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We’ve compiled an exhaustive list of resources with one goal in mind: to help you win more of your wagers!

NFL Handicapping Guide

There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Quality Information

To be sure, you need to find quality information, however, we belive that the more knowledge you acquire about betting, in general, not to mention the individual games you are going to bet on, the better the chance is that you will win your bets.

CFB Research

Start Handicapping Like the ProsMost square bettors simply take the information they hear sports talk radio, TV, podcasts, and other mainstream media and use it to handicap games. Oddsmakers know how to use public perception to their advantage. Don’t be just another square, get informed and learn how to win.

CFB Profits

We are hear to help! This page is constantly being updated with great new sources to help you beat the sportsbooks every season!

Our Ultimate List of Resources


College Football Weather

Chapter 6: Importance of Injury & Weather Reports

NFL Power Rankings

Chapter 9: Tools for Profiting on Future Odds, Teasers, Prop Bets, & In-Game Wagering