Review of Handicappers From GamePlan Sports Magazines

It’s just impossible to argue with the kind of success GamePlan has had recently. It’s also impossible to argue with the success they’ve had over time.

GamePlan has been around in some capacity for over 45 years. And for as much success as they’ve had, their current run, especially in MLB, is mind-blowing.

Gameplan was hands down the #1 MLB handicapper in 2015 and 2013. They made about $7,000 and $4,600 in those seasons, winning over 56% of their picks both times.

The streak continues into 2016. Gameplan has now reeled in over $7,600 on MLB picks since the beginning of the 2015 season. They’re 470-371 on those picks.

So what, are you supposed to just subscribe to GamePlan and only bet MLB picks?

Of course not. They also have long-standing streaks in football and basketball, both pro and college. Those streaks have brought in thousands of dollars in profit each. They weren’t the #3 handicapper in all sports for 2015 for nothing. Because besides being the best MLB handicapper in 2015, they were also #4 in college football.

If you’d put $100 on all their picks since March 2015, you’d be up more than $10,000 right now.

Cherry-picking data like this is fine, but it doesn’t get to the heart of what the GamePlan service is about. GamePlan isn’t just about helping you pick winners.

They have a whole money management system built around their picks. They straight-up guarantee you’ll make money if you bet what they say, how they say. It’s that simple.

Any time a handicapper guarantees profit, you’re right to look at it with suspicion. But GamePlan didn’t stay in business for 45 years and light up the leaderboards by not backing up their talk. If anybody can back up a claim like that, it’s GamePlan.

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