College Basketball Odds

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We offer our live college basketball odds from several of the top online sports books so that you can compare lines and increase your chances of winning this season.  On this page you’ll find point spreads, totals and moneylines on every college basketball matchup on the board.

Even if you absolutely love one side of a game, it’s important to remember that getting just a half point better on a game can often times be the difference between a winning and losing bet.  To illustrate this point even further we have an excellent tool for you in our college basketball key numbers that tell you exactly which numbers are important when you bet on NCAA hoops.

Now that you can see all of the odds for the upcoming games, you may want to consider betting two or more of these teams in a teaser.  Lucky for you, we’ve already done the leg work on teasers in college basketball as well.  As you’ll see on our teasers page, we’ve identified those teaser lines that have consistently shown a profit year-in and year-out.

Always remember that successful bettors give themselves options.  Holding account at two, three, four, even five sportsbooks is a great idea.  There will be times when every line on the games you want to bet are the same, but it is worth having those additional accounts if you win just one more of your bets each season because of a better line.

You should also look into getting hooked up with a reduced juice book like 5Dimes.  They offer reduced juice on just about every major college basketball game (and a whole lot more).  Simply put, when you get reduced juice, you are able to win a lower percentage of your bets and still make money!  We recommend all of our college basketball clients hold an account at at least one reduced juice book, even if it’s not 5Dimes.