Handicapper Jeff Allen From Vegas Scores and Odds

Jeff Allen has no shortage of experience. He’s been in handicapping for over 25 years, and he’s gained more than a wealth of experience. He’s gained wealth, period, from consistent winning in every sport.

Now it’s your turn to get in on the action from a guy called the #1 sports handicapper in the country by the Wall Street Journal.

Of course, that’s not the only place where he’s considered #1. He was also the #1 football handicapper in 2011. He was the #2 handicapper in all sports for 2011, and #3 in 2012. More recently, he was the #5 NBA handicapper in 2014-2015. And there is a whole list of other Top 10 finishes he’s notched aside from that.

But let’s get to the point here. You’re not here to see Jeff Allen’s winning percentage. You’re here so he can show you the money.

No worries, Jeff has plenty of money to show.

If you had bet $100 on all his top picks since March 28, 2015, you’d be more than $6,000 richer right now. It’s hard to make a more solid pitch than that. Those top picks are selective, of course – he only puts out around one per day. But with a profit margin like that, it’s a pick you want to pay attention to.

Jeff splits his winnings across football, basketball, and MLB betting. His hottest streaks now are in basketball and baseball, each with $2,000-6,000 in profit. He also has win percentages well over 60% in his top MLB picks (61%) and NCAA basketball picks (65%).

Whatever your betting tendency, it’s pretty easy to see Jeff Allen is a guy you can make money with. All you have to do is start.

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