CG Technology recently released the 2018 win totals for all 32 NFL teams.  We can use them as the expected wins for the season.

Using the numbers provided we have listed how each division is projected to play out if all teams hit their numbers.  These numbers are also impacted by the public’s perception of each team.

They do not necessarily represent the number of victories the sportsbooks think the teams will win.  The totals are often adjusted based on the amount of betting action received.

2018 NFL Over/Under Vegas Win Total Numbers For All 32 Teams


New England Patriots11
Buffalo Bills6½
Miami Dolphins6
New York Jets6


Los Angeles Chargers9
Kansas City Chiefs8½
Oakland Raiders8
Denver Broncos7


Pittsburgh Steelers10½
Baltimore Ravens8
Cincinnati Bengals7
Cleveland Browns5½


Jacksonville Jaguars9
Houston Texans8½
Tennessee Titans8
Indianapolis Colts6½


Philadelphia Eagles10½
Dallas Cowboys8½
Washington Redskins7
New York Giants6½


Los Angeles Rams9½
San Francisco 49ers9
Seattle Seahawks8
Arizona Cardinals5½


Green Bay Packers10
Minnesota Vikings10
Detroit Lions8
Chicago Bears6½


New Orleans Saints9½
Atlanta Falcons9
Carolina Panthers9
Tampa Bay Buccaneers6½

Expected Wins vs 2017 Actual Wins

We can use these numbers to see how much each team is expected to improve or regress in 2018.  The column titled “+/- Expected” is the difference between each team’s wins last season and how many they are projected to have this year.

TeamLast Season2018 Projection+/- Expected
Arizona Cardinals85.5-2.5
Atlanta Falcons109-1
Baltimore Ravens98-1
Buffalo Bills96.5-2.5
Carolina Panthers119-2
Chicago Bears56.51.5
Cincinnati Bengals770
Cleveland Browns05.55.5
Dallas Cowboys98.5-0.5
Denver Broncos572
Detroit Lions98-1
Green Bay Packers7103
Houston Texans48.54.5
Indianapolis Colts46.52.5
Jacksonville Jaguars109-1
Kansas City Chiefs108.5-1.5
Los Angeles Chargers990
Los Angeles Rams119.5-1.5
Miami Dolphins660
Minnesota Vikings1310-3
New England Patriots1311-2
New Orleans Saints119.5-1.5
New York Giants36.53.5
New York Jets561
Oakland Raiders682
Philadelphia Eagles1310.5-1.5
Pittsburgh Steelers1310.5-2.5
San Francisco 49ers693
Seattle Seahawks98-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers56.51.5
Tennessee Titans98-1
Washington Redskins770

NFL Projection Averages & Over/Under Results

Below you will find the average projected wins and actual wins for every team since 2011.  We have also compiled their average performance versus expectation (Average +/- Actual), as well as the number of overs, under, and pushes they have had in that time frame.

TeamAverage ProjectedAverage ActualAverage +/- WinsOversUndersPushes
Arizona Cardinals7.58.91.4520
Atlanta Falcons9.08.9-0.1232
Baltimore Ravens9.18.9-0.2331
Buffalo Bills7.07.30.3340
Carolina Panthers7.99.11.2430
Chicago Bears7.66.4-1.1151
Cincinnati Bengals8.29.31.1520
Cleveland Browns5.83.4-2.4160
Dallas Cowboys8.98.90.0250
Denver Broncos9.410.30.9520
Detroit Lions8.18.10.0430
Green Bay Packers10.910.4-0.4250
Houston Texans8.97.9-1.0520
Indianapolis Colts8.77.9-0.9340
Jacksonville Jaguars5.64.6-1.1160
Kansas City Chiefs8.28.90.6520
Los Angeles Chargers8.37.3-1.0340
Los Angeles Rams6.96.3-0.6250
Miami Dolphins7.77.3-0.4133
Minnesota Vikings7.48.10.8430
New England Patriots11.112.61.5601
New Orleans Saints8.99.00.1331
New York Giants8.67.3-1.3151
New York Jets7.66.6-1.0250
Oakland Raiders6.66.3-0.4340
Philadelphia Eagles9.08.4-0.6340
Pittsburgh Steelers9.610.40.8520
San Francisco 49ers7.98.10.2430
Seattle Seahawks9.610.30.7430
Tampa Bay Buccaneers7.05.3-1.7241
Tennessee Titans6.76.4-0.3331
Washington Redskins76.6-0.4340

Archived NFL Win Total Results

The tables that follow detail the projections and actual results for every NFL team by season.  Each table shows the number of expected wins versus the actual wins earned and the difference, plus their win total result.

TeamProjectedActual Wins+/- WinsResult
Arizona Cardinals7.580.5Over
Atlanta Falcons10100Push
Baltimore Ravens9.59-0.5Under
Buffalo Bills693Over
Carolina Panthers9112Over
Chicago Bears550Push
Cincinnati Bengals8.57-1.5Under
Cleveland Browns4.50-4.5Under
Dallas Cowboys9.59-0.5Under
Denver Broncos8.55-3.5Under
Detroit Lions891Over
Green Bay Packers107-3Under
Houston Texans8.54-4.5Under
Indianapolis Colts94-5Under
Jacksonville Jaguars6104Over
Kansas City Chiefs9101Over
Miami Dolphins7.56-1.5Under
Minnesota Vikings8.5134.5Over
New England Patriots11.5131.5Over
New Orleans Saints8.5112.5Over
New York Giants93-6Under
New York Jets5.55-0.5Under
Oakland Raiders9.56-3.5Under
Philadelphia Eagles8.5134.5Over
Pittsburgh Steelers10.5132.5Over
Los Angeles Chargers7.591.5Over
San Francisco 49ers4.561.5Over
Seattle Seahawks10.59-1.5Under
Los Angeles Rams5.5115.5Over
Tampa Bay Buccaneers85-3Under
Tennessee Titans990Push
Washington Redskins7.57-0.5Under
TeamProjectedActual Wins+/- WinsResult
Arizona Cardinals9.57-2.5Under
Atlanta Falcons7114Over
Baltimore Ravens7.580.5Over
Buffalo Bills87-1Under
Carolina Panthers10.56-4.5Under
Chicago Bears6.53-3.5Under
Cincinnati Bengals9.56-3.5Under
Cleveland Browns4.51-3.5Under
Dallas Cowboys9134Over
Denver Broncos9.59-0.5Under
Detroit Lions792Over
Green Bay Packers10.510-0.5Under
Houston Texans891Over
Indianapolis Colts8.58-0.5Under
Jacksonville Jaguars63-3Under
Kansas City Chiefs9123Over
Miami Dolphins7103Over
Minnesota Vikings98-1Under
New England Patriots10.5143.5Over
New Orleans Saints770Push
New York Giants7.5113.5Over
New York Jets85-3Under
Oakland Raiders7.5124.5Over
Philadelphia Eagles7.57-0.5Under
Pittsburgh Steelers10.5110.5Over
San Diego Chargers75-2Under
San Francisco 49ers52-3Under
Seattle Seahawks10.510-0.5Under
Los Angeles Rams74-3Under
Tampa Bay Buccaneers6.592.5Over
Tennessee Titans5.593.5Over
Washington Redskins7.580.5Over
TeamProjectedActual Wins+/- WinsResult
Arizona Cardinals8.5134.5Over
Atlanta Falcons8.58-0.5Under
Baltimore Ravens95-4Under
Buffalo Bills8.58-0.5Under
Carolina Panthers8.5156.5Over
Chicago Bears6.56-0.5Under
Cincinnati Bengals8.5123.5Over
Cleveland Browns6.53-3.5Under
Dallas Cowboys9.54-5.5Under
Denver Broncos10122Over
Detroit Lions8.57-1.5Under
Green Bay Packers1110-1Under
Houston Texans8.590.5Over
Indianapolis Colts10.58-2.5Under
Jacksonville Jaguars5.55-0.5Under
Kansas City Chiefs8.5112.5Over
Miami Dolphins96-3Under
Minnesota Vikings8113Over
New England Patriots10.5121.5Over
New Orleans Saints8.57-1.5Under
New York Giants86-2Under
New York Jets7.5102.5Over
Oakland Raiders5.571.5Over
Philadelphia Eagles107-3Under
Pittsburgh Steelers8.5101.5Over
San Diego Chargers84-4Under
San Francisco 49ers6.55-1.5Under
Seattle Seahawks1110-1Under
St Louis Rams7.57-0.5Under
Tampa Bay Buccaneers660Push
Tennessee Titans5.53-2.5Under
Washington Redskins693Over
TeamProjectedActual Wins+/- WinsResult
Arizona Cardinals7.5113.5Over
Atlanta Falcons8.56-2.5Under
Baltimore Ravens8.5101.5Over
Buffalo Bills6.592.5Over
Carolina Panthers87-1Under
Chicago Bears8.55-3.5Under
Cincinnati Bengals9101Over
Cleveland Browns6.570.5Over
Dallas Cowboys8124Over
Denver Broncos11.5120.5Over
Detroit Lions8.5112.5Over
Green Bay Packers10.5121.5Over
Houston Texans7.591.5Over
Indianapolis Colts9.5111.5Over
Jacksonville Jaguars53-2Under
Kansas City Chiefs891Over
Miami Dolphins880Push
Minnesota Vikings671Over
New England Patriots10.5121.5Over
New Orleans Saints107-3Under
New York Giants86-2Under
New York Jets74-3Under
Oakland Raiders53-2Under
Philadelphia Eagles9101Over
Pittsburgh Steelers8.5112.5Over
San Diego Chargers891Over
San Francisco 49ers10.58-2.5Under
Seattle Seahawks11121Over
St Louis Rams76-1Under
Tampa Bay Buccaneers72-5Under
Tennessee Titans72-5Under
Washington Redskins7.54-3.5Under
TeamProjectedActual Wins+/- WinsResult
Arizona Cardinals5.5104.5Over
Atlanta Falcons104-6Under
Baltimore Ravens8.58-0.5Under
Buffalo Bills6.56-0.5Under
Carolina Panthers7.5124.5Over
Chicago Bears8.58-0.5Under
Cincinnati Bengals8.5112.5Over
Cleveland Browns6.54-2.5Under
Dallas Cowboys8.58-0.5Under
Denver Broncos11.5131.5Over
Detroit Lions87-1Under
Green Bay Packers10.58-2.5Under
Houston Texans10.52-8.5Under
Indianapolis Colts8.5112.5Over
Jacksonville Jaguars54-1Under
Kansas City Chiefs7.5113.5Over
Miami Dolphins880Push
Minnesota Vikings75-2Under
New England Patriots11121Over
New Orleans Saints9112Over
New York Giants97-2Under
New York Jets6.581.5Over
Oakland Raiders5.54-1.5Under
Philadelphia Eagles7.5102.5Over
Pittsburgh Steelers98-1Under
San Diego Chargers7.591.5Over
San Francisco 49ers11.5120.5Over
Seattle Seahawks10.5132.5Over
St Louis Rams7.57-0.5Under
Tampa Bay Buccaneers7.54-3.5Under
Tennessee Titans6.570.5Over
Washington Redskins83-5Under
TeamProjectedActual Wins+/- WinsResult
Arizona Cardinals75-2Under
Atlanta Falcons9134Over
Baltimore Ravens10100Push
Buffalo Bills86-2Under
Carolina Panthers7.57-0.5Under
Chicago Bears9.5100.5Over
Cincinnati Bengals8102Over
Cleveland Browns5.55-0.5Under
Dallas Cowboys8.58-0.5Under
Denver Broncos8.5134.5Over
Detroit Lions94-5Under
Green Bay Packers1211-1Under
Houston Texans10122Over
Indianapolis Colts5.5115.5Over
Jacksonville Jaguars5.52-3.5Under
Kansas City Chiefs82-6Under
Miami Dolphins770Push
Minnesota Vikings6104Over
New England Patriots12120Push
New Orleans Saints9.57-2.5Under
New York Giants990Push
New York Jets8.56-2.5Under
Oakland Raiders74-3Under
Philadelphia Eagles104-6Under
Pittsburgh Steelers108-2Under
San Diego Chargers97-2Under
San Francisco 49ers10111Over
Seattle Seahawks7.5113.5Over
St Louis Rams671Over
Tampa Bay Buccaneers671Over
Tennessee Titans76-1Under
Washington Redskins6.5103.5Over
TeamProjectedActual Wins+/- WinsResult
Arizona Cardinals781Over
Atlanta Falcons10100Push
Baltimore Ravens10.5121.5Over
Buffalo Bills5.560.5Over
Carolina Panthers4.561.5Over
Chicago Bears8.58-0.5Under
Cincinnati Bengals5.593.5Over
Cleveland Browns6.54-2.5Under
Dallas Cowboys98-1Under
Denver Broncos682Over
Detroit Lions8102Over
Green Bay Packers11.5153.5Over
Houston Texans9101Over
Indianapolis Colts9.52-7.5Under
Jacksonville Jaguars6.55-1.5Under
Kansas City Chiefs7.57-0.5Under
Miami Dolphins7.56-1.5Under
Minnesota Vikings73-4Under
New England Patriots11.5131.5Over
New Orleans Saints10133Over
New York Giants9.59-0.5Under
New York Jets108-2Under
Oakland Raiders6.581.5Over
Philadelphia Eagles10.58-2.5Under
Pittsburgh Steelers10.5121.5Over
San Diego Chargers118-3Under
San Francisco 49ers7.5135.5Over
Seattle Seahawks671Over
St Louis Rams7.52-5.5Under
Tampa Bay Buccaneers84-4Under
Tennessee Titans6.592.5Over
Washington Redskins65-1Under