Sports Handicapper Review of Expert Ben Burns

Ben Burns is one of the most versatile and consistent handicappers you’ll find. He boasts top 10 finishes in every major North American sport at least twice since 2009. That includes top finishes in both NFL and college football.

Burns is renowned as a leading handicapper in contemporary sports betting. Since making his predictions public in the late 1990s, Burns has consistently delivered outstanding results, a testament to his dedication and expertise in the field. Over the years, he has clinched numerous national handicapping titles and secured significant sports betting winnings. His prowess in the industry even led to a movie appearance, where he portrayed a “high-roller” bettor. While football bolstered his reputation, Burns’ insights into pro and college basketball are equally esteemed. Join him this season to optimize your return on investment.

Burns’ early exposure to point spreads and his thousands of hours dedicated to studying statistics set the foundation for his career. By age 11, his knack for predictions was evident when he correctly forecasted a high-profile Major League Baseball trade, earning him a mention in the Toronto Star. Growing up, he was deeply influenced by his family’s involvement in NFL pools, and his early successes in these pools hinted at his future prowess.

His high school years further solidified his reputation, with his consistent wins in local football contests. As online sportsbooks emerged, Burns was among the early adopters, quickly making a mark. His early successes in online betting were so profound that some shops even declined his hockey bets. His expertise was further recognized when he won an NBA playoff contest by, introducing him to the realm of professional sports handicapping. This win was a turning point, leading him to share his picks with the public in 1998.

Notable Achievements:

  • Top NFL Handicapper: From 1998-2007, Burns’ selections were rigorously documented by Big Guy Sports, a pioneering sports monitor. During this period, he secured numerous top finishes across football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. His unmatched NFL record positioned him as the #1 NFL handicapper of the time.
  • Super Bowl Success: Between 1999-2007, Burns showcased a flawless record with his Super Bowl picks, going 10-0. His foresight was particularly highlighted in the 2002-2003 season when he accurately predicted Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl win before the season began.
  • DFS Achievements: Burns delved into the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) world around 2014-2015. His prowess in DFS led to his feature in the 2015 documentary, “Living the Fantasy.” With significant wins across football, basketball, and baseball, Burns’ two-decade experience as a sports handicapper set him apart in the DFS community.

Handicapping Approach:

Taking inspiration from Bruce Lee’s philosophy of adaptability, Burns doesn’t confine himself to a single handicapping methodology. He amalgamates fundamental, technical, and situational techniques, leveraging any relevant data. Situational factors, such as team motivation and potential letdowns, often play a pivotal role in his selections. His contrarian nature frequently shines through in his picks.

Betting Philosophy:

Burns’ approach to betting is fluid. He’s as inclined to take points as he is to lay them. While he has historically favored “unders,” he won’t hesitate to opt for an “over” when the situation demands. His willingness to play MLB/NHL favorites on the money-line, when many shy away, underscores his focus on value over convention. For Burns, the essence of a good bet lies in its value.

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