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NCAA Football Injury News for Today’s Upcoming Games

Are you going to handicap college football this season? If the answer is yes, you need to get familiar with the injury report. You need to understand how to read it and the impact it can have on your CFB betting success.

If you place a wager without looking at the list of injuries for both teams, you might as well flip a coin on your next bet. There’s simply no excuse for not checking with how easy it is to get the information these days.

Where a lot of amateurs fall short is they only focus on the injuries to the best players or the most important positions. More times than not their only concern is the QB and offensive skill positions.

I strongly encourage you to pay attention to all the names listed. A quick search of the web and you will almost always find some article out there that refers to a players injuries. Even the guys who don’t play a big role.

How to Bet & Handicap CFB Injuries to Key Players & Positions

Let’s take a look at how the different position can impact the NCAA Football betting odds.

Injuries to a starting quarterback are certainly something that can be overlooked. The thing is, oddsmakers are almost always going to adjust the line if a star signal caller is out.

Before you jump to fade a team minus their starting QB, be sure to take into account the backup and the offensive scheme. Some teams out there have a system that produces results no matter who is under center.

Similar story for offensive skill positions. Though the books aren’t going to adjust the lines on these as much as you might think. There are a couple things I always focus on with these types of players.

How important to the success of the team are they? Could someone else produce similar results? A star RB going down on a team that is built on the ground attack could be devastating. Unless that rushing attack is more a product of the o-line.

You also need to look at their opponent and if the injury will impact this game. Losing an elite RB against a team that can’t stop the run isn’t going to impact that outcome much, if at all.

For the most part, the public is pretty in tune with how injuries will impact a team when it’s a QB or skill player. Where they struggle is understanding the impact of the other guys.

For me, there’s no bigger concern with an injury than on the offensive or defensive line. Whatever team wins in the trenches, is often the team that wins the game. Don’t overlook a player being out on either side of the ball. Take a minute and do some research to see how it’s going to impact that team. A big part of strong play on the offensive line is chemistry. Even if a team has a quality backup, it doesn’t mean they will perform at the same level.

The last big thing to take into account the overall number of injuries a team has suffered. Look at how many offensive or defensive players they have lost. Also, be sure to look at if one specific position has been hit hard.

I’m confident that if you start putting more emphasis on who is playing each week, you will start winning more of your bets. Don’t have the time to do all the work required? No problem. Check out our premium NCAAF picks from our expert handicappers. Not ready to pay for advice, head on over to our free college football picks section.