NBA Odds

Time # Teams BMaker 5Dimes betonline Bovada pinnacle Picks
Friday, March 27th, 2015
22:05 875
Portland Trail Blazers
Phoenix Suns
-1 -110
+1 -110
-1 -105
+1 -105
-1 -110
+1 -110
-1 -110
+1 -110
-1 -104
+1 -106
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It’s very important that you get in on the best number whenever you want to make a bet in the NBA. Each half point you save can lead to an increase in your winning percentage.  I needed a place to compare the numbers from my favorite books, so I created this NBA odds page so I could quickly scan to see which book has the best number for my pick, head to that book, and get my bet placed.

We have money lines, spreads, and totals all in one place so no matter what kind of bet you are making, you can find the best number here.  It’s particularly important if the game you want falls on a key number (5-8 are big but check our key numbers page for all of them.)

This is also the page I go to to see if there are another key numbers available for teasers.  You can see our NBA teaser table for the full logic and results, but I’m looking for:

Home Favorites of -7 to -12
Away Favorites of -5.5 to -9
Home Underdogs of 3.5 to 4.5 or 7 to 7.5
Road Underdogs of +3, +5.5, +6, or +11.5 to +13.5

Some of these you could have bet blindly over the last 20 years and shown a profit, others show a small advantage for the house.  Even if it isn’t worth a blind bet, if I like a couple of teams with those numbers I’ll pair them together and lower the house edge from what it would be with a straight bet at -110 juice.