Our college basketball injury report is one of the most detailed online. We list every player that has appeared during the previous two weeks. We then sort the information by team so you can find the school you are interseted in.

The date field is the last update we have for the player. Injury shows what is ailing them. We try to gauge the impact with either high or low. Then status gives you the likelihood of them playing. You'll notice a lot of "healthy" players. We do this so you know to check how a team performed with or without a player. If high impact player is now healthy, that could give you an edge. The odds don't always adjust enough.

2017-02-10Horace SpencerFShoulderLowOut
No. Colorado
2016-11-19Anthony JohnsonGRedshirtHighOut

When handicapping college basketball you have to be fully aware of each team’s injury situation.  If you are taking a look at games between BCS conferences and the team’s third or fourth best player is hurt, it’s probably not that big of a deal since these teams are rather deep.

However, a star player that is likely a first round draft pick is going to be missed.  If a team has to rely on someone deep on their bench to pick up those minutes, the team is going to struggle.

Injuries are even more devastating to smaller schools.  Mid-majors and below normally have a few good players and a lot of fill-in, role player types.  These teams aren’t very deep with talent, so when someone goes down it really affects what they are doing on both sides of the floor.

Make sure you keep abreast on who is injured on each team, and if a guy has been out for a few games check to see how the team has done without him.  When a guy comes back, see what kind of impact he had before he went out and how the team performed without him.

You have to realize someone being hurt is going to have a big effect on the power ratings of that team.  If it’s recent, the team will be over-rated.  If someone is coming back after missing time that ranking should be under-valued.

If you go deep into handicapping injures you will win more of your NCAA basketball bets.