Our Review of Handicapper Tim Nolan of Red Dog Sports

Red Dog Sports is a Virginia-based service that has been at this for more than 20 years. What’s important about them being from Virginia? Not all that much, but it’s cool to see not everybody in handicapping is from Las Vegas.

The 20 years of experience is the more important part. Having success is a prerequisite to staying in business for that long. Red Dog has made waves with a top 5 finish in all sports in 2013. He adds to that several top 10 finishes in baseball, hockey, and football.

In 2013 in particular, Red Dog’s picks made $4,325 off $100-a-game bets. What’s especially notable about that figure is that it comes off just 630 bets all year – less than two per day. To make that kind of profit off such a small betting volume is impressive.

His current streaks reflect this as well. Since November 2014, Red Dog has only picked 59 college football games. But in those 59 games, he is 39-20, because he’s saving his picks for the high value winners. That’s why he is up about $1,700 on those picks.

He is running with similar long-term profit streaks in basketball and MLB betting also. Red Dog maximizes profit by minimizing the bets he puts out there on toss-up games. He mitigates risk and goes for the games with both the best chance of hitting and the best profit margins.

And if he doesn’t find one that fits the bill, he just doesn’t publish one. That’s what being a selective sports handicapper means.

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