Best Betting Guide with Tips on How to Handicap NCAA Basketball

Prepare to take your college basketball betting to the next level with the most comprehensive handicapping guide ever assembled.

Using our complete list of tips and resources you will be extremely well-equipped to take on the sportsbooks from the regular season to the NCAA Tournament!

College Basketball Handicapping Guide

Handicapping College Basketball: Information is Power

You need to gather as much relevant information as possible if you want to win your bets. Where most bettors fail is using information they think matters when it does not, or using incorrect or incomplete information. All of that stops now.

College Basketball Betting Research

Don’t Keep Using a Losing Strategy
If what you are doing now isn’t working, it isn’t going to magically start some day. Use our tools and resources to build a new approach and get on the winning side of things sooner rather than later.

College Basketball Profits

Every Edge You Add Matters! It should go without saying, but small tweaks and advantages here and there add up quickly and can have a huge impact on the size of your bankroll. We have an excellent roster of handicappers available to do the work for you, or you can use this guide and start your own winning tradition!

The Ultimate List of College Basketball Handicapping Resources

From the regular season to the NCAA Tournament, handicapping college basketball is a complex undertaking. There are literally hundreds of teams to keep track of. Scheduling and injuries play an important role in determining the outcome of a game, but those are only two of a long list of potential variables that could impact the outcome of a game.

Below you will find the only resource you will ever need for handicapping college basketball games. We have also added our massive NCAA Tournament Primer to help you win your brackets and office pools, or to win money betting on the games.


College Basketball Odds

Chapter 1: Using the Odds to Your Advantage

College Basketball Matchup Tools

Chapter 2: Key Matchup Analysis Tools & Information

  • Home Court Advantage – An in-depth look at what home court advantage is really worth to different college basketball teams.
  • Power Rankings – A great list of recommended power rankings providers.
  • Injury Report – List of important injuries as well as players returning from injuries.

College Basketball Resources

Chapter 4: College Basketball Extras

MLB Handicapping Resources

Chapter 5: Top External Resources for Advanced Metrics

  • Ken Pomeroy – One of the most advanced college basketball power rankings in the world.
  • Covers – A solid all-around resource focusing on college basketball betting trends.
  • Dolphinism – Another advanced college basketball power rankings site.
  • Statfox – Detailed game matchups along with strong trend analysis.
  • Jeff Sagarin – USA Today’s famous college basketball rankings by Jeff Sagarin.
  • – Great resource for scouting and other player-related information.
  • – Lots of college basketball stats, plus great live game information so you can follow games you can’t find on TV.
  • Team Rankings– Advanced team rankings and in-depth, lesser-known statistics that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • The Prediction Tracker – Tracks the performance of many of the major college basketball power rankings available online.
  • Vegas Insider – Shows betting trends and tracks ATS records for every college basketball team.

NCAA Tournament Primer

Ultimate NCAA Tournament Primer

Handicapping the NCAA Tournament is quite a bit different that handicapping regular season games. We’ve compiled an incredible resource for filling out brackets as well as betting on tournament games.

Help with Brackets & Other Contests

Seed Specific Tips

Betting the Tournament

Tournament History

  • History – Important facts and key statistics in March Madness history.
  • Trends – A look at historical trends in the tournament to help you fill out your bracket.
  • Ticket Prices – How much tickets cost for this year’s locations.
  • Coaches – A detailed look at tournament coaching records and performance versus expectations.