You can also check our World Series odds page to view what the latest odds were and how they have changed recently.  Our odds on the MLB win totals show what Vegas expected each team’s record to be before the season started.

Our live MLB betting lines provides you the latest money lines, run lines and totals for all the upcoming action on the bases.

Each of the three different betting options are listed in their own section, so that you can easily view the odds for both sides of the action.

All games listed will include the “Time” (scheduled start time) and “#” (rotation number) in the first two columns, making it easy for you note your plays before heading up to the betting window.

If you new to betting on baseball and are struggling to understand how to read the odds listed above, our guide to betting baseball gives an in-depth explanation on all the different wagers you can make.

How to Use Our MLB Lines for Handicapping

Knowing how to use the odds to your advantage is a big step in the right direction for picking more MLB winners.

The most popular features on this page for handicapping is “Bet %” (percentage of bets placed) and “Opener” (opening line).

While Bet % only factors in the number of bets placed and is not a direct reflection of the amount of money being wagered, you can typically get a good idea of which side is receiving the big action based on which direction the line has moved from the opener.

When a team is receiving a high majority of the Bet %, you would expect the line to move in that direction. That’s not always the case. Many times the line will move in the opposite direction, which is a strong indicator that while more bets are being placed on that side, larger sized bets are being placed on the other. This is known as a reverse line movement in the betting industry.

Additional Help for Beating the MLB Spreads

Another great feature of our odds pages is that they list all of the available premium packages for each game under the “Picks” heading. It allows you the option of making sure you receive a play on a specific game.

One thing that isn’t listed on this page, but something I’m sure a lot of people are interested in. Is our MLB free picks page, which list all the available free  selections from our expert handicappers for today’s games.

We also have a specific page on our site dedicated to helping you improve your handicapping skills. If you want to start picking games like the pros and most importantly more winners, check out our MLB handicapping tip sheet for numerous resources on handicapping baseball.

If you have any questions about anything betting related to baseball or any other sport, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at [email protected]