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Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Jul 11, 2014
Chicago White Sox vs. Cleveland Indians
Cleveland Indians
  at  5DIMES
Play Type: Premium

I’m playing on CLEVELAND. The Indians come in with some positive momentum. Their bats came to life in last night’s game. They’ve quietly won six of nine. On the other hand, the White Sox are off a deflating loss at Boston, their second straight. While the price is admittedly pretty steep, given the matchup, I believe it could be even higher.

There are a number of really hot pitchers at the moment; Kluber is among them. Over his last three starts, he’s got a 0.82 ERA and 0.773 WHIP. He’s had 23 K’s against three walks. Last time out, he had 10 K’s while walking one. He limited the Royals to one run on four hits, through 8 1/3 innings.

Noisi also pitched well last time out. However, he’s now walked nine batters his last two starts one can’t ignore his mediocre (at best) 4.20 ERA and 1.426 WHIP.

The Indians score 4.7 runs per game vs. right-handers, hitting .261. The Sox score 4.3 r.p.g vs. right-handers, hitting .241. Throw in the fact that the Indians’ bullpen has been much better at home than the Chicago bullpen has been on the road and I expect it to add up to another win for the Tribe. 6* blue marlin

Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Jul 11, 2014
Toronto Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay Rays
Tampa Bay Rays
Play Type: Premium

I’m playing on TAMPA. Once “comfortably" on top of the AL East, the Jays have stumbled in recent weeks, going 10-21 their last 31. Don’t expect the Rays to show them any sympathy.

Even with a loss yesterday, the Rays are still 11-4 their last 15. They’re still 6.5 behind the Jays (were 14 back last month) and 9.5 behind Baltimore. They need this game/series every bit as much as the Jays, arguably more so.

While it certainly hasn’t been all his fault, Buehrle has gone 0-5 his last six starts. He gave up 10 hits in six innings last time out.

Archer called his last start “his best of the season.” He’s gone at least seven innings in each of his last three starts. In eight home starts, he’s got a stingy 2.59 ERA, allowing just two home runs in 48+ innings, striking out 47.

Archer, who won’t have to contend with Encarncion, is 2-0 with a 2.22 ERA in five career starts vs. Toronto. The Rays won his two home starts vs. the Jays by a combined score of 9-3. Archer allowed three earned runs in 13 innings, striking out 12 against two walks. I like their chances of another win here. 8* friday feast

Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Jul 11, 2014
Oakland A's vs. Seattle Mariners
Seattle Mariners
Play Type: Top Premium

I’m playing on SEATTLE. This is a big game and a big series for both teams, arguably more so for the Mariners. They’ve fallen nine games back of the A’s in the division race, 5.5 behind the Angels. The M's saved their ace for this game and a loss would really hurt. Safeco is going to be packed and will have an exciting playoff-like atmosphere. While its not exactly a playoff game, Hernandez is at least getting to pitch in a meaningful game in July. He’s in outstanding current form and I expect him to rise to the occasion for this big game.

I successfully played on the A’s in Samardzija’s Oakland debut. I’m well aware that he’s having an excellent season, much better than indicated by his sub-500 record. That said, I still don’t think he’s in the same class as Hernandez. “King Felix” has been among the very best in the game for a number of years and this season has the potential to be one of his very best.

Hernandez has gone 10 straight starts in which he allowed two or fewer earned runs, while lasting at least seven complete innings. Consistent dominance. During that stretch, he’s 6-1 with a 1.40 ERA. For the season, he’s 10-2 with a 2.11 ERA. Scary, when considering that he’s often much better in the second half of the season than the first.

The A’s know all about Hernandez. He’s 17-7 with a 2.64 ERA against them. In his last home start against the A's, Hernandez struck out 11, while walking none, giving up just four hits. In his most recent home start overall, Felix allowed one hit through eight shutout innings.

The M’s have had some trouble with sub-500 teams. They’ve been at their best against top competition though, going 19-10 (+13.7) against teams with winning records. With Felix doing his thing, I expect them to bounce back and improve on those stats tonight. 10* personal favorite


All Sports Picks (+7650)  1578-1243  L2821 56%

NHL Picks (+7304)  339-194  L533 64%

Top Basketball Sides (+4816)  427-351  L778 55%

Top MLB Picks (+4169)  536-386  L922 58%

Top NBA Sides (+4029)  361-297  L658 55%

Top NCAA-B Sides (+2633)  167-129  L296 56%

Football Sides (+2263)  525-456  L981 54%

Top NCAA-F Sides (+1917)  122-93  L215 57%

Top NFL Picks (+1336)  129-104  L233 55%


Ben Burns burst onto the sports betting scene in the 1990s, first making his selections available to the public in 1998. Now entering his tenth year, Ben has become one of the most successful and well-respected handicappers on the entire Internet.

From 1998 to 2006, Ben had his selections documented by the Big Guy Sports Monitor. During that time, he accumulated numerous seasonal titles in all the major sports. In fact, competing against a field of 150, Ben's NFL selections still rank as #1 of all-time there. With such a commanding lead over the field, it is highly unlikely that his all-time NFL record there will ever be matched.

Like all handicappers, Ben goes through both hot and cold streaks. However, whether winning or losing, he always "tells it like it is." Perhaps more importantly, as his many fans are quick to point out, Ben's winning weeks tend to greatly outnumber his losing ones. Note that Ben followed up an extremely strong 2006 with an even better campaign in 2007!

Ben is known as a "Totals Expert" and his over/under plays are highly sought after in all sports. In addition to his "total" success, Ben's "sides" are also known for their sizzling hot streaks. While he advocates playing all his selections equally, Ben's knack for nailing his "Big" plays is truly remarkable.

Ben capped off a highly successful college football season by winning his Bowl Game of the Year, a 41-10 wire-to-wire destruction on Georgia over Hawaii. Ben's NFL playoffs didn't go as well though and he lost his first ever Super Bowl selection, when the Patriots were upset by the Giants. Despite that rare setback, Ben's Super Bowl record remains at 10-1 for his career. Additionally, his NFL playoff picks remain a powerful 47-22 (68%) ATS the past six years. Ben isn't just a football expert though, as his hockey, baseball AND basketball picks are also highly respected.

Ben logs extremely long hours. His hard work clearly shows itself in his high quality writeups and extraordinary long-term records. If you're looking for an honest, hard-working handicapper with a documented history of success, give Ben Burns a try. We're sure that you'll be impressed!

Ben Burns has been one of the top names in sports handicapping ever since making his picks public in 1998.  Ben has built an impeccable reputation by being one of the most honest men in the business.  He is widely considered an expert in every sport for over/under picks, but has also shown significant success in picking winners against the spread.

What clients love most about following Ben Burns is his in-depth analysis.  Few, if any, handicappers match his consistent insight.  This allows you to learn how to handicap your own games as you learn from one of the sharpest minds in the industry.

Ben is a self-proclaimed contraritan, meaning he often times finds those teams that the square betting public is backing and plays against them.  This method has paid off in spades, particularly in the NFL.  Keep in mind that this is no a conscious effort, but that his game analysis often points to the winning side of the game that few others are able to see.

Ben Burns has been monitored all over the place, including Big Guy Sports, where he is the All-Time leader in the NFL.  He has collected numerous seasonal awards, but is most proud of turning a profit for his clients year-in and year-out.

Since joining our network, Ben has racked up seven top-10 finishes across the NFL, NBA, college football, and baseball.  He has finished in the top 10 in college football four times and is one of our best five college handicappers of all-time.  His talents also extend to the hardwood, where he has also recorded three top-10 finishes including a 2nd place overall finish in 2010.