Heisman Betting Odds: Favorites to Win This Year, Predictions & Past Winners

One of the most talked about things heading into each college football season are who the favorites are with the odds to win the Heisman Trophy. But, trying to figure out which player is going to emerge is no easy task. There is always a lot of discussion on what teams are favored to win the… Read More »

2024-25 NCAAF Playoff Odds: Betting Favorites & Future Predictions

Jump to Current Lines Past Champions Preseason Futures Title Game Line History The College Football Playoff is the most coveted tournament in college football, and every year, fans and bettors alike try to predict which team will win it all. One way to do this is by looking at the odds to win the College… Read More »

Beginner’s Guide to Betting on College Football Games

College football betting is a fun and exciting way to add to the entertainment of watching the games.  If you are new to betting on CFB, or just want to learn more so you can increase your chances of success this guide is for you. What This College Football Betting Guide Covers: Understanding how to… Read More »

Current Vegas Odds to Make the 2023-24 College Football Playoffs

How strong are each team’s chances?  Find out with the updated odds to make the 2023-24 College Football Playoff (CFP) every week of the season. The current format matches up the No. 1 ranked team vs the No. 4 and the No. 2 takes on the No. 3 in two semifinal games.  The winners then… Read More »

NCAA Football Over/Under Season Win Total Lines & Betting Guide

The countdown is on! With summer finally here, that means we are inching closer and closer to the start of another college football season. In fact, we are less than two months from opening week. Oddsmakers are quick to release their NCAAF Championship Odds. Those are out basically the day after the title game. Even… Read More »

List of Top Head Coach Salaries for NCAA Football in 2023

This article takes a look at how much each head coach in college makes on a yearly basis. We don’t just cover the guys at the top of the list. We go looking for the salaries on all 130 FBS teams. Unfortunately, the private schools don’t have to make this information public. Unless it shows… Read More »

Key Numbers for Betting NCAA Football Totals: Most Common Scores

The key numbers for betting college football totals let you use the most common scores to decide if there is value in the over-under.  You can compare the latest CFB lines to see if there are sharp books with a point difference from a square book, and possibly use that to get an edge with… Read More »

How Many Points Is College Football Home Field Advantage Worth?

Which college football teams really have the best home-field advantage? Most sources try to generalize the upper hand into a simple number that can be applied to every team and every game. The fact of the matter is, that there is no magic number that applies universally (the national average is just over three points,… Read More »

The Ultimate College Football Bowl Handicapping Guide

Handicapping during bowl season is distinct from handicapping college football during the regular season. Teams take on unfamiliar matchups, there are different motivational factors in play, some teams have longer layoffs, and more. Our goal this season and every season is to help you prepare for betting on CFB bowl games and guide you toward… Read More »

Number of Times Top Two Teams Faced Off (#1 vs #2) in NCAA Football

Let’s take a break from handicapping college football and look back through history at the times the No. 1 and No. 2 ranked teams in the AP poll faced off on the gridiron. For those that don’t know the AP Poll was started back in 1936. It’s basically the press’ version of their power rankings,… Read More »

The Ultimate College Football Handicapping Guidebook

Welcome to the most comprehensive NCAA football betting guide on the planet! We’ve compiled an exhaustive list of resources with one goal in mind: to help you win more of your wagers! There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Quality Information To be sure, you need to find quality information, however, we belive that the… Read More »

Guide to Betting Key Numbers in College Football

If you are familiar with betting on college football, you may have heard of key numbers on point spreads before. Key numbers are the most common final scoring margins in college football games.  For example, a final score of 35-21 would have a margin of 14 points. We’ve taken a look at every college football… Read More »

College Football ATS Betting Results by Conference in Bowl Games

When it comes to handicapping bowl games, there’s a lot of different things we need to consider. Most of the time we focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the two teams playing. That’s a good start, but I want to take a different approach with this article. I took the time to gather up… Read More »

Betting Against Bowl Teams Coming Off Blowout Loss

There are so many different factors to look at when handicapping a bowl game. Understanding the history of bowl games can certainly help with making your decision. Motivational factors are clearly more important in bowl games than they are in the regular season. Statistics can’t exactly be thrown out the window, but you should focus… Read More »

Free College Bowl Games Expert Football Picks & Vegas Predictions

The bowl schedule and matchups were released and I’m ready to make my early predictions. Covid-19 has really thrown us a curveball this season with bowls getting cancelled and players opting out, so I apologize in advance if there are bowls up here that end up getting cancelled. I’ve picked the straight up winner for… Read More »

Handicapping Heisman Winners in Postseason Play: SU & ATS Results

The Heisman Trophy is an award given each year to the best college football player. It is supposed to identify the player whose performance best exhibits excellence and integrity. However, we have seen in recent years the latter seems to be of less and less importance. The award was created in 1935 by the Downtown… Read More »

How NCAAF Teams Perform in Bowls After Conference Title Matchup

When it comes to handicapping bowl games, there’s a lot of different factors you have to take into account. In this article I’m going to focus on how teams respond against the betting odds after playing in their league title game. Performance of Conf Championship Game Winners/Losers in Bowl Games I’ve went all the way… Read More »

Handicapping Big Favorites ATS in College Football Bowl Games

There’s a lot to take into consideration when handicapping NCAA football bowl games. The more info we have at our disposal, the better chance we have of profiting against the bowl betting odds. For example, have you looked at the individual conference performance? What about how teams with poor ATS records perform? How Large NCAA… Read More »

Betting College Football Teams With Extra Game Played Early in Season

The beginning of the college football season is one of the most exciting times of the year for a lot of people. For many fans, this is a time filled with joy or even heartbreak depending on how your team performs. For sports bettors, it is a similar story. Finding an early season edge can… Read More »

Handicapping NCAA Football Totals: Profitable Over/Under Systems

A lot of college football bettors focus on NCAAF point spreads and ignore totals.  That doesn’t make a lot of sense since in a lot of cases the numbers are softer in NCAA than the NFL. First, some basics.  It’s important to shop around for the best number when handicapping college football. Having multiple online… Read More »

Betting NCAAF Lines: Closer Look at Importance of Point Spreads

How important is considering the number the books set when you are betting on college football?  I’m often asked this question by clients and wanted to shed some light on it. Is it simply better to just try to pick the outright winner of the game or focus more on the line? The fact of… Read More »

Profitable NCAA Football Revenge System for Betting SEC Games

It’s no secret the SEC is one of the strongest conferences in the country. From 2006 to 2012, the SEC produced 7 straight national champions. With that said, this article isn’t about the Power 5 hierarchy. It’s about how serious they take the game in the South and if we can use that to make… Read More »

College Bowl Betting Tips: Rest or Rust for Long Layoffs?

Rest plays a factor in all sports, and it’s one of my favorite situational factors in handicapping. Having more rest than your opponent coming into a game in any sport is usually an advantage. That is especially the case in professional basketball when teams do not have huge layoffs in between games. It’s also the case… Read More »

Best All-Time Team ATS Betting Records in NCAA Football History

Every year there are a number of teams that excel at the betting window. There’s no better feeling than being on one of these schools from the start. More times than not, the team(s) that excels against the spread isn’t one of your top tier programs. The books are much faster to adjust on the… Read More »

Bowl Game Betting System: Are Teams With More Wins a Good Bet?

Bowl season is almost here and that means we will have a flurry of action and a lot of opportunities to make some money by betting on college football.  People come up will all kinds of ideas about which teams to bet and why.  Today, I am tackling a common one: betting on a bowl… Read More »

Betting College Football Bowls: Power 5 vs Mid-Major Conferences

It seems everyone has their own way to handicap the college bowl games.  Some may have a system that involves playing favorites at a certain line, or fading teams based on how they finished the regular season.  One popular trend I continue to hear about is the theory that you can take or fade a… Read More »

Gambling on NCAA Football Teaser Cards & Best Strategies for Profiting

Jump to Basics Payouts Key Numbers 6-Points 7-Points 10-Points It’s amazing how easy it is to profit betting college football teasers. That is of course as long as you bet them properly. If you are looking to expand your NCAA football handicapping, you came to the right spot. This article has everything you need at… Read More »

College Football Non-Conf Games: SU & ATS Records by Conference

A big topic of debate is which college football conference reigns supreme over the other. There’s all kind of power ratings out there that look at just the conferences instead of the individual teams. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The problem is there’s usually some biased involved with the rankings. Most are going… Read More »

Individual Team & Conference Power Ratings for NCAA Football

There’s a lot of different factors that go into handicapping college football. One of the most popular among experts are power rankings. Not to be confused with the AP or Coaches Poll, where you have people voting based off past success or a teams record. This is why you see ranked teams sometimes listed as… Read More »

How to Convert NCAA College Football Betting Spreads to Money Lines

In the past we have talked about how to bet on NCAAF and one option is money lines. If you aren’t familiar with this form of wagering, it’s simply betting on who you think will win the game outright. This also means there is no point spread involved. The risk involved is adjusted based on… Read More »

Tips for Handicapping Teams off Bye Week in NCAA Football

There’s a lot of factors that go into handicapping college football. One of the most important is bye weeks. This article takes a closer look at how the extra time off impacts a teams’ ability to cover the spread. There are a lot of similarities to NFL bye weeks in the college game. However, there… Read More »

Same Season Revenge in College Football

One of the most popular angles that handicappers use in giving their reasons for liking a game is revenge.  In college football this typically means one team beat another the previous year, but every once in a while you get two teams that play each other a second time during the same season.  What I… Read More »

Struggles of Teams That Just Missed Playoff or Championship Game

When it comes to handicapping bowl games, one of the key things you have to look at is motivation. Statistics are nice and can’t be ignored completely, but it’s not the determining factor like it is during the regular season. While there’s several scenarios that could have a team not all that interested in their… Read More »

NCAAF Home Underdog System

The college football season is quickly approaching and I wanted to share with you a very profitable system to take advantage of this season. Unfortunately the system is strictly related to conference games, so we won’t see it come up too much early in the year with most teams playing a good portion of their… Read More »

How to Handicap NCAA Football Teams Off Blowout Wins & ATS Covers

There’s a number of factors you have to consider when handicapping NCAA football. One of those is how to handle a tea, coming off a game that got out of hand. This article takes a look at how teams perform coming off both big wins and big losses so we can win more betting college… Read More »

Betting College Football Teams Off High Scoring Games

It’s no secret that the betting public likes to play the OVER, especially on teams that they know can put up some points. That urge to back the OVER figures to be at it’s strongest after a game in which one of the teams playing lit up the scoreboard in their previous game. I wanted… Read More »