.5
Jacksonville Jaguars76-1.0
Kansas City Chiefs78+1
Las Vegas Raiders911+2
Los Angeles Chargers78+1
Los Angeles Rams117-4.0
Miami Dolphins990.0
Minnesota Vikings86-2.0
New England Patriots89+1
New Orleans Saints79+2
New York Giants710+3
New York Jets89+1
Philadelphia Eagles1012+2
Pittsburgh Steelers10.510-0.5
San Francisco 49ers10100.0
Seattle Seahawks87-1.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers912+3
Tennessee Titans811+3
Washington Commanders87-1.0
Team2001 Win Total2001 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals57+2
Atlanta Falcons5.57+1.5
Baltimore Ravens1110-1.0
Buffalo Bills83-5.0
Carolina Panthers6.51-5.5
Chicago Bears713+6
Cincinnati Bengals56+1
Cleveland Browns4.57+2.5
Dallas Cowboys5.55-0.5
Denver Broncos10.58-2.5
Detroit Lions7.52-5.5
Green Bay Packers912+3
Houston TexansN/AN/AN/A
Indianapolis Colts102-8.0
Jacksonville Jaguars96-3.0
Kansas City Chiefs86-2.0
Las Vegas Raiders10100.0
Los Angeles Chargers75-2.0
Los Angeles Rams1114+3
Miami Dolphins811+3
Minnesota Vikings95-4.0
New England Patriots6.511+4.5
New Orleans Saints87-1.0
New York Giants97-2.0
New York Jets810+2
Philadelphia Eagles911+2
Pittsburgh Steelers7.513+5.5
San Francisco 49ers7.512+4.5
Seattle Seahawks990.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers109-1.0
Tennessee Titans117-4.0
Washington Commanders9.58-1.5
Team2000 Win Total2000 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals73-4.0
Atlanta Falcons7.54-3.5
Baltimore Ravens912+3
Buffalo Bills8.58-0.5
Carolina Panthers87-1.0
Chicago Bears85-3.0
Cincinnati Bengals5.54-1.5
Cleveland Browns53-2.0
Dallas Cowboys85-3.0
Denver Broncos1011+1
Detroit Lions79+2
Green Bay Packers89+1
Houston TexansN/AN/AN/A
Indianapolis Colts10.510-0.5
Jacksonville Jaguars117-4.0
Kansas City Chiefs87-1.0
Las Vegas Raiders912+3
Los Angeles Chargers6.51-5.5
Los Angeles Rams1110-1.0
Miami Dolphins7.511+3.5
Minnesota Vikings7.511+3.5
New England Patriots7.55-2.5
New Orleans Saints6.510+3.5
New York Giants7.512+4.5
New York Jets89+1
Philadelphia Eagles7.511+3.5
Pittsburgh Steelers6.59+2.5
San Francisco 49ers5.56+0.5
Seattle Seahawks86-2.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers10.510-0.5
Tennessee Titans10.513+2.5
Washington Commanders11.58-3.5
Team1999 Win Total1999 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals7.59+1.5
Atlanta Falcons714+7
Baltimore Ravens76-1.0
Buffalo Bills6.510+3.5
Carolina Panthers84-4.0
Chicago Bears54-1.0
Cincinnati Bengals73-4.0
Cleveland BrownsN/AN/AN/A
Dallas Cowboys8.510+1.5
Denver Broncos1114+3
Detroit Lions8.55-3.5
Green Bay Packers11.511-0.5
Houston TexansN/AN/AN/A
Indianapolis Colts5.53-2.5
Jacksonville Jaguars10.511+0.5
Kansas City Chiefs10.57-3.5
Las Vegas Raiders6.58+1.5
Los Angeles Chargers5.55-0.5
Los Angeles Rams6.54-2.5
Miami Dolphins910+1
Minnesota Vikings8.515+6.5
New England Patriots109-1.0
New Orleans Saints5.56+0.5
New York Giants7.58+0.5
New York Jets8.512+3.5
Philadelphia Eagles6.53-3.5
Pittsburgh Steelers9.57-2.5
San Francisco 49ers11.512+0.5
Seattle Seahawks8.58-0.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers9.58-1.5
Tennessee Titans880.0
Washington Commanders96-3.0
Team1998 Win Total1998 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals6.54-2.5
Atlanta Falcons67+1
Baltimore Ravens76-1.0
Buffalo Bills86-2.0
Carolina Panthers107-3.0
Chicago Bears7.54-3.5
Cincinnati Bengals8.57-1.5
Cleveland BrownsN/AN/AN/A
Dallas Cowboys10.56-4.5
Denver Broncos10.512+1.5
Detroit Lions89+1
Green Bay Packers1213+1
Houston TexansN/AN/AN/A
Indianapolis Colts83-5.0
Jacksonville Jaguars811+3
Kansas City Chiefs813+5
Las Vegas Raiders94-5.0
Los Angeles Chargers7.54-3.5
Los Angeles Rams6.55-1.5
Miami Dolphins990.0
Minnesota Vikings89+1
New England Patriots9.510+0.5
New Orleans Saints660.0
New York Giants710+3
New York Jets69+3
Philadelphia Eagles96-3.0
Pittsburgh Steelers911+2
San Francisco 49ers1113+2
Seattle Seahawks8.58-0.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers710+3
Tennessee Titans7.58+0.5
Washington Commanders880.0
Team1997 Win Total1997 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals5.57+1.5
Atlanta Falcons83-5.0
Baltimore Ravens7.54-3.5
Buffalo Bills8.510+1.5
Carolina Panthers5.512+6.5
Chicago Bears8.57-1.5
Cincinnati Bengals7.58+0.5
Cleveland BrownsN/AN/AN/A
Dallas Cowboys10.510-0.5
Denver Broncos8.513+4.5
Detroit Lions8.55-3.5
Green Bay Packers1013+3
Houston TexansN/AN/AN/A
Indianapolis Colts8.59+0.5
Jacksonville Jaguars5.59+3.5
Kansas City Chiefs990.0
Las Vegas Raiders9.57-2.5
Los Angeles Chargers880.0
Los Angeles Rams76-1.0
Miami Dolphins98-1.0
Minnesota Vikings89+1
New England Patriots8.511+2.5
New Orleans Saints73-4.0
New York Giants6.56-0.5
New York Jets61-5.0
Philadelphia Eagles910+1
Pittsburgh Steelers10100.0
San Francisco 49ers12120.0
Seattle Seahawks770.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers6.56-0.5
Tennessee Titans6.58+1.5
Washington Commanders6.59+2.5
Team1996 Win Total1996 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals84-4.0
Atlanta Falcons7.59+1.5
Baltimore RavensN/AN/AN/A
Buffalo Bills8.510+1.5
Carolina Panthers37+4
Chicago Bears990.0
Cincinnati Bengals5.57+1.5
Cleveland Browns105-5.0
Dallas Cowboys11.512+0.5
Denver Broncos98-1.0
Detroit Lions8.510+1.5
Green Bay Packers811+3
Houston TexansN/AN/AN/A
Indianapolis Colts89+1
Jacksonville Jaguars34+1
Kansas City Chiefs813+5
Las Vegas Raiders9.58-1.5
Los Angeles Chargers990.0
Los Angeles Rams67+1
Miami Dolphins10.59-1.5
Minnesota Vikings880.0
New England Patriots106-4.0
New Orleans Saints770.0
New York Giants85-3.0
New York Jets73-4.0
Philadelphia Eagles8.510+1.5
Pittsburgh Steelers10.511+0.5
San Francisco 49ers12.511-1.5
Seattle Seahawks7.58+0.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers770.0
Tennessee Titans5.57+1.5
Washington Commanders6.56-0.5
Team1995 Win Total1995 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals98-1.0
Atlanta Falcons7.57-0.5
Baltimore RavensN/AN/AN/A
Buffalo Bills9.57-2.5
Carolina PanthersN/AN/AN/A
Chicago Bears79+2
Cincinnati Bengals53-2.0
Cleveland Browns811+3
Dallas Cowboys1112+1
Denver Broncos107-3.0
Detroit Lions89+1
Green Bay Packers990.0
Houston TexansN/AN/AN/A
Indianapolis Colts5.58+2.5
Jacksonville JaguarsN/AN/AN/A
Kansas City Chiefs9.59-0.5
Las Vegas Raiders990.0
Los Angeles Chargers7.511+3.5
Los Angeles Rams5.54-1.5
Miami Dolphins910+1
Minnesota Vikings910+1
New England Patriots8.510+1.5
New Orleans Saints7.57-0.5
New York Giants79+2
New York Jets8.56-2.5
Philadelphia Eagles8.57-1.5
Pittsburgh Steelers912+3
San Francisco 49ers1213+1
Seattle Seahawks76-1.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers6.56-0.5
Tennessee Titans8.52-6.5
Washington Commanders6.53-3.5
Team1994 Win Total1994 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals6.57+0.5
Atlanta Falcons56+1
Baltimore RavensN/AN/AN/A
Buffalo Bills1312-1.0
Carolina PanthersN/AN/AN/A
Chicago Bears117-4.0
Cincinnati Bengals93-6.0
Cleveland Browns37+4
Dallas Cowboys712+5
Denver Broncos59+4
Detroit Lions610+4
Green Bay Packers69+3
Houston TexansN/AN/AN/A
Indianapolis ColtsN/A4N/A
Jacksonville JaguarsN/AN/AN/A
Kansas City Chiefs11110.0
Las Vegas Raiders1210-2.0
Los Angeles Chargers68+2
Los Angeles Rams550.0
Miami Dolphins129-3.0
Minnesota Vikings69+3
New England Patriots15+4
New Orleans Saints880.0
New York Giants1311-2.0
New York Jets68+2
Philadelphia Eagles108-2.0
Pittsburgh Steelers990.0
San Francisco 49ers1410-4.0
Seattle Seahawks96-3.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers65-1.0
Tennessee Titans912+3
Washington Commanders104-6.0
Team1993 Win Total1993 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals4.54-0.5
Atlanta Falcons36+3
Baltimore RavensN/AN/AN/A
Buffalo Bills911+2
Carolina PanthersN/AN/AN/A
Chicago Bears65-1.0
Cincinnati Bengals85-3.0
Cleveland Browns97-2.0
Dallas Cowboys113+12
Denver Broncos118-3.0
Detroit Lions75-2.0
Green Bay Packers109-1.0
Houston TexansN/AN/AN/A
Indianapolis Colts89+1
Jacksonville JaguarsN/AN/AN/A
Kansas City Chiefs810+2
Las Vegas Raiders87-1.0
Los Angeles Chargers611+5
Los Angeles Rams116-5.0
Miami Dolphins811+3
Minnesota Vikings1011+1
New England Patriots52-3.0
New Orleans Saints912+3
New York Giants126-6.0
New York Jets440.0
Philadelphia Eagles11110.0
Pittsburgh Steelers911+2
San Francisco 49ers14140.0
Seattle Seahawks72-5.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers550.0
Tennessee Titans910+1
Washington Commanders109-1.0
Team1992 Win Total1992 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals54-1.0
Atlanta Falcons710+3
Baltimore RavensN/AN/AN/A
Buffalo Bills1213+1
Carolina PanthersN/AN/AN/A
Chicago Bears811+3
Cincinnati Bengals93-6.0
Cleveland BrownsN/A6N/A
Dallas Cowboys7.511+3.5
Denver Broncos7.512+4.5
Detroit Lions712+5
Green Bay Packers7.54-3.5
Houston TexansN/AN/AN/A
Indianapolis Colts7.51-6.5
Jacksonville JaguarsN/AN/AN/A
Kansas City Chiefs10100.0
Las Vegas Raiders109-1.0
Los Angeles Chargers6.54-2.5
Los Angeles Rams83-5.0
Miami Dolphins98-1.0
Minnesota Vikings98-1.0
New England Patriots46+2
New Orleans Saints811+3
New York Giants118-3.0
New York Jets68+2
Philadelphia Eagles10.510-0.5
Pittsburgh Steelers8.57-1.5
San Francisco 49ers1110-1.0
Seattle Seahawks87-1.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers63-3.0
Tennessee Titans911+2
Washington Commanders9.514+4.5
Team1991 Win Total1991 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals85-3.0
Atlanta Falcons5.55-0.5
Baltimore RavensN/AN/AN/A
Buffalo Bills9.513+3.5
Carolina PanthersN/AN/AN/A
Chicago Bears8.511+2.5
Cincinnati Bengals9.59-0.5
Cleveland Browns93-6.0
Dallas Cowboys4.57+2.5
Denver Broncos9.55-4.5
Detroit Lions86-2.0
Green Bay Packers9.56-3.5
Houston TexansN/AN/AN/A
Indianapolis Colts6.52-4.5
Jacksonville JaguarsN/AN/AN/A
Kansas City Chiefs8.511+2.5
Las Vegas Raiders8.512+3.5
Los Angeles Chargers76-1.0
Los Angeles Rams10.55-5.5
Miami Dolphins7.512+4.5
Minnesota Vikings106-4.0
New England Patriots71-6.0
New Orleans Saints98-1.0
New York Giants1013+3
New York Jets4.56+1.5
Philadelphia Eagles9.510+0.5
Pittsburgh Steelers5.59+3.5
San Francisco 49ers11.514+2.5
Seattle Seahawks79+2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers56+1
Tennessee Titans8.59+0.5
Washington Commanders9.510+0.5
Team1990 Win Total1990 WinsDifference
Arizona Cardinals8.55-3.5
Atlanta Falcons6.53-3.5
Baltimore RavensN/AN/AN/A
Buffalo Bills10.59-1.5
Carolina PanthersN/AN/AN/A
Chicago Bears116-5.0
Cincinnati Bengals108-2.0
Cleveland Browns109-1.0
Dallas Cowboys71-6.0
Denver Broncos9.511+1.5
Detroit Lions5.57+1.5
Green Bay Packers610+4
Houston TexansN/AN/AN/A
Indianapolis Colts108-2.0
Jacksonville JaguarsN/AN/AN/A
Kansas City Chiefs78+1
Las Vegas Raiders98-1.0
Los Angeles Chargers5.56+0.5
Los Angeles Rams11110.0
Miami Dolphins7.58+0.5
Minnesota Vikings11.510-1.5
New England Patriots95-4.0
New Orleans Saints9.59-0.5
New York Giants10.512+1.5
New York Jets74-3.0
Philadelphia Eagles10.511+0.5
Pittsburgh Steelers69+3
San Francisco 49ers10.514+3.5
Seattle Seahawks97-2.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers6.55-1.5
Tennessee Titans109-1.0
Washington Commanders910+1

How to Read the NFL Win Totals Odds Market

If you are interested in doing some betting on these NFL win totals then I want to make sure you understand how to read the odds so you can place accurate bets.

It’s pretty simple really.  You are predicting whether an NFL team will win more or fewer games than the number set by the sports books.

For instance, if the New England Patriots win total is set at 6.5, you have to decide if they are going to win 7+ games and take the over, or 6 or fewer games to take the under.

When betting at the sports book there will be another number next to the 6.5.  The over might have -140 and the under +100.  The -140 means that you have to bet $140 for every $100 that you want to win, while the +100 means that you will win $100 for every $100 that you risk.

Why Do Books Love Setting Win Totals Using 1/2 Wins?

You might notice above that all of the totals are set on a half number.  Why do sports books love doing this?  Well it’s because they want action, not ties.  Imagine holding your money all season long just to void the bet and give it back to you.  Instead they want a winner and a loser.  This way there is going to be action no matter what.

What Happens With Ties?

One rule that you need to check because it’s different between the sports books is what happens in the case of a tie.  Sure, it’s rare that both teams end the game with the same score but it can and will happen.  You just need to know how your book treats tie games so you aren’t disappointed later on.

NFL Win Total Betting Strategy

  1. Research the Teams: This kind of goes without saying but you are going to have to look passed last year’s win/loss record.  You need to study the off-season changes, who came in via the draft, free agency, trades, etc..  Was there a coaching change?  What is the team’s strength of schedule? Did the team have a lot of close wins or losses last year where you might say they got lucky?
  2. Know the Public Sentiment: The sports books opening odds are the opinions of the oddsmaker, but once bets start rolling in they adjust the numbers based off of the action.  If everyone and their brother thinks a team getting an aged star player is going to push them over the top, but you see a guy on the decline then going the opposite way of the square bettors might be a way to pick up an edge.
  3. Shop Around: There isn’t one uniform market for win totals.  Most sports books are going to have some unique numbers.  You can use this for straight arbitrage where you take the over at one place and the other at another and can’t lose, or you can just make sure you get the best possible odds on each one of your bets.  This is a good strategy no matter what you are gambling on, not just for season long win totals.

I think win totals are great for the casual bettor.  You get a long time frame to enjoy your bet, getting entertainment over the majority of the season.  If you don’t really have an edge, this means your bankroll lasts longer and you get more bang for your buck.

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