Sports Handicapper Review of Expert Ben Burns

Ben Burns is one of the most versatile and consistent handicappers you’ll find. He boasts top 10 finishes in every major North American sport at least twice since 2009. That includes top finishes in both NFL and college football.

Ben gives tons of action to bet, and has different designations for each type of pick. He lays out his best favorites, best underdogs, picks for televised games, you name it. He puts down thousands of picks, and he wins.

His top picks are on a crazy 768-598 run since January 2015. That has meant a 56% win rate and over $8,200 in profit.  Not many other top handicappers can beat those numbers.

Of course, your bankroll may not permit you to bet all the action Ben puts out there. That’s why he has a rating system for his picks, and lets you know which ones are the best options.

And Ben isn’t new to the world of sports handicapping. At the age of 11, he nailed an MLB trading deadline move, earning himself tickets to the All-Star Game. He has been posting his picks to the public since 1998.

Dating back to 1998, Ben’s accolades are too many to run down here. He has a history of almost two decades of killing it in hockey, basketball, football and baseball. He has back-to-back #1 finishes in NHL, stretching from 2012 to 2014. He hit more than 63% of his picks in both years.

Ben’s methods are hard to replicate – much of what he does comes from analyzing emotion. But it’s even harder to argue with his results. He wins and wins and wins, and the subscribers who follow do the same.

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