If you are in search of an expert to help you with your NFL betting this season, I think I would make a excellent choice. With that being said, I know that some clients are looking for something different than I am able to provide.

Some players want tons of action every day, while other would rather hit at a higher rate and play more selectively. I’ve identified the top NFL handicappers on our site and provided some statistics and information about them so that you can make the best possible choice for this NFL season.


Scott Rickenbach is by far the best NFL handicapper we have had on the site since he joined in 2012.  He went 59-35 (63%) in 2012, 66-34 (66%) in 2013, and 69-48 (59%) in 2014 with his premium NFL picks.  His record is 193-115 (63%) since September 10, 2012 with a record of 98-48 (67%) on spreads since December 30th, 2012 and a record of 75-46 (62%) since September 5th, 2012.


Jeff Alexander is on quite a run the last two seasons.  He has gone 121-65 (65%) since September 30, 2013 with records of 62-36 (63%) in 2014 and 66-42 (61%) in 2013.  There aren’t many guys that have had that kind of two-year track record and Jeff is showing no signs of letting up this season.



Vic Duke


Vic Duke has been an absolute beast in the NFL since joining our site. He finished third in 2010, fourth in 2011, and seventh in 2014. He’s gone 304-225 (57%) since October 11, 2010 with yearly records of 62-46 (57%) in 2011, 59-49 (55%) in 2012, 60-48 (56%) in 2013, and 68-49 (58%) in 2014.  His top plays are even better, going 71-37 (66%) since September 12, 2010.


Matt Fargo


Matt Fargo is without a doubt one of the most accomplished NFL experts in the world. He has two #1 finishes plus two additional Top 10s in the NFL but his strength is top play sides.  This is where he’s 290-218 (57%) since September 7, 2008 with yearly records of 35-21 (63%) in 2008, 61-51 (55%) in 2009, 31-18 (63%) in 2010, 22-32 (41%) in 2011, 44-33 (57% in 2012, 47-32 (60%) in 2013, and 50-31 (62%) in 2014.


Jimmy Boyd

2008_service_photoWithout a doubt I consider myself one of the best NFL handicappers in the business.  I have been on an absolutely dominating run since October 27, 2013, going 92-57 (62%) with my spread picks since.  Plus, you can take advantage of my free NFL picks on this site which also includes my NFL teaser of the week.


John Martin


John Martin has done an excellent job making a name for himself in the handicapping business.  When it comes to the NFL though, his specialty is totals wagers.  He has gone 70-41 (63%) since the 2011 Super Bowl with records of 14-11 (56%) in 2014, 21-8 (72%) in 2013, 14-11 (56%) in 2012, and 20-11 (65%) in 2011.



Dave Price


There are not many handicappers on our site with more accomplishments than Dave Price. He was the top handicapper during the 2012 calendar year and has a No. 1 finish during the 2011-12 NBA season. He also has three top 10s in NFLX, three in MLB, two in the NFL, and two in CFB.  He has a fourth place finish in CBB which makes him one of the most well-rounded experts on our site.


Trev Rogers


Trev is the only handicapper on our site to have back-to-back football handicapping titles. His NFL sides have rolled to a 154-111 (58%) record since October 14th, 2012.  That includes a 62-46 (57%) in the 2012 season, 55-33 (63%) in 2013, and 51-47 (52%) in 2014.


Jeff Hochman is a former odds manager who knows how to spot NFL lines and take advantage for his clients. Since joining the site in late 2011 he has gone 100-63 (61%) in the NFL.  His 2012 record was 32-26 (55%) but he started heating up with a 2013 record of 25-17 (60%) and went 32-12 (73%) last season.

Scott Spreitzer


Scott Spreitzer is a well-known handicapper who is widely followed due to his multiple television and radio appearances. He’s won numerous Las Vegas handicapping contests and it’s easy to see why when you look at his 132-92 (59%) record since December 11, 2011. He went 41-29 (59%) in 2012, 35-26 (57%) in 2013, and 39-29 (57%) last year.

There are some handicappers that really do their homework in the offseason and come out of the gates guns blazing.  These are three handicappers I suggest you keep an eye on early in the year because they have had a lot of success in September.


 Ross Benjamin


Ross Benjamin has been dominant in September going back to September 13, 2010.  He has a 62-26 (70%) since that time with yearly records of 11-8 (58%) in 2014, 8-5 (62%) in 2013, 17-6 (74%) in 2012, 16-5 (76%0 in 2011, and 11-5 (69%) in 2010.


Chip Chirimbes has been a Las Vegas handicapping legend for over 30 years and with the way he handicaps September football you can see why.  He has gone 45-26 (63%) since September 18, 2011.  He was 17-11 (61%) in 2014 and 19-10 (66%) in 2013.


Johnny Banks


You simply can’t argue with the amount of success Johnny Banks has had since joining our site in 2011.  When it comes to the NFL he gets an early jump on increasing his clients’ bankrolls.  He has gone 69-44 (61%) in September NFL since 9/23/12.  In 2014 he went 26-18 (61%) while in 2013 he was 26-15 (63%).


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