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How You Can Profit Betting WNBA Basketball Point Spreads

It’s no secret, that the public likes to bet on things they enjoy watching and believe they have some insight on. The WNBA doesn’t fall into that category for most people. It doesn’t provide the highlight dunks that you see in the NBA. It also gets little to no play on the TV (ESPN). Another factor is the season is played in the summer when people are out doing things.

Why does this matter? The sportsbooks make their money by taking advantage of the public. If the public isn’t interested, they aren’t going to give it as much attention. Not to mention the summer is their time to regroup mentally for the upcoming 6-month grind of a football season. It all boils down to the lines that aren’t as sharp as what you see in the things we love to bet like the NBA and NFL.

If you spend the time getting familiar with the teams and start watching a few games, you might find some real value in handicapping these WNBA matchups. You might be saying you don’t have the time. Sure, you are going to have to put forth some effort, but there are only 12 teams and never more than 3 games a night. Keep in mind it’s not like you need to watch every contest, you just need to see enough to realize the strengths and weaknesses of all the teams.

It’s also important to keep in mind that betting on the WNBA is like every other sport. Having the best odds available for each game is a must to increase your bankroll. Having several books at your disposal is critical to long-term success. Save yourself just a half-point or a few pennies on the juice. It will increase your chances of ending the season in the black.

I suggest bookmarking this page. We only provide the odds to sportsbooks that we trust and our lines are updating constantly, so you know you are getting the best number.

Build Your Bankroll Wagering on Tonight’s WNBA Betting Lines

Even knowing that there’s going to be some potential value in the lines, handicapping the WNBA isn’t for everyone. Many of our top handicappers don’t sell picks on it because they choose not to put the time into it. Like the oddsmakers, they too are already turning their focus to the new season on the gridiron.  Some only release free WNBA betting picks.

Lucky for you, we have a number of handicappers who enjoy the extra work and profits betting on the WNBA. If you are interested in giving it a try, check out our premium WNBA picks posted daily. By letting our experts do the work, you don’t even have to watch the games. Your only concern is about building up that bankroll for football season!