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Free Expert Predictions on Today’s WNBA Games

While the WNBA might not be as popular as some of the other major sports in America, it is a way to watch basketball during baseball season, and it presents many unique opportunities for bettors that are savvy enough to take advantage of the WNBA lines.

Because the volume of wagers betting the WNBA is significantly smaller than it is in other leagues, it has what we would refer to as an imperfect market.  This means that oddsmakers are more apt to be off with the lines that they set, as well as slower to adjust them as money comes in on particular teams.

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Why Our Free WNBA Basketball Picks Will Help You Win

It doesn’t matter if you are an aficionado or just getting into the game, our experts will help you hop on the money train and start cashing in on more of your bets. Here’s how:

Expert Analysis Without the Effort

Let’s face it, it’s tough to live and breathe basketball for 12 months a year.  If you are into the NBA and college basketball then keeping that momentum through the summer months can be difficult, but not for our guys! They are obsessed with the sport and the good news is that a lot of the tips and tricks that help our best sports handicappers beat the odds in the men’s game carries over to help them beat the sports books in the WNBA as well.

And there is still a lot of effort keeping up with the team and player stats, injury news, and roster transactions.  Even with fewer teams and less players in the league.  But, you can save yourself the work of reading Her Hoop Stats for hours each day, handicapping the WNBA on your own, and let our guys do all the heavy lifting.

Watching the Game with Increased Excitement and Less Anxiety

Not everyone loves baseball, but what are you going to do?  Take a few months off of watching sports until football kicks off? Not likely.  With the free and premium picks offered by our experts you can not only win money betting the WNBA, but have fun doing it.  You won’t be stressing out wondering if you bets are going to cover.  You are going to get the info, place your wagers, then sit back and enjoy the excitement of watching your bets cash and your bankroll grow.

The free picks on this page are a great way to give it a test run.  See which tipsters know what they are talking about and which ones aren’t finding success.  Then buy a WNBA picks premium package and discover where the real fire is.