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If you are looking for prediction on a certain game, our college football odds page has a link to handicappers with a pick on each one of the games this week.

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Struggling to win on your own in college football? If you are looking for some expert help on beating the odds then you have come to the right place.

We have some of the most experienced and successful handicappers, who spend countless hours breaking down each game to make sure they finish the season with a big profit.

This page list all the college football picks that are currently available, but be sure to read the title and promos for a better idea of what each handicapper has to offer. Some of our experts will combine several picks into one package to save you some serious cash.

You can save a lot of money by going with a season subscription too. Once you find a handicapper that you like, just click on the link over their name and it will take you to their own personal page that lists all of their long-term options.

Researching College Football Handicappers

Before you decide on anyone I recommend doing your own research first. The easiest way is to head over to my list of handicappers who have excelled in the sport.

I look at several seasons worth of data to find not only who has made the most profit, but also who has been the most consistent.

The long-term football results are all available for you to view on your own. This way you can see how much money a handicapper has made going back to a certain date along with how many wins and losses went into that streak.

Want to know who is hot this season? Our leaderboards page displays that information. All of the wins, losses, and profit data here comes from the beginning of the regular season in August and goes through the last bowl game.

The last tool to research your expert would be to check out his free football picks.  This way you can see what time he releases his games and if he puts out enough information on why he is taking a game for your liking.

I can’t stress enough though that the free picks are the weakest selections each handicapper has. They all save their best bets for the premium side and their subscription clients. So while the free picks are nice, take them for what they are.  The best bet not on the premium side.

Making Your Own NCAA Football Picks

Not everyone is ready for our help and that’s fine. I’m just here to help you make money. If you haven’t done much football betting in the past then get up to speed with our college football betting guide.

If you already know how to place your wagers, but you haven’t had much success doing your own research in the past then you might not even know what translates to against the spread wins.

Our articles on how to handicap college football can help you figure out how to get an edge over the sports books.

No matter what we want to help you win this season and I know the information on this site can help you do just that.  If you ever have any questions, need any advice or anything at all really then please feel free to drop me an email at [email protected]