Handicapper Review of Scott Spreitzer

Scott Spreitzer takes pride in his ability to do something most sports handicappers can’t. He puts out a high volume of action, and maintains a high winning percentage.

He is especially proud of going over 59% against the spread on 500 NFL and college football picks over 5 years. That’s not easy to do. He is also running with streak at or around 60% in college and NBA basketball, football, and NHL betting. He has also won five of his last six soccer picks.

Scott is also one of those handicappers who has a media profile on top of his handicapping profile. He appears as an NFL analyst on both radio and TV spots, and has interviewed a slew of sports personalities.

Of course, a sports handicapper who rides on his reputation alone isn’t the kind you want. So Scott has solid results to go along with his solid reputation. He has top 5 finishes in five different categories since 2012. His 2011-2012 season of capping basketball brought in over $2,500 profit on $100 bets.

And of course, in the here and now, Scott has streaks any capper would be proud of. His all sports streak is up at 56% (173-138), earning over $2,100 in just over 6 months.

That may not be knock-your-socks off profit, but it’s steady profit over a long period of betting. That’s what you want from a handicapper – someone who won’t let you down in the long run. Scott’s reliability makes him a solid choice for handicapping in just about any sport.

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