College Basketball Betting Guide: Understanding NCAA Spreads & Odds

A lot of people love betting on NCAA basketball.  If you consider yourself an expert on the sport then you might want to try to make some money off of your knowledge while adding a fun and exciting way to watch the college basketball games with a little action on it. If you are just… Read More »

Beginner’s Guide to Betting on College Football Games

College football betting is a fun and exciting way to add to the entertainment of watching the games.  If you are new to betting on CFB, or just want to learn more so you can increase your chances of success this guide is for you. What This College Football Betting Guide Covers: Understanding how to… Read More »

Odds to Win the 2023 NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award

Listed below are the NFL offensive player of the year odds.  What’s funny to me is that the MVP award has been dominated by quarterbacks but the offensive player of the year hasn’t been.  Not sure why that is when the quarterback plays on the offense. In fact, just over half of the players that… Read More »

NBA Regular-Season Win Total Betting Lines

And if you are going to profit this season, you need to learn to bet the NBA from any angle you might have an edge and that includes futures. 2023-24 NBA Over/Under Win Total Betting Odds Here’s some info for those that aren’t familiar with how these bets work. Oddsmakers set a number of victories for each team.… Read More »

Current Vegas Odds to Make the 2023-24 College Football Playoffs

How strong are each team’s chances?  Find out with the updated odds to make the 2023-24 College Football Playoff (CFP) every week of the season. The current format matches up the No. 1 ranked team vs the No. 4 and the No. 2 takes on the No. 3 in two semifinal games.  The winners then… Read More »

Why Specializing Needs to Be Part of Your Sports Handicapping Strategy

If you want to get started betting on sports then the first thing I’d tell you to do is pick a sport and become a specialist.  It’s easier to focus all of your time and energy on a single market than it is to spread yourself thin making bets on every sport under the sun.… Read More »

Why the Compound Interest of Sports Betting Beats Other Investments

I have talked about edges in sports betting in the past and how professional bettors like myself typically achieve about a 2% ROI over the course of a year. Some people think that’s great, but other people think that’s too small to make it worth it. While I agree 2% ROI sounds less than a… Read More »

How to Get Started with Winning at Sports Betting

The first step in getting started with winning at sports betting is to figure out what approach you are going to use.   We covered each one briefly in our guide to sports handicapping and then more in-depth with the following articles. Deciding your approach is the first step.  You really need to match a… Read More »

NBA Odds to Make the 2023-24 Playoffs

When the NBA season looms, predictions abound, odds get established, and fans brace themselves for another roller coaster of hoops action. From the optimism of pre-season to the nail-biting regular season finales, how do these odds ebb and flow? The table below featurers this year’s odds. 2023-24 Odds to Make the NBA Playoffs Team Yes… Read More »

Every NHL Team’s Odds to Make the Playoffs in 2023-24

When the regular season starts in early October nearly every team has hopes of making the NHL playoffs, but the odds aren’t in everyone’s favor. In order to win the Stanley Cup you have to make the postseason, but how likely are each team’s chances?  Take a look below. 2023-24 Odds to Make the NHL… Read More »

Understanding How to Bet the NBA Online & Where to Do It

While the NBA isn’t on the same level as the NFL in terms of popularity, it’s a sport you can make some serious cash in. When it comes to handicapping the NBA, there’s a lot that goes into it. This article is for those of you who are knew to betting on the NBA and… Read More »

How Much is Home Ice Advantage Worth in the NHL?

How much is the NHL home ice advantage worth to each team in the league?  It is common knowledge that playing at home is an advantage to teams in every sport, but what is not as clear is how much of an advantage it is. We looked at every regular season NHL game since 2006… Read More »

2023 NHL Regular Season Point Total Over Under Odds

Beyond single-game bets in the NHL, there are season-long bets available for enthusiasts. NHL futures odds, which include predictions on the over or under total points each team will score over a season, are typically released during the offseason and are a significant draw at online sportsbooks. The other popular futures we cover are the… Read More »

How Accurate Does a Model Need to Be in Sports Betting?

When it comes to learning how to bet sports the only real metric that matters is how much you win.  It doesn’t matter what sports handicapping method that you use to accomplish your goal. I do think you are better off building a sports betting model to give you an accurate idea of how a… Read More »

What is a Sports Betting Prediction Model?

A sports betting model is used to predict the probability of an outcome in a certain event.  The goal is take be able to take certain data about the teams or players and have a complex formula or algorithm produce an accurate picture of what is likely to happen in the contest. Prediction models are… Read More »

Top Down Sports Handicapping Strategy

There are a number of different sports handicapping strategies that people use to beat the sportsbooks and make a profit.  But what is top down handicapping versus bottom up? If you are going to learn how to bet on sports, then knowing as many different ways as possible to win is only going to help… Read More »

Ranking the Top NCAA Basketball Programs of All Time

College basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States.  There is nothing quite like the NCAA Tournament to take over the country’s attention during March Madness. There is a rich history to the sport with plenty of iconic moments to fall back on, but which programs have remained at the top… Read More »

Most Common Sportsbook Bonus Types & What They Mean

Sportsbooks use promotions and bonus offers to reel new bettors in while keeping the loyalty of existing customers.  These bonuses are often wrapped in terms and conditions that might complicate what you are hoping to get out of them. In this guide I’ll go over the sportsbook bonus types that are typically used and help… Read More »

How to Bet Hockey: Beginners Guide to Betting on NHL Games

Betting on hockey is no easy task for the uninitiated. Beginners shouldn’t expect to simply check the latest NHL odds and feel confident in placing winning wagers. There is a lot to learn before you even get started.  You’ll need to understand what all of the numbers mean, as well as all of the options… Read More »

Sports Betting Octopus: What Is It & How Do You Win?

There are a lot of terms and jargon that you have to pick up when you are learning sports betting. One term that has gained traction in recent years is the octopus.  I have to admit this one even had me scratching my head the first time I heard it. But what exactly does it… Read More »

How a Push Happens in Sports Betting & How to Avoid It

I have covered a lot of terms and jargon that gamblers have to familiarize themselves with if they want to learn how to bet on sports.  One term that leaves beginners scratching their heads is a “push.”  But what exactly does it mean and how does it impact your betting strategy? Understanding the Meaning of… Read More »

How to Bet on UFC MMA Fights

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has grown in popularity over the past couple of decades and with that increase in popularity, there has been a lot of interest in betting on the fights. The best part about Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events is that they are fast-paced and unpredictable in nature which makes betting on… Read More »

Rollovers in Sports Betting: What Sportsbooks Mean

With the rise in popularity of online sportsbooks one of the methods bookies use to entice customers to sign up is attractive betting bonuses. However, these promotions almost always come with a catch: the rollover requirement. This guide will explain what a sportsbook rollover is and why it’s important to understand. Definition of the Rollover… Read More »

What Does Fade Mean in Sports Betting

If you are going to learn how to bet on sports you need to know all of the terminology used by novice and experienced bettors. One term that often pops up is the fade.  What does it mean and how can it be strategically used to win as a sports handicapping method? Understanding the Concept… Read More »

What Is a Mush in Sports Betting?

There is a lot of unique jargon when it comes to sports betting, but one of my favorites is the term “mush.”  But what exactly is a mush and why is it significant in gambling?  Let’s take a look. History of the Meaning of Mush in Gambling A “mush,” was first depicted in the 1993… Read More »

Why Sportsbooks Limit Winning Bettors

If you are going to learn how to bet on sports then you are likely going to try to win.  The problem is that the sportsbooks aren’t in the business of paying out money to their clients, they want to make a profit.  One of the tools sportsbooks have to prevent losing is to limit,… Read More »