Rob Vinciletti

ROB V is RANKED #1 OVERALL 2016-17 ALL sports Combined and is The ONLY 2X OVERALL MLB CHAMP. Rob is also Ranked #1 in CFL and Finished #1 4 years ago in WORLD CUP Action. The MOST POWERFUL DATA available. RV

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Personally, I like checking out a handicappers history before I start laying down my hard earned money on his best bets. If you click any of the links below you can see the archived predictions that make up that trend. Included will be Vinciletti's detailed writeup about why he liked the game. This way you can see that he did the research and had solid reasoning for recommending the wager that he did.


Vinciletti's picks from yesterday will always be listed in the section below. We know it can be difficult to trust claims made by services. That is why we document the predictions ourselves and make sure they are legit. You can see for yourself who Rob had from the day before, win or lose.


Whenever Vinciletti posts a free pick for our visitors, it will be posted below. I always want to make sure to remind people that the free plays on our site are the weakest plays our handicappers have a lean on. If you want their top choices for the games listed you will need to purhcase a package or sign up for one of their subscriptions.

Rob normally releases his selections the night before the game. He's one of our earliest posters. Occassionally, he also has late releases that come out closer to game time.

Vinciletti will average between two to three plays per day. This can vary depending on how many games are available.

There aren't many handicappers on our site with a longer list of accomplishments than the Golden Contender. He has No. 1 finishes in football for the 2014 season and MLB for the 2012 season. He was ranked second for the 2014 college football season, the 2010 & 2009 football seasons, and the 2008-09 basketball season.

Rob finished in the Top 10 overall on our site for three consecutive years from 2008-10. He was in the top 5 in baseball in 2008 and 2010. He has ranked in the top 10 in college football four total times and has four preseason NFL top 10 finishes.

The bottom line is Vinciletti knows his stuff. He can help you beat the odds on a daily basis and make more money with your bets this year. Join him and see for yourself how profitable it can be.

Review of Rob Vinciletti from Golden Contender Handicapping

Rob Vinciletti looks at every angle when he does his handicapping. Not content to just analyze the games themselves, he also analyzes betting trends. That way he can compare his own analysis to the consensus and find out where the smart money is going.

He uses data, simulations, trends, and a fundamental ideology to pick his games. That combined approach is what has helped him reach the pinnacle of sports handicapping.  And he has results to match that speak the language of cash.

You like betting football? Rob has finished in the top 2 in football betting three times since 2009, and was #7 in the world in 2015. Those four years combined, he profited right around $10,000 off $100 bets.

And that’s just in one sport. That’s not counting the slew of top 10 finishes in baseball, hockey, and basketball.

If you need proof that Rob wins in all sports, just look at his actual all sports streak. To call it impressive isn’t even close to enough. Since May of 2015 – that’s about 13 months – he is 879-703. A 56% win rate is hard to maintain over 13 months, but that isn’t even the most impressive stat.

The impressive part is how people who have bet with him for the past 13 months have made over $11,200 in profit.

We could break that down into how many thousands he’s made per sport, but why? He has top 5 finishes in them all, and you can see what following his bets in all sports gets you.

Rob has proven results, history, and large dollar values backing him. There isn’t much else you can ask for from a sports handicapper.

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