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Making college basketball picks can be tough.

There are a lot of teams and players to study up on. There are a lot of games.

With so many moving parts it can be time consuming to keep track of everything.

That’s why I have put together a group of handicappers who know NCAA basketball inside and out.  These are experts who will deliver against the spread winners for you tonight and every night of the season.

I think I know my college basketball…but my style isn’t for everyone. I like small college underdogs. Other handicappers specialize in the power conferences.  Basically…I want to make sure you get matched up with someone who is right for you.

Signing Up for NCAA Basketball Picks

I’ve made it as easy as possible to benefit from the knowledge of my favorite experts. Now you too can beat the odds in college basketball.

Signing up for a package is as easy as clicking on the buy now button above, going through a few easy steps to create an account, and you will then have your winners displayed for you in your members area and in your inbox.

However…I recommend long term subscriptions. You see…anything can happen on any given night.  But, over a longer stretch of time if a guy knows what he is doing the bounces will even out and he’ll be able to produce a profit for you.

That’s why I force my guys to offer such a big discount on long-term subscriptions.  You not only save money but increase your chances of turning a profit.

To sign up for a long-term subscription just find your handicapper and click on his name. You’ll be taken to his profile page where he will have plenty of options to choose from.

Researching the College Basketball Handicappers

So how do you know which handicapper to go with? This is a great question and I want you to do your research first.

I would start with my list of the best handicappers for NCAA basketball. I go through and see who has been the most consistent, and who has won the most money for clients over the long term.

You can see the same data that I have access too if you head over to the long-term results page.  Here you will see the profit won, win/loss totals, and from what date these records start from. It’s all there with nothing to hide.

For more recent results I recommend checking out our handicapper leaderboards. The start date on these records is the beginning of the current season so you will know who is most up-to-date on the current teams.

The last section I have for you to do your research is the free picks page. Here you can find all of today’s free NCAA basketball picks our cappers have released. You can check release times, analysis, and style.

I always want to stress though that the free predictions are the weakest our handicappers have. They save their top plays for the premium clients so take the free ones with a grain of salt.

Your Own NCAA Basketball Picks

If you aren’t ready to hop on board with one of our experts we aren’t going to leave you hanging.

We do a lot of researching into improving our services and a lot of times we will publish our results. Our NCAA basketball handicapping guide will get you started on beating the odds on your own.

Of course, if you haven’t really wagered before you will want to make yourself familiar with how to do it. Our guide to betting college basketball walks you through all of the options so you can feel comfortable when you are ready to start.

Our site is all about helping you win this college basketball season.  I know we can do just that.  If you ever need anything at all please feel free to drop me an email at [email protected]