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2-0 run in WNBA dating back to 05/19/22.

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Our Review of Handicapper Alex Smart

Alex Smart is one of the best WNBA handicapping experts in the world. He’s been handicapping the league since 2014, and is on a 56-37 tear since then. He’s already notched a pair of Top 10 finishes in that time.

Even with only a few games picked, he has still brought in around $1,700 in profit. That’s just incredible ROI.

“Yeah,” you think, “but that’s the WNBA. Who bets on that?” Well, it’s true that the WNBA gets less action than most other major sports. But because of that, the WNBA is one of the easiest sports to beat the odds.

Oddsmakers don’t put much thought into games they know won’t have much action. So if you’re looking for a high ROI, WNBA betting is a smart choice… and so is Alex Smart.

Of course, Alex does more than WNBA handicapping. He hit on 62% of his picks handicapping men’s 2016 March Madness – good for over $1,400 in profit.

You’ll also get a lot of college football picks from Alex. He’s picked over 300 college football games since the 2014 season, and boasts a 56% win rate. That’s good for over $2,200 in profit.

We’re also starting to get some MLB best bets from Alex. He is 44-37 in just his first couple weeks, bringing in over $300 for his subscribers.

Alex hasn’t been around for as long as some of our other top handicappers, but he has come out red-hot. He doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, and he has made a strong niche as a big money winner in the WNBA.

Alex is a good choice if you want a high-action handicapper with monster ROI in every sport he puts time into.

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