We pay so much attention to the regular-season records and the star players that make up the best teams. We often overlook the brains behind the success.

Head coaches are just as big of a factor as an elite player or experienced roster. If a team isn’t well-coached, chances are they will be heading home early. Coaching is definitely a huge factor when I’m making my bracket predictions.

Below is a look at the all the active head coaches with 20 or more games in the NCAA Tournament. After compiling the list of coaches that met this criteria, we looked a lot of different things. All of which you can find in the table below.

We gathered the info on the number of appearances in the big dance and the win/loss records. We also took a look at the win percentage. As well as the number of Final Fours, Runner-ups and Championships.

You can easily search for any coach or school using the search boxes below. I also want to point out that all of the stats can be sorted, so you can look at on specific area if you want.

As you can see, every coach on this list has made at least 8 appearances in March Madness. Only 13 have appeared in 15 or more. The leaders in terms of trips to the Big Dance are Mike Krzyewski and Jim Boeheim. Each has been a ridiculous 32 times.

One thing that might surprise you is just how hard it is to be successful. Only 7 have a winning percentage greater than 70%. No surprise many of these guys are the highest paid in the sport. What amazes me is how there’s a select few who dominate in Final 4 appearances. Just six guys listed have made 5 or more trips to the Final Four.

I’ll let you look at the rest of the numbers. Just be sure to keep scrolling down for more information.

Active NCAA Tournament Head Coaches: Wins, Final Four, & Championships

CoachCurrent SchoolAppearancesWinsLossesWin %Final FoursRunner-UpsTitles
Mike KrzyzewskiDuke3290270.7691245
John CalipariKentucky1748160.75621
Rick PitinoLouisville2053180.746712
Roy WilliamsNorth Carolina2670240.745832
Larry BrownSMU81970.731311
Tom IzzoMichigan State1946180.719711
Bill SelfKansas1840170.702211
Ben HowlandMississippi State1019100.655310
Sean MillerArizona91790.654000
Steve FisherSan Diego Sate1526140.65321
Thad MattaOhio State1324130.649210
Jim BoeheimSyracuse3257310.648521
Tubby SmithTexas Tech1830170.638101
John BeileinMichigan1017100.63110
Jay WrightVillanova1320120.625201
Bob HugginsWest Virginia2229220.569200
Mark FewGonzaga1721170.553000
Tom CreanIndiana91190.55000
Lon KrugerOklahoma1720170.541200
Bruce WeberKansas State1011100.524110
Jamie DixonPittsburgh1112110.522000
Rick BarnesTennessee2221220.488100
Kelvin SampsonHouston1312130.48100
Mike BreyNotre Dame1312130.48000
Mark GottfriedNC State1110110.476000
Gregg MarshallWichita State1210120.455100
Dana AltmanOregon129120.429000

Top 10 NCAA Tournament Wins All-Time

1. Mike Kryzewski 90 (Duke)
2. Roy Williams 70 (Kansas, North Carolina)
3. Dean Smith 65  (North Carolina)
4. Jim Boeheim 57 (Syracuse)
5. Rick Pitino 53 (Providence, Kentucky, Louisville)
6. Jim Calhoun 49  (Connecticut)
7. John Calipari 48  (UMass, Memphis, Kentucky)
8. John Wooden 47  (UCLA)
T-9. Lute Olson 46  (Iowa, Arizona)
T-9. Tom Izzo 46  (Michigan State)

Top 10 National Championships All-Time

1. John Wooden 10 (UCLA)
2. Mike Kryzewski 5 (Duke)
3. Adolph Rupp 4 (Kentucky)
T-4. Bob Knight 3 (Indiana)
T-4. Jim Calhoun 3 (Connecticut)
T-6. Branch McCracken 2 (Indiana)
T-6. Henry Iba 2 (Oklahoma State)
T-6. Phil Woolpert 2 (San Francisco)
T-6. Ed Jucker 2 (Cincinnati)
T-6. Denny Crum 2 (Louisville)
T-6. Dean Smith 2 (North Carolina)
T-6. Roy Williams 2 (North Carolina)
T-6. Billy Donovan 2 (Florida)
T-6. Rick Pitino 2 (Kentucky, Louisville)

Top 10 Final Fours All-Time

T-1. Mike Kryzewski 12 (Duke)
T-1. John Wooden 12 (UCLA)
3. Dean Smith 11 (North Carolina)
4. Roy Williams 8 (Kansas, North Carolina)
T-5. Tom Izzo 7 (Michigan State)
T-5. Rick Pitino 7 (Providence, Kentucky, Louisville)
T-7. Denny Crum 6 (Louisville)
T-7. Adolph Rupp 6 (Kentucky)
T-9. Jim Boeheim 5 (Syracuse)
T-9. Bob Knight 5 (Indiana)
T-9. Guy Lewis 5 (Houston)
T-9. Lute Olsen 5 (Iowa, Arizona)

My Top 5 Active Head Coaches

#1 – Mike Krzyzewski (Duke)

This is an obvious choice. Coach K’s 90 career tourney wins are the most all-time. A ridiculous 20 more than next best. It comes as no surprise really with Krzyzewski coming from the Bob Knight school of coaching. Not only did he play for Knight at Army, he coached along side him at Indiana.

Coach K picked up a bunch of NCAA tourney wins from 1988-1992. He led the Blue Devils to five consecutive Final Fours. Winning back-to-back titles in 1991 and 1992. Krzyzewski has since added three more championships (2001, 2010, 2015) . His 12 Final Four appearances are tied for the most all-time with the great John Wooden.

#2 – Tom Izzo (Michigan State)

You could argue that Izzo is deserving of consideration for the top spot. I just don’t know how you make a list and have Coach K anything but No. 1. What makes Izzo so special is that he gets the most out of his teams. Not to say he doesn’t recruit some of the best players in the country. He just doesn’t get the same level of talent as schools like Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, etc.

Izzo guided the Spartans to a championship in 2000. Some of you might remember that team. It was headlined by Mateen Cleaves and Morris Peterson. Overall he’s led Michigan State to 7 Final Four appearances and was the runner-up in 2009. Quite a resume for someone who has been named the National Coach of the Year on four separate occasions.

#3 – Roy Williams (North Carolina)

Roy Williams comes from the Dean Smith school of coaching and has made quite a name for himself. Williams started out at Kansas back in 1988. He left as the school’s second winningest coach in program history. Despite all kinds off success at Kansas, Williams was never able to win it all with the Jayhawks. His fortune quickly changed after he arrived in Chapel Hill.

He replaced Matt Dougherty in 2003 and had the Tar Heels cutting down the nets in 2005. He would add another title to his resume in 2009. Williams is currently 2nd all-time in NCAA Tournament wins with 70. He’s fourth in most Final Four appearances at 7. He had a streak of 20 consecutive seasons where he led his team to the NCAA Tournament. His team won at least one game in all 20 appearances. Williams just missed out on his 3rd title in 2016. The Tar Heels lost an epic back and forth battle with Villanova. Eventually losing on a last second shot.

#4 – Rick Pitino (Louisville)

Pitino was the first coach in history to win titles at two different schools. The first coming in 1996 with Kentucky and the second in 2013 with Louisville. He’s also one of just two coaches all-time to take three different teams to the Final Four. The other being Providence back in 1987. Pitino has made 7 trips to the Final Four. His 53 wins are fifth all-time.

#5 – John Calipari (Kentucky)

John Calipari has solidified himself as one of the top coaches in the game today. He’s the only other coach besides Pitino to have taken three different teams to the Final Four. Doing so with Massachusetts, Memphis and most recently Kentucky. Calipari won his first and only Championship in 2012 with the Wildcats. He also took Kentucky to back-to-back Final Four appearances in 2011 and 2012.

NCAA Tourney Coaches – Wins Lost or Gained

Find out which coaches have a history of exceeding expectations and which ones fail to live up to the hype. This can give you a big advantage when choosing sleeper teams or first round upsets.

I looked at popular coaches who have appeared in five or more NCAA Tournaments win the same team since 1985.

Using their seed at the beginning of each tournament, I calculated their projected wins. (for example, a #2 seed would be expected to win three games and reach the Elite Eight).

Comparing the number to the actual wins each team had. I was able to come up with +/- wins number you see in the far right column.

These are the average wins each coach has earned above or below their seeding to this point in their career.

TeamCoachAppearancesAverage Seed+/- Wins
KentuckyJohn Calapari631.00
Michigan StateTom Izzo1950.58
LousivilleRick Pitino1250.33
MichiganJohn Beilein670.33
North CarolinaRoy Williams1230.17
WisconsinBo Ryan1450.14
SyracuseJim Boeheim2640.04
CincinnatiMick Cronin670.00
VillanovaJay Wright1150.00
DukeMike Krzyzewski302-0.13
San Diego StateSteve Fisher88-0.25
Ohio StateThad Matta84-0.44
KansasBill Self132-0.85

*Data only includes coaching appearances with the team listed.

Coach Calapari comes in at the top of the list. This only includes his tenure at Kentucky, but keep in mind that his numbers are only over six seasons.

The Wildcats making the championship game as an 8 seed in 2014 skews his expectations quite a bit.

My takeaway from this is that Tom Izzo has been the best Big Dance coach in modern history. His teams consistently out-perform their seeding.

Some of the coaches on this list have suffered from having high expectations. Guys like Thad Matta and Bill Self have struggled, while Coach K and Roy Williams have done just fine.

If you are interested in more information about seeding, check out our tournament winners by seed article.

Best ATS Tournament Coaches by Records

If you are entering bracket contests then you want to find winners. But, if you are making up a small portion of the $2.5 billion dollars bet on March Madness you want to know who cashes at the pay window.  These are the head coaches with the best records against the spread since the 2005 tournament (minimum of five games required).  Profit listed would be if you bet $110 to win $100 on each game for that coach.

CoachGamesWinsLossesATS %ROIProfit
Billy Donovan30201066.7%27.3%$900
John Beilein1914573.7%40.7%$850
Brad Stevens1612475.0%43.2%$760
Sean Miller2516964.0%22.2%$610
Chris Mack129375.0%43.2%$570
Kevin Ollie87187.5%67.0%$590
John Groce76185.7%63.6%$490
John Calipari44251956.8%8.5%$410
Gregg Marshall1711664.7%23.5%$440
Shaka Smart139469.2%32.2%$460
Roy Williams37211656.8%8.4%$340
Mark Gottfried107370.0%33.6%$370
Will Brown65183.3%59.1%$390
Al Skinner65183.3%59.1%$390
Ben Jacobson86275.0%43.2%$380
Dana Altman128466.7%27.3%$360
Matt Painter1610662.5%19.3%$340
Bo Ryan26151157.7%10.1%$290
Rick Pitino30171356.7%8.2%$270
Lorenzo Romar96366.7%27.3%$270
Bob McKillop96366.7%27.3%$270
Jim Boeheim25141156.0%6.9%$190
Chris Lowery64266.7%27.3%$180
Tommy Amaker64266.7%27.3%$180
Jeff Capel III64266.7%27.3%$180
Billy Gillispie64266.7%27.3%$180
Fred Hoiberg85362.5%19.3%$170
Bob Huggins169756.3%7.4%$130
Archie Miller85362.5%19.3%$170
Steve Prohm53260.0%14.5%$80
John Brady53260.0%14.5%$80
Herb Sendek53260.0%14.5%$80
Billy Kennedy53260.0%14.5%$80
Larry Krystkowiak74357.1%9.1%$70
Tom Izzo32171553.1%1.4%$50
Brad Underwood53260.0%14.5%$80
Frank Martin95455.6%6.1%$60
Jim Calhoun179852.9%1.1%$20
Bill Self37191851.4%-2.0%-$80
Mike Montgomery63350.0%-4.5%-$30
Tim Floyd63350.0%-4.5%-$30
Josh Pastner63350.0%-4.5%-$30
Gary Williams63350.0%-4.5%-$30
Steve Fisher126650.0%-4.5%-$60
Bruce Pearl168850.0%-4.5%-$80
Jim Larranaga147750.0%-4.5%-$70
Mike Krzyzewski32161650.0%-4.5%-$160
Mark Fox52340.0%-23.6%-$130
Frank Haith52340.0%-23.6%-$130
Stan Heath52340.0%-23.6%-$130
Mike Davis52340.0%-23.6%-$130
Steve Donahue52340.0%-23.6%-$130
Mick Cronin94544.4%-15.2%-$150
Marvin Menzies52340.0%-23.6%-$130
Kevin Stallings94544.4%-15.2%-$150
Ernie Kent52340.0%-23.6%-$130
Randy Bennett73442.9%-18.2%-$140
Fran Dunphy94544.4%-15.2%-$150
Tony Bennett157846.7%-10.9%-$180
Tubby Smith94544.4%-15.2%-$150
Mark Turgeon157846.7%-10.9%-$180
Jay Wright27131448.1%-8.1%-$240
Tom Crean146842.9%-18.2%-$280
Travis Ford62433.3%-36.4%-$240
Mike Anderson104640.0%-23.6%-$260
Trent Johnson62433.3%-36.4%-$240
Bruce Weber83537.5%-28.4%-$250
Buzz Williams125741.7%-20.5%-$270
Fran McCaffery104640.0%-23.6%-$260
Scott Drew146842.9%-18.2%-$280
Steve Alford125741.7%-20.5%-$270
Tad Boyle51420.0%-61.8%-$340
Leonard Hamilton72528.6%-45.5%-$350
Rick Byrd72528.6%-45.5%-$350
Greg McDermott72528.6%-45.5%-$350
John Thompson III1771041.2%-21.4%-$400
Ben Howland2191242.9%-18.2%-$420
Mark Few25111444.0%-16.0%-$440
Dave Rose113827.3%-47.9%-$580
Lon Kruger1761135.3%-32.6%-$610
Mike Brey1651131.3%-40.3%-$710
Rick Barnes1961331.6%-39.7%-$830
Jamie Dixon1961331.6%-39.7%-$830
Thad Matta27101737.0%-29.3%-$870

*Data only includes coaches with five ATS results or more.

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