Steve Janus

5x Top 20 NBA Handicapper, 4x Top 20 NCAAB, 2x Top 5 NCAAF Football (#1 Overall 2008) & 3x Top 20 NFL


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Review of Handicapper Steve Janus &

Steve Janus specializes in separating fact from fiction. He understands the basics of sports handicapping, and is well-versed in traditional methods.

But he also knows the internet is a treasure trove of information, and there’s way more bad info than good. Steve knows how to find the good information and then put it to work for him – and you. He’s always looking to improve on his methods, because if you don’t adapt to the world, it leaves you behind.

Rather than get left behind, Steve is leading the charge to find and perfect new ways of beating the books. That’s why he’s able to pick consistent winners even with all the money going to the opposite side.

But is it resulting in real results? People who like to call themselves innovators are often just covering for a lack of talent.

Not Steve. Steve’s picks have earned over $4,300 in profit just over the five months from January to June 2016. A big part of that streak is a 59% streak in NBA basketball over the same period. He’s made over $2,900 on basketball alone, and finished 6th in the 2015-2016 season.  Proof that he is one of the best cappers around.

In MLB capping, he’s gone 57% and brought in $2,300 since last July. So even though his passion is college football (a sport where he has a #1 finish on file), he can profit off any sport.

Whether you’re betting baseball, basketball, or football, Steve picks teams that pay. And he has a proven track record of earning big, steady profits. So Steve is only a good pick if you’re someone who likes big, steady profits.

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