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Trying to handicap the NBA on your own is no easy task.

The regular season is a marathon that runs from late October to the middle of April, plus another 40 days of postseason action. It take hours of hard work each day to stay ahead of the oddsmakers.

Most people simply don’t have the time to put in the effort needed to show a profit, which is why I’ve provided a list of some the most respected NBA handicappers in the business.

Our experts do all the dirty work for you and make it their responsibility to bring you winning NBA picks each and every day of the season.

Researching  Our NBA Handicappers

While I believe I can help you beat the books with my NBA picks, I want to make sure you find the best handicapper that fits your needs.

It’s important to do your research when deciding on which NBA handicapper to go with. The first thing that I recommend checking out is our long-term results section. Here you will be able to quickly see which experts have consistently beat the books over the long-haul.

Interested more in which handicappers are excelling this season? You want to check out our handicapper leaderboards page. Here you will be able to see which experts have done the best this year. All records are verified and updated daily.

You are also going to want to check out our free picks page. Here you will be able to get an idea of release times, analysis and style for each handicapper, plus their free NBA picks for today’s games.

Still not sure who to go with? Take a look at my own personal list of the top handicappers for the NBA.

How to Get Signed Up for NBA Picks

There’s no better time than right now to start beating the NBA odds.

Getting signed up for a premium package takes no time at all. Just click on the “Buy Now” option above to the right of the package you want and in a few easy to follow steps, you will have tonight’s winning pick in your account.

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Keep in mind that each handicapper has several long-term subscriptions available. To view the different subscription options for each handicapper, just click on the name of the expert you are interested in and you will be taken to their individual capper page.

Making Your Own NBA Picks

Not ready to purchase a package, but looking for help on making your own NBA picks?

We are more than happy to provide you with the resources needed to beat the books. In fact, our NBA handicapping guide provides you a one-stop source of information completely geared for betting the NBA.

I’m aware of the fact that not everyone understands the basics of betting on pro basketball. If you need help getting started, take a moment and check out our beginners guide to betting the NBA.

Our top priority is to help you profit. I’m happy to assist with any questions that you might have. Just send it over to [email protected]