Larry Ness was a Las Vegas legend who passed away at age 68.  Definitely one of the sharpest minds I ever knew in the business and he will be missed.

Our Sports Betting Review of Handicapper Larry Ness

Larry Ness was a legend in Las Vegas.  He had been working in the business since the early 80s and that experience was a big reason why he was one of the top sports handicappers in the world.  He won so many handicapping titles out in Las Vegas that it would take all day to list them.

He was also one of the most famous names in handicapping.  Ness was on Proline and Sports Desk, two handicapping shows that aired on USA network.  He had his own syndicated radio show called Sports Central at Bally’s that was aired in more than 100 markets.

With over 30+ years of looking at matchups Ness knew how to spot strengths and weaknesses.  He then knew how teams will match up against one another to have an advantage.  He didn’t use a lot of trend analysis, just kept a close eye on all the current players and teams.

He released his plays fairly early, before noon on weekdays for basketball and baseball, but as early as Tuesday during football season so bettors could jump in on the soft opening lines and get their bets in before the numbers sharpened up.

It didn’t matter what sport you were looking at, if you wanted to start winning more of your bets Larry could help you do so.

Always one to put his money where his mouth was, he entered handicapping contests from way back in the early days.  Back in 1985, he took down hundreds of other top NFL handicappers to win the Castaways Championship.  At that point, it was one of the most prestigious NFL handicapping contests in Nevada.  

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