I don’t put any effort into handicapping the WNBA. But I know there are a lot of experts out there who have been able to show a nice profit in this sport. It’s not as entertaining to watch as the NBA or men’s college basketball, but it appears there is money to be made. If you refuse to bet on baseball, this could be a nice way to build up your bankroll for football season.

Why waste your time handicapping the WNBA? The belief in the sports betting world is with the WNBA you can beat the oddsmakers. Because there is so little action placed on these games, books don’t waste a lot of time setting these lines. Keeping up with WNBA action might not be the easiest thing to do, but if you can show a profit it’s well worth the effort.

Like every other sport, having the best odds available for each game is a must to increase your bankroll. Having several books at your disposal is just as important in the WNBA. Save yourself just a half-point or a few pennies on the juice. It will increase your chances of ending the season in the black.

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