Baseball Odds

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It is very important to open up accounts at several different books during the baseball season so you can shop for the best lines.  We have even made it a point to list our favorite four so you have plenty of options to get the best numbers this year so you have no excuse for missing out on the extra money you will have in your bankroll just for betting at the place that gives you the best odds.

The reason is simple, if you can get +105 at one book and +110 at another you are losing out on FREE money if you win!  A $100 bettor would be putting $5 on the table if he didn’t get +110 and instead bet the game at +105.  Why do that to yourself this year?  Give yourself the best chance to win and profit as much as possible!

The lines above can be a little confusing if you are used to betting on point spreads and have never seen a money line before so I wrote an article to help you understand MLB odds and all of the different options you have for individual games and season long wagers.